Find Scrabble words that contain ACANTHIN

We found 2 Scrabble words that exactly contain the word ACANTHIN in them. Below, we have sorted them in order by the number of letters each word contains, and included the points available for each word, as well as which dictionaries they are playable in.

9-letter words that contain ACANTHIN

Points Word Letters US Intl.
14 ACANTHINE A1 C3 A1 N1 T1 H4 I1 N1 E1
14 ACANTHINS A1 C3 A1 N1 T1 H4 I1 N1 S1

Scrabble score table

The table below covers how many points each letter will give you when playing a game of Scrabble. The most common letters are worth one point, and the rarest letters are worth 8-10 points.

You can use our Scrabble tools to help you learn and remember words which contain the rare letters to make sure you get the highest score possible!

Score Letters
2 DG
5 K
8 JX
10 QZ

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