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Count Answer
1 1980s-'90s Tennessee senator
2 1985-93 senator from Tennessee
3 1990s veep
4 1990s vice president
5 2000 candidate
6 2000 presidential candidate
7 2005 Webby lifetime achievement award winner
8 2007 Nobel laureate
9 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner (former US vice president): 2 wds.
10 2007 Peace Nobelist with an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Grammy
11 2007 Peace Nobelist
12 2007 Peace Prize sharer
13 '90s veep
14 '90s White House name
15 "An Inconvenient Truth" author
16 "An Inconvenient Truth" presenter
17 'An Inconvenient Truth' star
18 "An Inconvenient Truth" star
19 And above all, never mention ___
20 Apple Inc. board member
21 Activist who's the focus of "An Inconvenient Sequel": 2 wds.
22 Big name in environmental advocacy
23 Bill Clinton's number two
24 Bill Clinton's veep
25 Bill Clinton's vice president: 2 wds.
26 Bill Clinton's vice president
27 Bill's Number 2
28 Author of the 2009 book subtitled "A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis"
29 Author of "The Assault on Reason"
30 Board member of Apple
31 Alliance for Climate Protection founder
32 Also-ran in 2000 news
33 Also-ran in 2000
34 His name's an anagram of "gaoler"
35 His Secret Service code name was Sundance
36 Inventor of the Internet?
37 Green spokesman for whom an effect explaining the correlation of cold weather and global warming meetings is sarcastically named
38 'Earth in the Balance' author
39 "Earth in the Balance" author
40 Defendant in a landmark 2000 case
41 Dick Cheney predecessor
42 Dick Cheney's predecessor
43 First-ever speaker on C-Span, 3/19/79
44 George Bush's rival in 2000
45 Harvard roommate of Tommy Lee Jones
46 Classic Darrell Hammond impersonation
47 He declared "The planet has a fever"
48 He served with Bill Clinton
49 He shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
50 He tells "An Inconvenient Truth"
51 He won a Nobel Peace Prize and a Grammy
52 Climate Reality Project chairman
53 Climate Reality Project founder
54 Candidate of 2000
55 In his Webby Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech (which is limited to five words), he said "Please don't recount this vote"
56 Co-founder of Current TV
57 Co-founder of the 2007 Live Earth concerts
58 Current TV cofounder
59 Former Air Force Two passenger
60 Former senator from Tennessee
61 "Junior" politician
62 Former vice president known for environmental activism: 2 wds.
63 Former White House name
64 Dan Quayle follower
65 Dan Quayle successor
66 Dan Quayle's successor
67 Founder of the Alliance for Climate Protection
68 Notable whose name is an anagram of GALORE
69 Noted 1969 Harvard grad
70 Noted beard grower of 2001
71 Noted beard-grower of 2001
72 Veep born in D.C.
73 Veep born in DC
74 Veep from Tennessee
75 Veep of Bill Clinton
76 Veep who went to a Graduate School of Religion
77 Veep who's a "Jr."
78 Vegan professor at Middle Tennessee State University
79 "Our Choice "author
80 Keynoter at 1994's Superhighway Summit
81 "While I strongly disagree with the court's decision, I accept it" speaker
82 Who said "Take it from me, every vote counts"
83 The Climate Project founder
84 Sharer of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize
85 Vice president from Tennessee
86 Vice president who went vegan in 2013
87 Vice president with a "Jr." in his name
88 "The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change" author
89 V.P. born in D.C.
90 VP from Tennessee
91 Kyoto Climate Change Conference speaker, 1997
92 Politican who said "A zebra doesn't change its spots"
93 Politician who declared, "The planet has a fever"
94 Politician who quipped, "You win some, you lose some, and then there's that little-known third category"
95 Politician who said "a zebra does not change its spots"
96 Politician who warmed to the idea of global warming
97 Politico from Tennessee
98 Politico whose name is an anagram of GAOLER
99 "Live Earth" concert organizer
100 Member of Apple's board
101 Loser in the 2000 headlines
102 Losing side in a 2000 Supreme Court ruling
103 Peace Prize sharer of 2007
104 One of Google's senior advisors
105 Presider in the 103d Congress
106 Reporter for The Tennessean from 1971 to 1976
107 Nobelist who won an Emmy
108 Only veep born in DC
109 Only vice president born in D.C.
110 Washington V.I.P.
111 Speaker at the 2004 DNC
112 Webby Award winner who accepted saying "Please don't recount this vote"
113 "Take it from me, elections matter" speaker
114 Star of a 2007 Academy Award-winner
115 Star of "An Inconvenient Truth"
116 University of Tennessee commencement speaker in 2010
117 Tipper's ex
118 Tommy Lee Jones's Harvard roomie
119 Tommy Lee Jones's Harvard roommate

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