42-yr.-old skit show crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 42-yr.-old skit show. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
SNL 3 42-yr.-old skit show 100%
SNL 3 40-yr.-old NBC show 76.923076923077%
SNL 3 30-year-old NBC show 65%
ISR 3 60-yr.-old state 61.111111111111%
SCTV 4 Old Canadian skit show 57.142857142857%
USA 3 232-yr.-old land 55.555555555556%
SSN 3 81-yr.-old ID 54.545454545455%
USMINT 6 225-yr.-old moneymaker 52.380952380952%
SRS 3 18-yr.-old high schoolers, usually 51.851851851852%
NATO 4 59-yr.-old alliance 51.282051282051%
THEAVENGERS 11 1998 Uma Thurman film based on a old spy show, or a 2012 superhero film: 2 wds. 22.222222222222%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (SNL), we also found 643 clues that are similar or possibly related to 42-yr.-old skit show.

Count Answer
1 #10 of TV Guide's "50 Greatest Shows"
2 1975 NBC debut, briefly
3 1975 TV debut, briefly
4 "30 Rock" inspiration, for short
5 "30 Rock" inspiration
6 "30 Rock" is loosely based on it, briefly
7 30-year-old NBC show
8 40-year-old comedy series: Abbr.
9 40-yr.-old NBC show
10 42-season NBC series
11 44-season NBC series
12 45-season NBC series
13 '75 TV debut
14 850+-episode NBC series
15 90-minute sketch comedy show: Abbr.
16 90-minute weekend comedy series: Abbr.
17 90-minute weekend comedy show: Abbr.
18 90-minute weekend sketch show: Abbr.
19 ___ alum
20 ___ Digital Short
21 ___ Digital Shorts (late-night comic bits)
22 "___ Digital Shorts"
