4th of July performer. crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 4th of July performer.. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
ORATOR 6 4th of July performer. 100%
AHS 3 4th of July cries 66.666666666667%
CHE 3 26th of July figure 58.536585365854%
FIDELCASTRO 11 26th of July Movement head 58.333333333333%
CHE 3 26th of July Movement name 58.333333333333%
FOURTH 6 __ of July 50%
DEE 3 4th of 26 45.161290322581%
ACCEPTEDUSAGE 13 234, as of July 4, 2010? 43.478260869565%
SANDY 5 "4th of July, Asbury Park (___)" Bruce Springsteen 41.666666666667%
BORN 4 "--- on the Fourth of July" 40.816326530612%
BUFFALO 7 City with "two seasons: winter and the 4th of July" 30.13698630137%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (ORATOR), we also found 155 clues that are similar or possibly related to 4th of July performer..

Count Answer
1 Barack Obama, for one
2 Antiphon, for one
3 Anyone running for president, e.g.
4 Big speech maker
5 Address giver
6 Big talker
7 Big-time public speaker
8 Bombastic speaker
9 Commencement ceremony figure
10 Commencement Day speaker, for one
11 Commencement speaker, for example
12 Commencement speaker
13 Commencement V.I.P.
14 Grandiloquent one
15 Frederick Douglass, for one
16 Frederick Douglass or Martin Luther King Jr.
17 Declaimer
18 "Friends, Romans, countrymen ..." sort of speaker
19 Deliverer of stemwinders
20 Isocrates was one
21 Demosthenes, e.g.
22 Demosthenes, for one
23 Demosthenes, notably
24 Demosthenes or Cicero
25 Hot-air artist
26 Figure of speech?
27 Elocution pro
28 Elocutionist
29 Eloquent one
30 Eloquent public speaker
31 Eloquent speaker
32 Eloquent speechifier
33 Bryan, for example
34 Bryan, for one
35 Bryan or Webster
36 Bryan was one
37 Churchill, notably
38 Cicero, e.g.
39 Cicero, for one
40 Cicero or Obama
41 Cicero was one
42 Caesar, e.g.
43 Distinguished public speaker
44 Gifted speaker
45 Gifted talker
46 Crassus or Isocrates
47 Clay, e.g.
48 Clay, for one
49 Jesse Jackson, e.g.
50 JFK, notably
51 Henry Clay, e.g.
52 Henry Clay, for one
53 Henry Clay, notably
54 Expert in elocution
55 Henry, e.g.
56 Expert talker
57 Henry was one
58 H.H.H. was one
59 July 4 V.I.P.
60 Daniel Webster, e.g.
61 Daniel Webster, for one
62 Daniel Webster, notably
63 Daniel Webster or Henry Clay
64 Man of many words
65 Public speaker
66 Keynote address presenter
67 Keynote deliverer, e.g.
68 Keynote deliverer
69 Keynote giver, e.g.
70 Keynote giver
71 Keynote speaker, e.g.
72 Keynoter, e.g.
73 William Jennings Bryan, e.g.
74 William Jennings Bryan, for one
75 Martin Luther King or Cicero
76 Stump figure
77 Stumper?
78 Virginia's Henry, for one
79 Masterful speaker
80 Winston Churchill, notably
81 Pliny the Younger, for one
82 Lincoln, e.g., at Gettysburg
83 Podium personage
84 W. J. Bryan was one
85 W. J. Bryan
86 Rally figure
87 Rally rouser
88 Pompous podium pounder
89 One elocuting
90 Patrick Henry, e.g.
91 Patrick Henry, for one
92 Patrick Henry or Henry Clay
93 Patrick Henry was one
94 One making a delivery
95 One may use a teleprompter
96 Powerful speaker
97 Red Jacket was one
98 Mike user, maybe
99 Loud speaker?
100 Loud speaker
101 One of Mark Twain's occupations
102 One of Twain's occupations
103 One on a dais
104 One on a soapbox
105 One on the platform
106 One on the stump
107 Lecturer
108 One raising one's voice
109 Relative of a filibusterer.
110 Pericles, famously
111 One who declaims
112 One who gets payed to wax?
113 One who holds forth
114 One who likes to talk
115 One who will gladly give you their address
116 Person on a dais
117 One with a silver tongue
118 Person who gives a speech
119 Person whose address is moving
120 Person with a public address
121 Pro speaker
122 Rhetorician
123 Source of addresses
124 Superlative speaker
125 Speaker at a dedication
126 Speaker in the House, e.g.
127 Silver-tongued one
128 Silver-tongued speaker
129 Speaker of the House, e.g.
130 Speaker on a soapbox
131 Speaker with panache
132 Speaker
133 Speaking pro
134 Speech giver
135 Speech-maker
136 Speech maker
137 Speechifier
138 Speechmaker
139 Spellbinder
140 Spellbinding speaker
141 Webster, for one
142 Webster, notably
143 Webster or Calhoun
144 Webster or Clay
145 Skilled public speaker
146 Skilled speaker
147 Talented talker
148 Teleprompter user, maybe
149 Teleprompter user, perhaps
150 Teleprompter user
151 Sen. Robert Byrd, for one
152 Soapbox mounter
153 Soapbox speaker
154 Soapbox stander
155 Soapbox user

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