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Count Answer
1 '08 debate regular
2 2004 Democratic convention keynoter
3 2004 Democratic keynoter
4 2008 candidate Barack
5 2008 candidate with the slogan "Change we can believe in"
6 2008 presidential candidate
7 2008 rival of Clinton
8 2008 "Yes We Can" sloganeer
9 2009 Nobel laureate
10 2009 Nobel Peace Prize recipient
11 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner
12 2009 Nobel Prize winner
13 2009 Peace Nobelist
14 2009 Peace Prize Nobelist
15 2009 Peace Prize recipient
16 2012 candidate
17 2012 rival of Romney
18 2012 Romney defeater
19 2012 victor
20 2015 U.N. Climate Change Conference attendee
21 2016 Havana visitor
22 2017 farewell speech maker
23 21st-century president with a Nobel Peace Prize
24 "44"
25 44th commander in chief
26 44th president
27 44th US President
28 44th U.S. President
29 "American Grown" author Michelle
30 America's 44th
31 Barack or Michelle
32 "Becoming" author Michelle
33 "Becoming" author
34 "Becoming" memoirist Michelle
35 "Becoming" writer, 2018
36 "Becoming" writer Michelle
37 Appointer of Justice Kagan
38 Appointer of Kagan and Sotomayor
39 Appointer of Sotomayor and Kagan to the Supreme Court
40 Appointer of Sotomayor
41 Biden boss
42 Biden is his vice president
43 Biden's 2008 running mate
44 Biden's boss
45 Author of Amazon's top book of 2018
46 Author of "Dreams From My Father"
47 Author of the 2018 best seller "Becoming"
48 Author of "The Audacity of Hope"
49 Fourth president to win a Nobel Prize
50 Fourth U.S. president to win a Nobel Peace Prize
51 Bo's master
52 Grammy-winning president
53 His high school clique was the Choom Gang
54 His library will be hosted by the University of Chicago
55 His mom's first name was Stanley
56 His presidential library is planned for Chicago
57 His second book is subtitled "Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream"
58 His second inauguration will occur on January 20, 2013
59 His Secret Service code name is "Renegade"
60 His Secret Service code name is Renegade
61 February State of the Union speechmaker
62 Honolulu-born leader
63 Honolulu-born president
64 Honorary Chairman of the USO
65 Future senator who delivered the 2004 Democratic convention keynote address
66 Controversial 2009 Nobelist
67 Chicago Bulls fan in the White House
68 Half of a winning team in 2012
69 Half of a winning ticket in 2008 and 2012
70 First First Lady to announce the Best Picture winner at an Academy Awards ceremony
71 First guest on "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman"
72 First lady Michelle
73 Bush 43 successor
74 Bush follower
75 Bush successor
76 Bush's successor
77 First president born in Hawaii
78 First president born outside of the continental United States
79 First president born outside the continental U.S.
80 First president not born in the continental U.S.
81 First president on Twitter
82 First president to travel above the Arctic Circle
83 First president whose name ends in a vowel other than E or Y
84 First president with a Twitter account
85 First US president born in Hawaii
86 First U.S. president to visit Kenya
87 Harvard Law Review editor who went on to become president
88 Hawaii-born president
89 Hawaii-born U.S. president
90 Hawaiian-born head of state
91 Hawaiian-born President
92 Illinois junior senator
93 Illinois senator Barack __
94 Illinois senator Barack
95 Illinois senator-turned-president
96 Illinois senator who became president
97 Illinois senator
98 Illinoisan in the news
99 Illinois's junior senator
100 He announced Biden as his running mate with a text message
101 He beat Romney
102 He bested Clinton in 2008
103 He defeated McCain
104 He defeated Romney
105 Dodd-Frank signer
106 He really, really wasn't born in Kenya, yeesh
107 He said "What Washington needs is adult supervision"
108 He serves the same state as Senator Durbin
109 He tweets under the handle @POTUS
110 Clinton and Carter were in his Cabinet
111 Clinton defeater and appointer
112 Clinton defeater
113 Clinton opponent
114 Clinton rival
115 Clinton's boss
116 Clinton's competitor
117 Foe of the Tea Party
118 Health advocate (and First Lady) Michelle
119 Health advocate Michelle, or her husband Barack
120 Joe Biden's boss
121 Current president of the US
122 Current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
123 Former First Lady Michelle
124 Former Illinois senator
125 "Dreams from My Father" author
126 ''Dreams From My Father'' author
127 "Dreams From My Father" memoirist
128 "Dreams From My Father" novelist
129 'Dreams From My Father' writer
130 "Dreams From My Father" writer
131 "Dreams of My Father" memoirist
132 (D) President who was Time's Person of the Year twice
133 Former lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School
134 Former president who gave a virtual commencement speech in 2020
135 Junior Illinois senator Barack __
136 Forty-fourth president
137 Justice Kagan appointer
138 Kagan appointer
139 Kagan's appointer
140 Malia or Sasha
141 "Thanks ___!"
