42nd and Wall in N.Y.C. crossword clue answers

Are you struggling with the 42nd and Wall in N.Y.C. crossword clue? We have found 11 possible answers which might help you solve this clue on your crossword.

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 42nd and Wall in N.Y.C.. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
STS 3 42nd and Wall in N.Y.C. 100%
STS 3 Canal and Wall in N.Y.C. 85.106382978723%
STS 3 42nd and Wall: Abbr. 69.767441860465%
STS 3 Duane and Reade, in N.Y.C. 69.387755102041%
STS 3 42d and Wall 68.571428571429%
AVES 4 1st and 2nd in N.Y.C. 68.181818181818%
STS 3 Delancey and Canal in NYC 62.5%
AVES 4 1st and 2nd in NYC 58.536585365854%
STS 3 10th, 20th and 30th in NYC 53.061224489796%
STS 3 10th, 20th, 30th, etc., in N.Y.C. 46.428571428571%
STREET 6 "42nd ___" 30.30303030303%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (STS), we also found 458 clues that are similar or possibly related to 42nd and Wall in N.Y.C..

Count Answer
1 10th, 20th, 30th, etc., in N.Y.C.
2 10th, 20th and 30th in NYC
3 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.: Abbr.
4 1st, 2nd and 3rd, e.g.: Abbr.
5 1st to 220th, in Manhattan: Abbr.
6 22 of 26 letters, in DC
7 22 of the 26 letters of the alphabet, in D.C.
8 34th, Elm, etc: Abbr.
9 42d and 34th
10 42d and Wall
11 42nd and Elm (Abbr.)
12 42nd and Wall: Abbr.
