45s, e.g. crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 45s, e.g.. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
DISCS 5 45s, e.g. 100%
VINYLS 6 Old 45s, e.g. 81.818181818182%
RPM 3 A 45's 45, e.g. 75%
EMOTICON 8 :-<, e.g. 66.666666666667%
EMOTICON 8 :-), e.g. 66.666666666667%
EMOTICON 8 :-P, e.g. 66.666666666667%
SUF 3 -ed, e.g.: Abbr. 48%
ADV 3 -ly word, e.g.: Abbr. 40%
LPS 3 45s' cousins 38.095238095238%
SUF 3 "-er" or "-ing," e.g.: Abbr. 32.432432432432%
ACETATE 7 45's composition 32%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (DISCS), we also found 113 clues that are similar or possibly related to 45s, e.g..

Count Answer
1 "___ of Tron" (1982 arcade game)
2 Blu-ray buys
3 Blu-ray player inserts
4 Back parts
5 Backgammon men
6 Box-set inclusions
7 Hockey-puck shapes
8 Hockey pucks, e.g.
9 Compact ___ (audiophile's purchases)
10 Compact ___
11 Brake components
12 Compact items
13 Brake parts
14 Brake shapes
15 Deejay's collection
16 Deejays spin them
17 Frisbee golf equipment
18 Frisbee shapes
19 Frisbees
20 Frisbees and such
21 Frisbees, e.g.
22 Frisbees, for example
23 Frisbees, hockey pucks, and checkers
24 Frisbees or checkers
25 Frisbees or pucks
26 Frisbees or records, e.g.
27 Frisbees, shapewise
28 Computer storage media
29 Connect Four game pieces, e.g.
30 Checkers and hockey pucks, for example
31 Checkers and pucks
32 Checkers, e.g.
33 Checkers, for instance
34 Contacts, e.g.
35 Contents of drives
36 Contents of jewel boxes
37 Items for a certain jockey
38 Harrow blades
39 Harrow parts
40 EPs, LPs, etc.
41 Flat circular plates
42 DJ's collection
43 Floppy, compact and others
44 Flying saucers, e.g.
45 Flying saucers
46 Jewel-case contents
47 Jewel-case inserts
48 Jewel case inserts
49 Coins and Frisbees
50 Most cookies, essentially
51 Software holders
52 Some are compact
53 Pucks, for instance
54 Some are slipped
55 Othello pieces
56 Some compact items
57 Many are compact
58 Some hold software
59 The chocolate parts of Oreos, e.g.
60 Vertebrae separators
61 Vertebral column parts
62 Some movie buys
63 Shapes of pucks
64 Studio platters
65 Studio spinners
66 Stuff is recorded on them
67 Platters
68 Playing pieces in Othello
69 Music holders
70 Music lover's collection
71 Musical platters
72 Round figures
73 Round pieces in the game Othello
74 POGs, for example
75 Radio station supply
76 Poker chips, e.g.
77 Old floppies
78 Part of CDs
79 Parts of brakes
80 Parts of some farm tillers
81 Parts of the spine
82 Laser and compact
83 Necco Wafers, e.g.
84 Record platters
85 Netflix deliveries
86 Recordings
87 Records that could be broken
88 Records
89 LP's
90 LPs and 45s
91 LPs' successors
92 Phonograph records
93 Projectiles in a golf variant
94 Pieces in the game Othello
95 Rice cakes, e.g.
96 The winks in tiddlywinks, e.g.
97 The winks, in tiddlywinks
98 Turntable spinners
99 They go into drives
100 They may be compact
101 They may be herniated
102 They're flipped in tiddledywinks
103 Spinal column components
104 Spinal column features (Var.)
105 Spinal column features
106 Spinal parts
107 Spine parts
108 Spine sections
109 Saucer shapes
110 Saucers and such
111 Tiddlywinks, e.g.
112 Tiddlywinks pieces, e.g.
113 You collect compact ones

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