49ers coach Shanahan crossword clue answers

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Based on the most relevant answer above (KYLE), we also found 72 clues that are similar or possibly related to 49ers coach Shanahan.

Count Answer
1 2011 Emmy winner Chandler
2 ___ Reese, soldier in "The Terminator"
3 ___ Rote of football fame
4 "American Sniper" subject Chris ___
5 "American Sniper" subject Chris
6 A racing Petty
7 Actor Chandler of "Bloodline"
8 Actor Chandler of "Friday Night Lights" and "Bloodline"
9 Actor Chandler
10 Actor MacLachlan of "Blue Velvet"
11 Actor MacLachlan of "How I Met Your Mother"
12 Actor MacLachlan
13 Auto racer Busch
14 Catwoman's name, Selina ___
15 Catwoman's surname
16 Cavaliers player Korver
17 Central Saskatchewan Community
18 Gridiron's Rote
19 Emmy-winning actor Chandler of "Friday Night Lights"
20 He wears a green hat on "South Park"
21 Football's Rote
22 Cubs outfielder Schwarber
23 Cubs pitcher Hendricks
24 Hendricks who had the lowest ERA in baseball in 2016
25 He's friends with Stan on "South Park"
26 Former Giant, ___ Rote
27 Pitcher Lohse
28 "Sex and the City" actor MacLachlan
29 Pal of Stan on "South Park"
30 Rote of football lore
31 Rote of football
32 Rote
33 "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Richards
34 Racing Petty
35 NASCAR driver Busch or Petty
36 NASCAR driver Busch
37 NASCAR driver Petty
38 NASCAR great Petty
39 NASCAR racer Busch
40 Nascar's Busch or Petty
41 NASCAR's Petty or Busch
42 NASCAR's Petty
43 PAss-catcher Rote
44 Red-haired "South Park" boy
45 MacLachlan of "Desperate Housewives"
46 MacLachlan of the upcoming "Twin Peaks" series
47 MacLachlan of "Twin Peaks"
48 MacLachlan of ''Twin Peaks''
49 Petty of NASCAR
50 Petty of NASCAR
51 Petty of racing
52 Petty on a track
53 Retired race car driver Petty
54 Richard Petty's racing son
55 Richard Petty's son
56 Richards of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"
57 'South Park' boy
58 "South Park" boy surnamed Broflovski
59 "South Park" boy with the last name Broflovski
60 "South Park" boy
61 'South Park' character
62 "South Park" character surnamed Broflovski
63 "South Park" character who celebrates Hanukkah
64 "South Park" friend of Cartman, Stan, and Kenny
65 'South Park' kid
66 "South Park" kid with the last name Broflovski
67 "South Park" kid
68 "South Park" pal of Stan and Kenny
69 "Twin Peaks" actor MacLachlan
70 Schwarber of the Cubs
71 Stan's pal on "South Park"
72 Soccer or football player Rote

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