13 Barnabas and Brendan: Abbr.
14 A and B, in D.C.
15 A, B and C, in D.C.
16 A, B and C in D.C.
17 A, B and F, e.g., in D.C.
18 Beale and Bourbon: Abbr.
19 Beale and such (Abbr.)
20 Abbr. concerning the holy or "potholy"
21 Abbrs. on a plat
22 Abbrs. on city maps
23 Ark. and Tenn. for two
24 Bernard and Bonaventure: Abbr.
25 Arteries: Abbr.
26 Address parts: Abbr.
27 A&E, in D.C.?
28 Av. crossers
29 Ave. crossers, often
30 Ave. crossers, perhaps
31 Ave. crossers
32 Ave. crossings, sometimes
33 Ave. crossings
34 Ave. intersectors
35 Avenue crossers: Abbr.
36 Avenues: Abbr.
37 Avenues and roads: Abbr.
38 Aves.
39 Aves. and blvds.
40 Aves. crossers
41 Aves. kin
42 Aves.' kin
43 Aves.' next of kin
44 Aves.? No, close
45 Bleecker and Bourbon (abbr.)
46 AL and MO
47 Block boundaries: Abbr.
48 Block makers (abbr.)
49 Blvd. cousins
50 Blvd. crossers, often
51 Blvd. crossers
52 Blvds.
53 Blvds. cousins
54 Blvds.' kin
55 Baker and Beale (abbr.)
56 Baker and Fleet: Abbr.
57 Bond and Oxford: Abbr.
58 Alternatives to rds. and aves.
59 Hill and Main (Abbr.)
60 Hill and Sesame: abbr.
61 Hill and Sesame (Abbr.)
62 G.P.S. data
63 G.P.S. data: Abbr.
64 GPS data: Abbr.
65 GPS data
66 GPS display: Abbr.
67 GPS displays
68 GPS grid
69 GPS input: Abbr.
70 GPS inputs
71 GPS lines
72 GPS readings
73 GPS routes
74 GPS screen lines
75 Duane and Reade, in N.Y.C.
76 Francisco and California, in San Francisco: Abbr.
77 Bourbon and Beale: Abbr.
78 Bourbon and Beale, for two: Abbr.
79 Bourbon and easy (Abbr.)
80 Bourbon and Easy, briefly
81 Bourbon and Easy
82 Bourbon and others (abbr.)
83 Bourbon and others: Abbr.
84 Bourbon and Sesame: Abbr.
85 Bourbon and Wall: Abbr.
86 Bourbon et al.: Abbr.
87 DC grid
88 Intersection parts: Abbr.
89 E and G, e.g., in D.C.
90 E, F and G in D.C.
91 Hollywood and Vine (Abbr.)
92 IRT stops may be named for them
93 Holy crowd: abbr.
94 Holy figures: Abbr.
95 Holy folk, for short
96 Holy folks: Abbr.
97 Holy men: abbr.
98 Holy men (abbr.)
99 Holy ones (abbr.)
100 Holy ones: Abbr.
101 Holy people: Abbr.
102 Holy people like Nicholas and Patrick: Abbr.
103 Holy people like Patrick and Francis: Abbr.
104 Holy rollers?: Abbr.
105 Easy and Elm (abbr.)
106 Feast day figs.
107 Delancey and Canal in NYC
108 Concordes come to N.Y., N.J., etc.
109 Chas., Jas., and others
110 Figueroa and Vine, in L.A.
111 Hagiographer's interest: Abbr.
112 Hagiographer's subjects: Abbr.
113 Hagiographer’s subjects: abbr.
114 Hagiography subjects (abbr.)
115 Hagiology names: Abbr.
116 Hagiology study: Abbr.
117 Hagiology subj.
118 Hagiology subjs.
119 Elm and Downing (abbr.)
120 Elm and Main: abbr.
121 Elm and Maple, briefly
122 Elm and Mulberry: Abbr.
123 Elm and Oak, briefly
124 Elm and Peachtree: Abbr.
125 Elm and Vine, briefly
126 Elm et al.: Abbr.
127 Elm, Main, Bourbon et al.
128 Elm, Main, et al.
129 Elm, Maple, etc.
130 Elmo and Augustine: Abbr.
131 Houston in NYC, et al.
132 Haloed ones: Abbr.
133 Geo. and Thos., e.g.
134 Counterparts of aves.
135 B'way crossers
136 C and D, in D.C.
137 CA and CO
138 City grid: Abbr.
139 City map abbreviations
140 City map abbrs.
141 City map lines: abbr.
142 City map listings
143 City map parts: Abbr.
144 Cousins of aves.
145 City planning concerns: Abbr.
146 City rds.
147 City roads (Abbr.)
148 City roads: Abbr.
149 City roads that may cross aves.
150 City rtes.
151 City thoroughfares (Abbr.)
152 City thoroughfares: Abbr.
153 City thoroughfares that often cross avenues: Abbr.
154 City ways: Abbr.
155 City ways, briefly
156 Fleet and Wall: Abbr.
157 Fleet, Wall, etc.: Abbr.
158 Canal and Wall in N.Y.C.
159 Jas.,Thos., and others
160 Crossers of aves.
161 Canonized folks: Abbr.
162 Crossing paths: Abbr.
163 Canonized gp.
164 Canonized grp.
165 Canonized ones: Abbr.
166 Canonized people: Abbr.
167 Canonized people, briefly
168 John and Jude: Abbr.
169 John and Mark: Abbr.
170 John and Paul, e.g.: Abbr.