23 Amy Poehler gig, for short
24 Amy Poehler hosted its first episode this season
25 Andy Samberg show, for short
26 Andy Samberg's employer, briefly
27 Andy Samberg's show, for short
28 Andy Samberg's show
29 Belushi venue, for short
30 Belushi's TV showcase
31 Betty White recently hosted it
32 Aspiration for many Second City performers, in brief
33 Big inits. in comedy
34 Big inits. in TV comedy
35 At age 88, Betty White was its oldest host, briefly
36 "Bill Swerski's Superfans" show, for short
37 Birthplace of "Wayne's World," briefly
38 "Black Jeopardy!" show, for short
39 Aidy Bryant's show, briefly
40 Aidy Bryant's show on NBC: Abbr.
41 Aidy Bryant's show
42 Aykroyd TV show
43 Alex Moffat's show, briefly
44 Bobby Moynihan's show: Abbr.
45 Fallon's fmr. home
46 Comedy series that debuted in 1975: Abbr.
47 Comedy show featuring Beck Bennett: Abbr.
48 Comedy show featuring Cecily Strong: Abbr.
49 Comedy show featuring Taran Killam: Abbr.
50 Comedy show featuring "Weekend Update": Abbr.
51 Comedy show letters
52 Comedy show on which now-Senator Al Franken played Stuart Smalley: Abbr.
53 Comedy show since '75
54 Comedy show that has a different guest host each week: Abbr.
55 Comedy show that recently added Heidi Gardner, Luke Null, and Chris Redd: Abbr.
56 Comedy show with a different guest host each week: Abbr.
57 Comedy show with a different musical guest each week: Abbr.
58 Comedy show with a "Weekend Update" segment: Abbr.
59 Comedy show with featured players Leslie Jones and Pete Davidson: Abbr.
60 Comedy/variety inits. since 1975
61 Comedy/variety show since '75
62 Fred Armisen's show, for short
63 Cecily Strong's sketch show, briefly
64 Cecily Strong's sketch show, for short
65 D.C. spoofer
66 Bowen Yang's show, for short
67 "Celebrity Jeopardy" broadcaster, for short
68 "Celebrity Jeopardy!" show, briefly
69 Hit skit show, in brief
70 Hit skit show since '75
71 Hit with skits and bits
72 Hit with skits, for short
73 "Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney?" show, familiarly
74 Debut of 10/11/75, briefly
75 Debut of Oct. 11, 1975
76 Debut of Oct. 1975
77 Early Chevy vehicle?: abbr.
78 Early gig for Chase and Belushi, for short
79 Early Tina Fey show, briefly
80 Irreverent NBC hit
81 Irreverent NBC show
82 Irreverent TV hit
83 Irreverent weekend hit, informally
84 Irreverent weekend show, briefly
85 ". . . from New York!" show, briefly
86 "... from New York!" show, briefly
87 ''... from New York ...'' show, briefly
88 Eddie Murphy's old show, for short
89 Conan O'Brien's employer from '88 to '91
90 Dennis Miller's old show, initially
91 Ego Nwodim's NBC show, briefly
92 Ego Nwodim's show, for short
93 It has a wkly. guest host
94 Chase scene producer, for short
95 Chase scenes were often seen during its broadcasts
96 Chase scenes were once common here, informally
97 Chase vehicle?: Abbr.
98 Chase vehicle, briefly
99 Chase/Belushi/Aykroyd venue, briefly
100 It has many famous alums
101 Broadcast from Rockefeller Ctr.
102 It launched E. Murphy's career
103 Hot show with a cold open, for short
104 Che's gig, briefly
105 Chevy Chase's one-time show, briefly
106 Chevy vehicle, briefly
107 Chevy vehicle of the 1970s, briefly
108 Emmy-winning show of both 1976 and 2017, in brief
109 It's 23 days older than GMA
110 Chris Redd's show, for short
111 Its artists do many sketches, briefly
112 Its artists do many sketches, for short
113 It's associated with Chris Rock and 30 Rock
114 George Carlin hosted the first one, briefly
115 Its "Cut For Time" segments can be viewed online
116 First show to win 50 Emmys, in brief
117 It's live from N.Y.
118 It's shot at 30 Rock
119 Its studio was built for the NBC Symphony in '37
120 Janis Ian, Billy Preston and George Carlin were its first guests
121 Jay Pharoah's show: Abbr.
122 Follower of weekend news, briefly
