4th and long play, often crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (PUNT), we also found 93 clues that are similar or possibly related to 4th and long play, often.

Count Answer
1 4th and forever play, likely
2 Bears' strategy
3 Abandon one's efforts, informally
4 Admit defeat, in a way
5 Bad choice on first down
6 Boat
7 Boot the pigskin
8 Fourth-and-long option
9 Fourth-and-long play, often
10 Fourth and long strategy
11 Fourth-down call
12 Fourth-down choice
13 Fourth-down decision
14 Fourth-down decision, often
15 Fourth-down decision, sometimes
16 Fourth-down football play
17 Fourth-down kick
18 Fourth-down move
19 Fourth down option
20 Fourth-down option
21 Fourth down play
22 Fourth-down play, at times
23 Fourth-down play, often
24 Fourth-down play
25 Cede the pigskin, in a way
26 Common play on fourth down
27 Grid play
28 Gridiron kick
29 Gridiron maneuver
30 Gridiron option on fourth down
31 Gridiron strategy
32 It leads to a return
33 Gamble — boat — high kick
34 Bronco's kick
35 It precedes a return
36 Emulate Ray Guy
37 It's a kick
38 Flat-bottomed boat
39 Flatboat
40 Equivocate, so to speak
41 Giant kick
42 Do the best you can
43 Do the smart thing on fourth and fifteen
44 Do the smart thing on fourth-and-long
45 Give up, at least for now
46 Give up on fourth down
47 Give up, slangily
48 Give up the ball
49 Football kick made on fourth down
50 Football kick
51 Football move
52 Football option
53 Football play
54 Football strategy
55 Indentation at bottom of a wine bottle
56 Indentation at the bottom of a wine bottle
57 Many a fourth-and-long call
58 Many a fourth-down play
59 Kick.
60 Kick a football
61 Kick — bet — boat
62 Kick with a hang time
63 Kick with a "hang time"
64 Kick without a tee
65 Kick
66 Some do this rather than go for it
67 Pole
68 Pole a boat
69 Pole down the Thames
70 Pole-propelled boat
71 Ray Guy specialty
72 Pass a problem on
73 Long high kick
74 Pass the buck, informally
75 Pass the buck
76 Last resort?
77 Pre-euro Irish coin
78 One way to transfer the pigskin
79 Open flat-bottomed boat
80 Result of a sack on third and long, maybe
81 Not face the issue
82 Pigskin ploy
83 Turn over the pigskin, in a way
84 Special teams play
85 World Cup ploy
86 Skerry
87 Square-ended boat
88 Three-and-out follower, in football
89 "Three and out" football play
90 Throw in the towel
91 Small Thames boat
92 Usual fourth-down play
93 Usual fourth down play

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