171 John and Paul, e.g.
172 John, Joseph, and Jude (abbr.)
173 John, Paul and George: Abbr.
174 John, Paul and George (Abbr.)
175 John, Paul and George, but not Ringo: Abbr.
176 John, Paul, and George, but not Ringo: Abbr.
177 John, Paul, and George, but not Ringo (abbr.)
178 Downing and Main (Abbr.)
179 Downing and others: Abbr.
180 Downing and others (abbr.)
181 Downing and others, briefly
182 Downing, Elm, Main et al.
183 Good folk: Abbr.
184 D and C in D.C.
185 D and C, in D.C., for ex.
186 D and C, in D.C.
187 HI and OK
188 Google Maps lines: Abbr.
189 Drs. may cross them
190 Dr.'s relatives
191 Inset grids: Abbr.
192 Valentine and others: Abbr.
193 Valentine, et al. (abbr.)
194 Valentine, et al.
195 Most letters in D.C.
196 Most letters, in DC
197 Most letters of the alphabet, in DC
198 Sesame and Baker: Abbr.
199 Sesame and others: Abbr.
200 Manhattan’s Christopher and Elizabeth, e.g.
201 Manhattan's crosstown arteries: Abbr.
202 Manhattan's east/west arteries: Abbr.
203 Some are numbered in NYC
204 Some are numbered in N.Y.C.
205 Some ave. crossers
206 Some aves.
207 Nov. 1 group
208 Nov. 1 is their day
209 Some Bible characters: Abbr.
210 Some block boundaries: Abbr.
211 Some blvd. crossers
212 Some city map lines: Abbr.
213 Many are named after M.L.K.
214 Many are named for trees: Abbr.
215 Many are numbered in NYC
216 Some cross rds.
217 Many cross aves.
218 Many figs. on stained-glass windows
219 Many GPS lines: Abbr.
220 Many GPS lines
221 Many in NYC are named for numbers
222 Road map lines: abbr.
223 SF's Fillmore and Franklin
224 Roads: Abbr.
225 Roads (abbr.)
226 Roads and avenues: Abbr.
227 Roads, briefly
228 Roads on a city map: Abbr.
229 Roads that cross avenues: Abbr.
230 Roads that cross aves., often
231 Roads that may cross avenues: Abbr.
232 Roads that often cross aves.
233 Many urban rds.
234 Some Garmin displays: Abbr.
235 Map abbrs.
236 Map entries: Abbr.
237 Map lines (Abbr.)
238 Map lines: Abbr.
239 Some GPS lines
240 Some GPS lines: Abbr.
241 Some G.P.S. lines
242 Map rtes.
243 MapQuest abbrs.
244 MapQuest quests?: Abbr.
245 Some have bike lanes: Abbr.
246 Some holiday honorees: Abbr.
247 Numbered NYC runners
248 Kin of aves.
249 Kin of blvds.
250 Kin of rds.
251 Some L.A. map lines
252 Whom basilicas are often named after: Abbr.
253 Some map lines: Abbr.
254 Some map lines (abbr.)
255 The CSA's eleven
256 N.Y. and Calif.
257 N.Y. and N.J.
258 Some NYC block separators
259 NYC block separators
260 NYC's 34th and 42nd
261 Some patrons: Abbr.
262 N.Y.C.'s Bleecker and Canal
263 NYC's Front and Wall, e.g.
264 NYC's Grand, Canal, and others
265 NYC's Houston and others
266 NYC's Prince and King, e.g.
267 NYC's Wall and Canal, e.g.
268 Mark and Anthony: Abbr.
269 Mark, Anthony and others: Abbr.
270 Some rds.
271 Oak and Maple, briefly
272 Oak Elm etc.
273 Some routes: Abbr.
274 P and Q, in D.C.
275 Some sweepers sweep them: Abbr.
276 Some thoroughfares: Abbr.
277 Some ways on Waze: Abbr.
278 Plat abbrs.
279 Vine and Easy, for two
280 Vine and Figueroa, in L.A.
281 Vine in L.A. et al.
282 Transit rtes.
283 Municipal grid: Abbr.
284 Kitts and Louis
285 Matthew and Mark: Abbr.
286 The orig. 13, e.g.
287 PO listings
288 Parade route sections: abbr.
289 Poem parts: Abbr.
290 Lines in some grids: Abbr.
291 Lines on a city map: Abbr.
292 Lines on an urban map: Abbr.
293 Lines on GPS displays
294 Lines on some maps: Abbr.
295 Lines on the Waze app, e.g.: Abbr.
296 KS and KY
297 Oft-numbered rtes.
298 MD and ME, e.g.
299 MD and others
300 ME and others
301 Rte. parts
302 Rte. segments
303 Rte. suggestions
304 Rte. words
305 Rtes. for bikes
306 OH and OK
307 LA and MI
308 OH, OK, etc., e.g.
309 L.A. network
310 N. Dakota or S. Dakota, for two
311 OK and ID
312 OK, and others: Abbr.
313 OK and others
314 Wall and 42nd, in NYC
315 Wall and Beaver: Abbr.
316 Wall and Bourbon: Abbr.