123 Crystal work, once: Abbr.
124 Goal for aspiring comedians, for short
125 John Belushi venue, for short
126 John Belushi was originally on it: Abbr.
127 Colin Jost's series: Abbr.
128 Colin Jost's show
129 Former Fey foray, familiarly
130 Collection of sketches, for short
131 Former gig for Amy Poehler, for short
132 Former gig for Sen. Franken
133 Drew Barrymore hosted this show at age 7: Abbr.
134 Casting source for some H'wood comedies
135 High-profile gig for a musician, for short
136 Dan Aykroyd's old show, briefly
137 Initials for two Belushis
138 Inits. in comedy
139 Inits. in TV comedy since 1975
140 Inits. in TV comedy
141 Fall '75 TV debut
142 Kate McKinnon is in its ensemble, briefly
143 Kate McKinnon's NBC show, briefly
144 Kate McKinnon's show: Abbr.
145 Kate McKinnon's show, familiarly
146 Kate McKinnon's show, for short
147 Kate McKinnon's show on NBC: Abbr.
148 Origin of "Delicious Dish" skits on NBC
149 Series staged at 30 Rock
150 Series that inspired "30 Rock"
151 Series with many funny alums
152 Where the Blues Brothers began, briefly
153 Where the Blues Brothers debuted: Abbr.
154 Where the Blues Brothers got their start, briefly
155 Where the Blues Brothers got their start, familiarly
156 Where the Coneheads first appeared (abbr.)
157 Kenan Thompson venue, familiarly
158 Kenan Thompson's show, briefly
159 Kenan Thompson's sketch show
160 Toonces's show, for short
161 Where Tina Fey debuted her Sarah Palin impression
162 Variety show first hosted by G. Carlin in '75
163 Variety show since 1975: Abbr.
164 Variety show since 1975, briefly
165 Variety show since 1975, familiarly
166 Seth Meyers' show: Abbr.
167 Seth Meyers' show since 2001, for short
168 The ___ Band (led by Lenny Pickett)
169 Venerable NBC series
170 Venerable NBC weekend show
171 Venue for Alec Baldwin's Trump impersonations, briefly
172 Venue for the Blues Brothers, for short
173 Venue for the Not Ready for Prime Time Players, in brief
174 The Blues Brothers' show, briefly
175 The Coneheads' show, for short
176 N.Y.-based comedy show
177 Rock or Crystal vehicle, briefly
178 NYC-based skit show
179 Mr. Bill appeared on it: Abbr.
180 Mr. Bill's home, briefly
181 Mr. Bill's outlet, once: Abbr.
182 NYC sketch comedy show
183 NYC sketch show
184 "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood" show, for short
185 Wiig gig, for short
186 Wiig gig
187 Will Ferrell's old show: Abbr.
188 Will Ferrell's old TV show: Abbr.
189 Kind of short
190 "Studio 60" inspiration
191 Oct. 1975 NBC debut
192 Oct. 1975 TV debut
193 The Land Shark's show, for short
194 The last episode of its current season will be hosted by Bryan Cranston
195 Subj. of some "Bossypants" chapters
196 Roseanne Roseannadanna's show, for short
197 Roseanne Roseannadanna's venue, initially
198 Kristen Wiig late-night show, briefly
199 Kristen Wiig's old show, for short
200 Kyle Mooney's show, briefly
201 Short vehicle of the 1980s, for short
202 Witty weekly show, for short
203 Show announced by Don Pardo for 30+ years, for short
204 Show based at 30 Rock
205 Show broadcast from 30 Rock
206 Show created by Lorne Michaels, for short
207 Show Donald Trump - yes, presidential candidate Donald Trump - recently hosted
208 Show done at 30 Rock
209 Show featuring Colin Jost and Leslie Jones: Abbr.
210 Show featuring Kyle Mooney and Cecily Strong: Abbr.
211 Show featuring Leslie Jones, for short
212 Show featuring many alumni of L.A.'s Groundlings comedy troupe
213 Show featuring Mikey Day and Alex Moffat: Abbr.
214 Show featuring Vanessa Bayer and Bobby Moynihan: Abbr.
215 Show featuring "Weekend Update": Abbr.
216 Show filmed at Rockefeller Center, for short
217 Show filmed at Studio 8H in the GE Building
218 Show filmed in Studio 8H, for short
219 Show filmed weekly in N.Y.C.
220 Show for Murray and Myers
