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Count Answer
1 192 in a qt.
2 192 of them make a qt.
3 Amts. in recipes
4 Amts. of powder, maybe
5 Amts. often rounded
6 An oz. has six of them
7 An oz. has six
8 A cup's 48: Abbr.
9 A fl. oz. contains six
10 A fl. oz.'s six
11 Baker's amts.
12 Baker's meas.
13 Bakers' measures (abbr.)
14 Bakers' measures: Abbr.
15 Baker's qtys.
16 Baker's units: Abbr.
17 Baking amts.
18 Baking qtys.
19 Baking soda amts.
20 Alternatives to lumps: Abbr.
21 Fractions of fluid ozs.
22 Common cough syrup doses: Abbr.
23 Gal.'s 768
24 Chefs' amts.
25 Chef's meas.
26 Chef's measures (abbr.)
27 Chef's measures: Abbr.
28 Chef's units (abbr.)
29 Cookbook abbr.
30 Cookbook abbreviation
31 Cookbook abbreviations
32 Cookbook abbrs.
33 Cookbook amts.
34 Cookbook meas.
35 Cookbook quantities (Abbr.)
36 Cooking abbreviation
37 Cooking amts.
38 Cook's amts.
39 Cook's measures (abbr.)
40 Child amts.
41 Child measures?: Abbr.
42 Child's meas.
43 Child's measures: Abbr.
44 Cough medicine amts.
45 Cough syrup amts.
46 Cough-syrup amts.
47 Cough syrup qtys.
48 Fl. oz. fractions
49 Fl. oz. sextet
50 Fl. oz. sixths
51 Fl. oz.'s six
52 Epsom salts amts.
53 Equal amts.
54 Equal measures?: Abbr.
55 Heaping amts.?
56 Food Network measure, briefly
57 Food Network measures: Abbr.
58 Dosage abbr.
59 Dosage amts.
60 Cup's 48: Abbr.
61 Cocoa amts.
62 Cocoa powder amts.
63 Herb amts.
64 Herb qtys.
65 "Joy of Cooking" abbr.
66 Vanilla extract amts., often
67 Vanilla extract amts.
68 Vanilla or baking soda amts.
69 The 192 in a qt.
70 Some are heaping: Abbr.
71 Some are level: Abbr.
72 Sextet in a fl. oz.
73 Some recipe amts.
74 Oz. fractions
75 Oz. sextet
76 Qtys. for chefs
77 Qtys. of baking soda, perhaps
78 Qtys. of sugar
79 Kitchen amts.
80 Kitchen measures: Abbr.
81 Shortening in recipes?
82 Measures for Emeril (Abbr.)
83 Measures of about 5 mL
84 Measuring spoon amts.
85 Sugar amounts: Abbr.
86 Sugar amts.
87 Sugar and spice amts.
88 Sugar servings: Abbr.
89 Medicinal amts., often
90 Medicinal amts.
91 Medicine bottle amts.
92 Parts of a tbsp.
93 Nearly six in a fl. oz.
94 Rec. measures
95 Recipe abbr.
96 Recipe abbreviations
97 Recipe abbrs.
98 Recipe amounts: Abbr.
99 Recipe amounts, briefly
100 Recipe amts.
101 Recipe meas.
102 Recipe measures (Abbr.)
103 Recipe measures: Abbr.
104 Recipe qtys.
105 Recipe units (abbr.)
106 Recipe units: Abbr.
107 Lemon zest qtys.
108 Letters on measuring cups
109 Letters on measuring spoons
110 Level meas.
111 Rx amts.
112 Rx doses
113 There are 192 in a qt.
114 There are six in a fl. oz.
115 There are six in one fl. oz.
116 There are three in a tbs.
117 There are three in a tbsp.
118 Spice amts.
119 Tableware: Abbr.
120 Six make a fl. oz.
121 Six of them make a fl. oz.
122 Six of these make a fl. oz.
123 Sixths of a fl. oz.
124 Three make a tbsp.
125 Three of these make a tbs.
126 Small cookbook amounts: Abbr.
127 Tbsp. thirds
128 Small recipe amounts: Abbr.
129 Zest amts.

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