317 Wall and Bourbon, e.g. (Abbr.)
318 Wall and Bourbon, e.g.: Abbr.
319 Wall and Broad: Abbr.
320 Wall and Fleet: Abbr.
321 Wall and Fleet, e.g.: Abbr.
322 Wall and Main: Abbr.
323 Wall and others: Abbr.
324 Wall and State: Abbr.
325 Wall and the like: Abbr.
326 Wall et al.: Abbr.
327 Wall et al.
328 Wall, etc.: Abbr.
329 Wall, Sesame and Easy: Abbr.
330 Wall, Sesame and Easy (Abbr.)
331 Name-day honorees: Abbr.
332 The USA's 50
333 Part of USA: Abbr.
334 RC honourees
335 Rd. alternatives
336 Rd. atlas entries
337 Rd. atlas listings
338 Rd. crossers
339 Rd. intersectors
340 Rd. relatives
341 Rds.
342 Rds. and aves.
343 Rds.' kin
344 Rds. or aves.
345 Rdwys.
346 Lombard et al.
347 Parts of N.Y.C.
348 Parts of P.O. addresses
349 Parts of P.O. labels
350 Parts of rtes.
351 Parts of some grids: Abbr.
352 Parts of some P.O. labels
353 Parts of USA: abbr.
354 NC, ND and NE
355 L.A.'s Crocker and Marathon
356 Neb. and Mo., e.g.
357 Pat and Pete, among others
358 MI and LA
359 Patrick and Paul: Abbr.
360 Patrick and Peter: Abbr.
361 Paul and John: Abbr.
362 Pothole sites (Abbr.)
363 Peachtree and Green Dolphin: Abbr.
364 New Eng. sextet
365 Louis and Lawrence
366 Louis and Moritz
367 Louis and Thomas: Abbr.
368 Low-quality
369 People profiled in hagiographies: Abbr.
370 N.H. and N.M.
371 People who have been canonized: Abbr.
372 People who many Catholics pray to: Abbr.
373 Rel. figures
374 Nicholas and others: Abbr.
375 Luke and John: Abbr.
376 Luke, John and others: Abbr.
377 Relatives of aves.
378 Religious splinter groups
379 M and N, in D.C.
380 MA and PA
381 N.J. and N.C.
382 Mad. and Lex., e.g.
383 MN and NM
384 Peter and Francis: Abbr.
385 Peter and Francis (abbr.)
386 Peter and Paul (abbr.)
387 Peter and Paul: Abbr.
388 Peter, Patrick, and Francis (abbr.)
389 Peter, Patrick and Paul: Abbr.
390 Peter, Paul, and Mary (abbr.)
391 Peter, Paul, and Mary: Abbr.
392 Peter, Paul and Mary: Abbr.
393 Peter, Paul et al.
394 Main, 34th and Elm (Abbr.)
395 Main and 42d: Abbr.
396 Main and Easy (Abbr.)
397 Main and Elm: Abbr.
398 Main and Elm.
399 Main and Oak (Abbr.)
400 Main and others: Abbr.
401 Main and others, briefly
402 Main and State: Abbr.
403 Main and Vine (Abbr.)
404 Main and Wall: Abbr.
405 Main and Wall
406 Main, Elm, etc.: Abbr.
407 Main et al: Abbr.
408 Main et al.
409 Main, Hollywood and Vine (Abbr.)
410 Probable rte. parts if you click "avoid highways" on Google Maps
411 Male saints, abbr.
412 Sacred-texts.com index: Abbr.
413 Sides of a block: Abbr.
414 They cross at intersections: Abbr.
415 They cross aves. in New York City
416 They cross aves.
417 They cross rds.
418 They generally run east-west in Manhattan: Abbr.
419 They go around the block: Abbr.
420 They go around the block, briefly
421 They go through the USA
422 They may intersect a boulevard: Abbr.
423 They may intersect aves.
424 Ways: Abbr.
425 Ways around: Abbr.
426 Waze line (Abbr.)
427 Waze lines: Abbr.
428 Waze ways: Abbr.
429 They often cross city aves.
430 They're numbered in NYC
431 "Two-way" thoroughfares (Abbr.)
432 "Two-way" thoroughfares at both ends of this puzzle's long answers
433 Thoroughfares: Abbr.
434 Thoroughfares that may cross aves.
435 Thoroughfares that often cross avenues: Abbr.
436 Thos. and Jas.
437 Those canonized: Abbr.
438 What crosswalks cross: Abbr.
439 Stars may represent them: Abbr.
440 Stars often stand for them on a flag (abbr.)
441 Taxi rtes.
442 State and Market: Abbr.
443 Urban divs.
444 Urban GPS lines
445 Urban grid: Abbr.
446 Urban grid abbrs.
447 Urban gridwork: Abbr.
448 Urban intersectors: Abbr.
449 Urban intersectors (Abbr.)
450 Urban network: Abbr.
451 Urban planning grid: Abbr.
452 Urban rds.
453 Urban roads: Abbr.
454 Urban roads that often cross avenues: Abbr.
455 Urban rtes.
456 Urban thoroughfares: Abbr.
457 Urban ways: Abbr.
458 Teresa and Helena: Abbr.

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