221 Show for which Conan O'Brien once wrote, in brief
222 Show for which Dana Carvey won an Emmy
223 Show for which Louis C.K. unsuccessfully auditioned in '93
224 Show from Rockefeller Ctr.
225 Show from which Adrien Brody and Martin Lawrence are banned for life
226 Show from which Martin Lawrence is banned for life
227 Show on Sen. Franken's résumé
228 Show on which Kenan played Whoopi, briefly
229 Show on which Lennon and McCartney considered reuniting, for short
230 Show on which Sen. Franken was a regular
231 Show on which the Blues Brothers debuted: Abbr.
232 Show on which Tina Fey co-starred for six seasons
233 Show performed at 30 Rock
234 Show satirized on "30 Rock"
235 Show shot at 30 Rock
236 Show shot in the GE Building
237 Show since Oct. 1975
238 Show staged at 30 Rock
239 Show that Al Franken wrote for, for short
240 Show that Alec Baldwin has hosted the most with 16 appearances, briefly
241 Show that Alec Baldwin has hosted the most
242 Show that banned Adrien Brody and Steven Seagal
243 Show that banned Adrien Brody for life in 2003
244 Show that Betty White hosted at age 88, informally
245 Show that brought us Wills Ferrell and Forte
246 Show that debuted 10/11/1975, for short
247 Show that debuted in Oct. 1975
248 Show that debuted on Oct. 11, 1975
249 Show that debuted with Gilda Radner and John Belushi, briefly
250 Show that did the skit "Lazy Sunday"
251 Show that featured Debbie Downer, briefly
252 Show that featured Fey as Palin
253 Show that features Taran Killam as 1860s newspaper critic Jebidiah Atkinson, briefly
254 Show that features "Weekend Update": Abbr.
255 Show that has banned Cypress Hill and Frank Zappa
256 Show that included "Wayne's World": Abbr.
257 Show that inspired "30 Rock" (abbr.)
258 Show that inspired "30 Rock": Abbr.
259 Show that isn't part of this puzzle's theme (but you can watch it while having a late dinner)
260 Show that launched Eddie Murphy and Chevy Chase, for short
261 Show that once featured "Wayne's World": Abbr.
262 Show that premiered Oct. 11, 1975
263 Show that recently added Sasheer Zamata to its cast
264 Show that released the edited version of "I'm on a Boat," for short
265 Show that spawned the Blues Brothers, informally
266 Show that starts at 11:29:30 p.m. ET
267 Show that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler cohosted on December 19, 2015: Abbr.
268 Show that's already had Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as guests
269 Show that's earned more than 40 Emmys, in brief
270 Show that's launched many film careers: Abbr.
271 Old Chevy vehicle, briefly
272 Show where Alec Baldwin portrays Donald Trump: Abbr.
273 Show where twice an episode, a famous person introduces a musical act with "Ladies and gentlemen..."
274 Show which several "30 Rock" actors came from
275 Show whose 50th season would premiere in 2024
276 Show whose announcer is Darrell Hammond: Abbr.
277 Show whose first guest host was George Carlin: Abbr.
278 Show whose first host was George Carlin, in 1975: Abbr.
279 Show whose frequent guest hosts join the "Five-Timers Club": Abbr.
280 Show with '70s samurai sketches, briefly
281 Show with a "cold open," for short
282 Show with a "cold open"
283 Show with a different host and musical guest each episode: Abbr.
284 Show with a Five-Timers Club, for short
285 Show with a musical guest, for short
286 Show with a record 200+ Emmy noms
287 Show with a "Weekend Update" segment: Abbr.
288 Show with a "Weekend Update" segment, briefly
289 Show with an inaccurate title for Western U.S. viewers
290 Show with "Celebrity Jeopardy!" spoofs, briefly
291 Show with coneheads (Abbr.)
292 Show with digital shorts, for short
293 Show with Kate McKinnon, briefly
294 Show with Kate McKinnon, for short
295 Show with Kate McKinnon, in brief
296 Show with Kate McKinnon, to fans