142 Stimulus packager?
143 Noted 1983 graduate of Columbia
144 Noted 1991 Harvard Law grad
145 Noted keynoter of 2004
146 The 44th president
147 The 44th US president
148 Rival of Clinton and Edwards
149 Rival of Clinton
150 Keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention
151 November 2008 Senate resignee
152 November 2008 winner
153 "The Audacity of Hope" author
154 "The Audacity of Hope" writer
155 The current American president
156 The current US president
157 Victor of 2008
158 Romney foe
159 Romney opponent
160 Romney rival
161 Romney's 2012 rival
162 Quayle : Bush :: Biden : ___
163 Winner of 2008
164 Winner of the 2005 and 2007 Grammys for Best Spoken Word Album
165 Winner of two Grammys and a Nobel Peace Prize
166 Winner over McCain in 2008
167 Subject of the book "Renegade: The Making of a President"
168 Subject of the David Remnick book "The Bridge"
169 Subject of the Shepard Fairey screenprint "Hope"
170 "The Michelle ___ Podcast"
171 "Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters" writer
172 Successor of Bush
173 McCain beater
174 McCain defeater
175 McCain's 2008 opponent
176 McCain's 2008 rival
177 McCain's opponent
178 Kucinich rival
179 Sotomayor appointer
180 Sotomayor selector
181 Sotomayor's appointer
182 Sotomayor's selector
183 Name above Biden on bumper stickers
184 Name in the White House
185 Trump predecessor
186 Politician who wrote "The Audacity of Hope"
187 Namesake of a future Chicago library
188 Politico with the slogan "Forward"
189 Port north of Kyoto
190 Last name of teenagers Malia and Sasha
191 One code-named Renegade by the Secret Service
192 Michelle in the White House
193 Michelle or Malia
194 Michelle Robinson, now
195 Michelle Robinson's marital surname
196 Michelle Robinson's married name
197 Michelle who led the Let's Move! campaign
198 Michelle who wrote "Becoming"
199 Michelle with a "Let's Move" campaign
200 Michelle with the 2018 hit memoir "Becoming"
201 Recent guest on "Between Two Ferns"
202 Recent White House retiree
203 @POTUS, on Twitter
204 Lead-in to care since 2009
205 One of four US presidents to win a Nobel Peace Prize
206 One of only two presidents with two Ivy League degrees
207 One of two presidents graduated from Harvard Law School
208 One of two presidents with two Ivy League degrees
209 One of two US presidents to win a Nobel Prize and a Grammy award
210 President awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
211 President before Trump
212 President between Bush and Trump
213 President born Aug. 4, 1961
214 President born farthest from D.C.
215 President born furthest from D.C.
216 President born in 1961
217 President born in Hawaii
218 President born in Honolulu
219 President born in the 1960s
220 President born in the '60s
221 President elected with the slogan "Yes we can"
222 President from 2009-2017
223 President in 2015
224 President No. 44
225 President pushing both Sharia law and the gay agenda, according to some
226 President sworn in on Lincoln's Bible
227 President who appeared on "Between Two Ferns"
228 President who appointed Justice Kagan
229 President who appointed Kagan to the Supreme Court
230 President who appointed Sotomayor to the Supreme Court
231 President who appointed two women to the Supreme Court
232 President who ended "don't ask, don't tell"
233 President who once lived in Indonesia
234 President who quipped, "I have not seen 'The Hunger Games.' Not enough class warfare for me."
235 President who signed the Affordable Care Act into law
236 President who was a Harvard Law Review president
237 President who was born in Hawaii in 1961
238 President who won a Peace Prize in 2009
239 President who won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
240 President who wrote "Dreams From My Father"
241 President who wrote "Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters"
242 President who wrote "The Audacity of Hope" in 2006
243 President who's thanked a lot?
244 President whose first name means "one who is blessed"
245 President whose initials "stink"
246 President whose initials were also his dog's name
247 President whose VP was Biden
248 President with a B.A. from Columbia
249 President with a dog named Bo
250 President with a Grammy
251 President with a Nobel Prize
252 President with a Nobel
253 President with the same first and last name as his father
254 President with two Grammys and a Nobel Prize
255 President with two Grammys
256 Presidential candidate and author of "The Audacity of Hope"
257 Presidential candidate born in Hawaii
258 Presidential winner in 2008
259 "No drama" president
260 "Renegade" with Secret Service protection
261 Let's Move! campaign launcher Michelle
262 Let's Move! leader Michelle
263 Onetime Clinton opponent
264 Primary consideration?
265 Only Columbia grad to become President
266 Only Indonesian-speaking President
267 Only president born in Hawaii
268 Only president born in the 1960s
269 Only president born outside the continental United States
270 Only president to graduate from Columbia University
271 Only US president born in Hawaii
272 Only U.S. president born in Hawaii
273 Only U.S. president whose surname is more than 50% vowels
274 Profile in Courage Award recipient (2017)
275 Trump's predecessor
276 Surname in 2008 political headlines
277 Surname of Bo the Portuguese water dog's family
278 Surname on a 2008 ballot
279 Two-Grammy president
280 Two-time Best Spoken Word Album Grammy winner
281 Two-time Grammy winner in the White House
282 Two-time Time magazine Person of the Year
283 Sasha or Malia
284 "We're out of ketchup. Thanks, ___!"
285 World leader whose name shares its last four letters with a state
286 "This is our generation's Sputnik moment" speaker
287 United States president born in Hawaii
288 "Time" Person of the Year for 2012
289 "Yes we can" man
290 'Yes we can' man
291 "Yes we can" sloganeer
292 Time's 2008 Person of the Year
293 Time's 2012 Person of the Year
294 Time's Man of the Year for 2008
295 Time's Person of the Year 2008
296 Time's Person of the Year for 2008 and 2012
297 Time's second African-American Person of the Year
298 Start to care?
299 U.S. leader #44
300 US president born in Hawaii
301 US president from 2009 to 2017
302 US president starting in 2009
303 US president who won a Nobel Peace Prize
304 U.S. president whose mother's first name was Stanley
305 U.S. president with the most southerly birthplace
306 Sen. Barack
307 Senator from Illinois
308 Senator known for hope
309 Senator who wrote "Dreams From My Father"
310 Senator who wrote "The Audacity of Hope"

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