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Count Answer
1 1950s living room feature
2 '50s audiophile's purchase
3 '50s home entertainment purchase
4 '50s home purchase
5 '60s stereo setup
6 Basic music system
7 A sound of music
8 Audio equipment
9 Audiophile word (Hyph.)
10 Audiophile's preference, maybe
11 Audiophile's purchase, once
12 Audiophile's purchase some decades ago
13 Audiophile's purchase
14 Audiophile's setup, once
15 Audiophile's setup
16 Hippie's audio system
17 Family room fixture of yore
18 Family-room unit
19 Gramophone descendant
20 Gramophone successor
21 CD-player ancestor
22 CD player ancestor
23 CD system precursor
24 Early record holder
25 Certain phonograph
26 Certain record player
27 Home stereo
28 Characterized by minimal distortion
29 Fifties audiophile's purchase
30 Device for playing 45 rpm records: Hyph.
31 Device for playing old records: Hyph.
32 It played the Platters' platters
33 Bygone music system
34 Bygone player
35 Having excellent sound quality
36 "Flavor of the Weak" American ___ (hyph.)
37 "Golden State" band American ___
38 Good-quality sound equipment
39 Not stereo
40 Place for a '55 45, say
41 Place for platters
42 Many played Sinatra on it
43 Outmoded audiophile adjective
44 Purchase for a 1950's home
45 Purchase for a 1950s home, perhaps
46 Purchase for a 1950s home
47 Place to play old records
48 Some radios, for short
49 Kind of phonograph
50 Victrola successor
51 Like some phonos
52 Kind of stereo
53 Like some stereos
54 Obsolescent audio source
55 Obsolete sound system
56 Quadraphonic system, say
57 Platter player
58 Platter spinner
59 Quality player
60 Player of 45s
61 Player of 45's
62 Player of old 45s
63 Player of old tunes
64 Player of oldies when they were newies
65 Player of the Four Aces
66 Music lover's setup
67 Music maker
68 Music-store purchase
69 Music system
70 The Platters platter player
71 The Platters player
72 Sound equipment
73 Sound gear
74 Sound investment
75 Sound setup
76 Sound system, briefly
77 Sound system, for short
78 Sound system of yesteryear
79 Sound system of yore
80 Sound system
81 Old 45 player
82 Old audio system
83 Old-fashioned music system
84 Old-fashioned phono
85 Old-fashioned phonograph
86 Old-fashioned stereo system: Hyph.
87 Old LP player
88 Old platter player
89 Old player
90 Old record holder
91 Old record player: Hyph.
92 Old record player
93 Old sound system
94 Old stereo set
95 Old stereo
96 Pop punkers American ___ (Hyph.)
97 Oldies player
98 Rec room item of old
99 Record hardware
100 Record holder
101 Record player
102 Record setting
103 "New Adventures in ___" (1996 R.E.M. album)
104 "New Adventures in ___"
105 Low-tech sound system
106 LP designation
107 LP player
108 LP-playing machine
109 LP-playing system
110 Relative of stereo
111 R.E.M. "New Adventures in ___"
112 M. Ward song that is not lo-fi? (hyph.)
113 Perry Como player
114 Reproduction quality (hyph.)
115 Phonograph
116 Retro music player
117 Retro sound system
118 Revolutionary music device?
119 Word with turntable
120 Spinner for the Spinners
121 System of distortion reduction
122 System with an LP player
123 Staple of '50s entertaining
124 Target of world records?
125 What REM had "New Adventures" in
126 You Am I "___ Way"
127 What was revolutionary in the music industry?
128 You might need one for old records
129 Stereo
130 Stereo component
131 Stereo device
132 Stereo feature
133 Stereo gear
134 Stereo hookup
135 Stereo must
136 Stereo player
137 Stereo precursor
138 Stereo predecessor
139 Stereo set
140 Stereo setup
141 Stereo system, for short
142 Stereo system of yore
143 Stereo system
144 Stereo unit
145 Stereo, usually
146 Stereo's ancestor

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