297 Show with Kenan Thompson, briefly
298 Show with Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon: Abbr.
299 Show with loads of film spin-offs
300 Show with many notable alums
301 Show with noted alumni, for short
302 Show with skits, for short
303 Show with Stefon, the City Correspondent for New York City
304 Show with "The Ambiguously Gay Duo," for short
305 Show with the "more cowbell" skit
306 Show with the most Emmys
307 Show with the most overall Primetime Emmys, briefly
308 Show with "TV Funhouse" pieces, in brief
309 Show with "Weekend Update": Abbr.
310 Show with "Weekend Update" skits, initially
311 "Live from New York!" initials
312 "Live from New York!" letters
313 "Land Shark" sketch show, briefly
314 Ray Charles hosted it in 1977: Abbr.
315 Olympia Cafe venue, briefly
316 Popular NBC show
317 Popular skit show, for short
318 NBC comedy revue
319 NBC comedy series, briefly
320 NBC comedy series
321 NBC comedy show announced by Darrell Hammond since 2014: Abbr.
322 NBC comedy show, briefly
323 NBC comedy show for over 40 years: Abbr.
324 NBC comedy show since 1975: Abbr.
325 NBC comedy show since '75
326 NBC comedy show that spoofs "Celebrity Jeopardy!": Abbr.
327 NBC comedy showcase
328 NBC comedy staple
329 NBC debut of 10/11/75
330 NBC debut of '75 (and still at it)
331 NBC debut of '75
332 NBC debut of Oct. 1975
333 NBC fixture fond of wordplay, and a phonetic hint to this puzzle's spoonerisms
334 NBC fixture for nearly 35 yrs.
335 NBC fixture since 1975
336 NBC fixture since '75
337 NBC hit since 1975
338 NBC hit since '75
339 NBC hit starting in '75
340 NBC inits. since 1975
341 NBC inits.
342 NBC institution
343 NBC late-night comedy hit
344 NBC late-night weekend staple, familiarly
345 NBC long-running hit, initially
346 NBC offering, briefly
347 NBC offering, in brief
348 NBC post-prime time staple
349 NBC premiere of 1975
350 NBC prog. since 1975
351 NBC program since 1975
352 NBC revue
353 NBC satire series
354 NBC satirical show, for short
355 NBC satirical show
356 NBC series shot at 30 Rock
357 NBC series since '75
358 NBC series that debuted in 1975: Abbr.
359 NBC series turning 30 in '05
360 NBC series with nearly 900 episodes
361 NBC show created by Lorne Michaels: Abbr.
362 NBC show featuring Aidy Bryant: Abbr.
363 NBC show featuring Kate McKinnon: Abbr.
364 NBC show first hosted by George Carlin
365 NBC show for 40 years
366 NBC show for three decades, briefly
367 NBC show in its 41st year
368 NBC show Kristen Wiig was on: Abbr.
369 NBC show on which Tina Fey impersonated Sarah Palin
370 NBC show since 1975, briefly
371 NBC show since 1975
372 NBC show since '75
373 NBC show that began its 35th season in Sep. 2009
374 NBC show that celebrated its 40th anniversary in Feb.
375 NBC show that did "Celebrity Jeopardy!" parodies
376 NBC show that ends Sun. morning in some time zones
377 NBC show that featured Janis Ian and Billy Preston as its first musical guests
378 NBC show that featured the Coneheads
379 NBC show that gave Eddie Murphy and Tina Fey their start: Abbr.
380 NBC show that inspired "30 Rock"
381 NBC show that launched many comics' careers
382 NBC show that once featured Mike Myers and Chris Rock: Abbr.
383 NBC show turning 40 this year
384 NBC show where Chase, Belushi, Radner et al. got their big breaks
385 NBC show with a cold open
386 NBC show with a "Weekend Update"
387 NBC show with Baba Wawa skits, briefly
388 NBC show with Baba Wawa skits
389 NBC show with "Celebrity Jeopardy!"
390 NBC show with many Second City alumni
391 NBC show with satirical skits
392 NBC show with sketches
393 NBC show with skits, in brief
394 NBC show with skits
395 NBC show with Weekend Update: Abbr.
396 NBC show
397 NBC sketch comedy show: Abbr.
398 NBC sketch comedy show for Murray and Murphy, for short
399 NBC sketch comedy show, for short
