45's better half crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 45's better half. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
SIDEA 5 45's better half 100%
EDITH 5 Archie's better half 77.777777777778%
MARIA 5 Arnold's better half 77.777777777778%
THEMISSUS 9 A man's "better half" 75.675675675676%
HELPMATE 8 Better half 74.074074074074%
MATE 4 Better half 74.074074074074%
MISSUS 6 Better half 74.074074074074%
SPOUSE 6 Better half 74.074074074074%
WIFE 4 Better half 74.074074074074%
ASIDE 5 Better half? 71.428571428571%
HELPMATE 8 Better half? 71.428571428571%
SPOUSE 6 Better half? 71.428571428571%
WED 3 Become a better half 66.666666666667%
WIFE 4 Better half, maybe 58.823529411765%
WIFE 4 Better half, often 58.823529411765%
MATE 4 Better half, so to speak 50%
SPOUSE 6 Better half, so to speak 50%
WIFEGOESON 10 Better half takes the stage? 45.454545454545%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (SIDEA), we also found 95 clues that are similar or possibly related to 45's better half.

Count Answer
1 45 half
2 45's more-played half, usually
3 7" marking
4 Better half, you might say
5 Better song, usually
6 Album half
7 Album's first half
8 Hit-containing half of a 45
9 Hit half of a 45
10 Hit half of a record
11 Hit half
12 Hit home?
13 Hit locale
14 Hit location
15 Hit song's place
16 Hits were found here
17 Deejay's interest, typically
18 Groovier part of a 45?
19 Featured half of a 45 rpm record
20 Featured half of a 45
21 Hopeful hit
22 It gets spun more often
23 Half a 45
24 Half a record
25 Half an audio cassette
26 Half of a 45 with more airplay
27 Half of a 45
28 Half of a record
29 Half of an audio cassette
30 Half of an LP
31 First half
32 First half of a cassette
33 First half of an album
34 First half of an LP: 2 wds.
35 First half of an LP
36 First six tracks, say
37 It's generally played first
38 "I Get Around" as opposed to "Don't Worry Baby"
39 "I Want to Hold Your Hand" through "All My Loving," on "Meet the Beatles!"
40 It's probably played first
41 It's usually a hit
42 It's usually played first
43 It's usually the hit
44 Flip of the flip?
45 "Don't Be Cruel" as opposed to "Hound Dog"
46 Cassette half
47 Cassette top
48 Most-played half of a 45
49 Where to find the bigger number?
50 Top of a platter
51 Where to start playing an LP
52 Place for a hit, usually
53 The Beach Boys' "Surfer Girl" vis-à-vis "Little Deuce Coupe"
54 The Beatles' "Hey Jude" vis-à-vis "Revolution"
55 Place to find a hit
56 Place to see a hit
57 Tracks before turning the tape
58 The hit on a 45, usually
59 The hit, usually
60 Platter half
61 Platter part
62 Vinyl record half
63 Vinyl single's "front"
64 Queen's "We Are the Champions," vis-à-vis "We Will Rock You"
65 The more popular half, usually
66 Musician's better half
67 Musician's better half?
68 Part of a cassette with the first part of an album
69 Part of a record getting the most airplay
70 Part of a single or LP
71 Part that's most listened to
72 Popular cut on a platter
73 Popular cut?
74 Popular half of a 45, usually
75 Record choice
76 Record face with the hit, probably
77 Record half
78 Record start?
79 "Love Me Do" vis-à-vis "P.S. I Love You"
80 LP half
81 LP part
82 One-time hit location
83 Presley's "Don't," not "I Beg of You"
84 Primary cut?
85 Phrase on some cassette tapes
86 More popular song, usually
87 Singer's better half?
88 Single component
89 Single surface?
90 Single surface
91 Single's spot on a 45
92 What an LP has that a CD lacks
93 Tape marking
94 You'll listen to this the most
95 Where hits are often found

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