400 NBC sketch comedy show with Melissa Villaseñor: Abbr.
401 NBC sketch comedy show
402 NBC sketch comedy
403 NBC sketch series, briefly
404 NBC sketch series
405 NBC sketch show featuring Kate McKinnon: Abbr.
406 NBC sketch show featuring the Not Ready for Prime Time Players: Abbr.
407 NBC sketch show, for short
408 NBC sketch show that stars Jay Pharoah: Abbr.
409 NBC sketch show with Sasheer Zamata: Abbr.
410 NBC sketch show
411 NBC skit show broadcast from 30 Rock
412 NBC skit show, familiarly
413 NBC skit show since '75
414 NBC skit show
415 NBC staple
416 NBC staple for more than 40 years
417 NBC staple for nearly 30 years
418 NBC staple for over 30 years
419 NBC staple since 1975
420 NBC staple since the '70s
421 NBC TV inits.
422 NBC-TV inits.
423 NBC variety show in its 40th season: Abbr.
424 NBC weekend comedy, briefly
425 NBC weekend comedy series
426 NBC weekend comedy show, for short
427 NBC weekend comedy show
428 NBC weekend comedy
429 NBC weekend fixture, briefly
430 NBC weekend fixture, for short
431 NBC weekend fixture
432 NBC weekend hit, briefly
433 NBC weekend revue
434 NBC weekend series beginning its 41st season this month: Abbr.
435 NBC weekend show since '75
436 NBC weekend show that bid farewell to Fred Armisen and Bill Hader in May: Abbr.
437 NBC weekend show
438 NBC weekend sketch show: Abbr.
439 NBC weekend sketch show
440 NBC weekend skit show, for short
441 NBC weekend skit show
442 NBC weekend staple
443 NBC's "Weekend Update" show
444 "Laser Cats" airer
445 Long-running NBC comedy show
446 Long-running NBC comedy
447 Long-running NBC prog.
448 Long-running NBC program
449 Long-running NBC show, briefly
450 Long-running NBC show, for short
451 Long-running NBC show
452 Long-running NBC sketch comedy show: Abbr.
453 Long-running NBC sketch show, for short: Abbr.
454 Long-running NBC sketch show, for short
455 Long-running NBC staple, for short
456 Long-running NBC variety program
457 Long-running NBC weekend show
458 Long-running sketch comedy show: Abbr.
459 Long-running sketch comedy show, for short
460 Long-running sketch show, briefly
461 Long-running weekend comedy show: Abbr.
462 Longtime Lorne Michaels-produced show, for short
463 Longtime NBC hit
464 Longtime NBC inits.
465 Longtime NBC show, initially
466 Longtime NBC show
467 Longtime NBC staple
468 Longtime NBC weekend show
469 Late-night TV fare since 1975: abbr.
470 Late-night TV fare since 1975
471 Late night TV fare
472 Longtime TV inits.
473 Lorne Michaels' brainchild, for short
474 Lorne Michael's program, for short
475 Lorne Michaels show, briefly
476 Lorne Michaels show, for short
477 Lorne Michaels' TV show
478 Lorne Michaels's NBC show
479 Lorne Michaels's show, for short
480 "Lazy Sunday" airer, briefly
481 Mikey Day's show on NBC: Abbr.
482 Pre-Letterman gig for Paul Shaffer, for short
483 New York-based sketch comedy series: Abbr.
484 Precursor to talk shows for Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers, in short
485 News satire source, briefly
486 Presenter of many a spoof, for short
487 Leslie Jones's show, for short
488 "Mad TV" rival
489 "Mad TV" rival, for short
490 ''Mad TV'' rival
491 "MADtv" alternative
492 Onetime gig for Wiig, in brief
493 Pete Davidson's sketch show, briefly
494 Letters on Fey's résumé
495 Program for which Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon recently won Emmys: Abbr.
496 Program named for its broadcast day, for short
497 Program with more than 40 Primetime Emmys, briefly
498 ''Not Ready for Prime Time Players'' show
499 Source of "Toonces the Driving Cat" sketches
500 Source of TV laughs for 30 years
501 Source of TV sketches
502 "TV Funhouse" show, for short
503 TV home of the Ambiguously Gay Duo
504 TV home of "Weekend Update," in brief
505 TV inits. since 10/11/75
506 TV inits. since 1975
507 TV mainstay broadcast from Studio 8H
508 TV premiere of 1975
509 TV premiere of Oct. 11, 1975
510 TV prog. that became the most Primetime Emmy-nominated show of all time in 2010
511 TV prog. with a different host each week
512 TV revue since 1975
513 TV revue since '75
514 TV series since '75
515 TV series with "Black Jeopardy!" sketches
516 TV series with former Second City performers
517 TV show created by Lorne Michaels, for short
518 TV show created by Lorne Michaels
519 TV show filmed at 30 Rock
520 TV show on which Don Pardo does the announcements
521 TV show on which "The Chanukah Song" debuted, informally
522 TV show referenced in "Bossypants"
523 TV show since 10/11/75, eight of whose former stars appear in the circled squares in this puzzle
524 TV show that comes on at 11:29 (not 11:30) p.m.
525 TV show that featured Jorge and Yortuk Festrunk
526 TV show that featured Killer Bees
527 TV show that featured motivational speaker Matt Foley
528 TV show that featured the Festrunk Brothers
529 TV show that featured the Killer Bees
530 TV show that featured two wild and crazy guys
531 TV show that Gerald Ford was the first president to appear on
532 TV show that had recurring "Killer Bees" sketches
533 TV show that has spawned many movies, briefly
534 TV show that originally included John Belushi and Jane Curtin, for short
535 TV show that's had 850 episodes so far: Abbr.
536 TV show that's "thirtysomething"
537 TV show thought to have influenced some 2008 voters
538 TV show with a "Weekend Update" segment
539 TV show with recurring "Killer Bees" sketches
540 TV show with the Coneheads
541 TV show with the most Emmys ever
542 TV show with the most Primetime Emmy noms
543 TV variety show where Tina Fey gained popularity: Abbr.
544 Wayne's World venue, initially
545 Sandler's old employer: Abbr.
546 Sasheer Zamata's show: Abbr.
547 Weekend comedy show, briefly
548 Weekend comedy show on NBC: Abbr.
549 Weekend comedy show that debuted in 1975: Abbr.
550 Weekend initials since the '70s
551 Weekend NBC comedy, for short
552 Weekend NBC hit, for short
553 Weekend NBC hit
554 Weekend NBC staple, for short
555 Weekend show, for short
556 Weekend show with Aidy Bryant, to fans
557 Weekend staple from NBC
558 Weekend TV comedy staple: Abbr.
559 Weekend TV fare for nearly 40 yrs.
560 Weekend TV hit
561 Weekend TV listing
562 Weekend TV option
563 Weekend TV revue
564 Weekend TV show, for short
565 Weekend TV show that had four presidential candidates as guests in 2008
566 Weekend TV staple since '75
567 Weekend TV staple
568 "Weekend Update" prog.
569 "Weekend Update" show: Abbr.
570 "Weekend Update" show, briefly
571 "Weekend Update" show, familiarly
572 "Weekend Update" show, for short
573 "Weekend Update" show, in tweets
574 "Weekend Update" show, initially
575 "Weekend Update" show
576 Weekly 90-min. show
577 Weekly 90-min. TV show
578 Satirical show featuring "Weekend Update": Abbr.
579 Weekly comedy series featuring Vanessa Bayer: Abbr.
580 Weekly comedy series that has aired more than 800 episodes: Abbr.
581 Satirical TV show since '75
582 Weekly NBC offering since 1975, briefly
583 Weekly NBC offering
584 Weekly NBC staple, for short
585 Weekly parody source, briefly
586 Weekly satirical TV show, briefly
587 Weekly show broadcast from Rockefeller Center, for short
588 Weekly show filmed in Studio 8H, for short
589 Weekly show starting at 11:30 p.m. E.T.
590 Weekly show with a cold open, for short
591 Weekly TV satire, informally
592 Weekly TV show with guest hosts, for short
593 Thirty-five year old sketch comedy show
594 Springboard for new comics, briefly
595 Sketch-based TV show, briefly
596 Sketch comedy show on NBC since 1975: Abbr.
597 Sketch comedy show since '75
598 Sketch comedy show that recently celebrated its 40th anniversary: Abbr.
599 Sketch comedy show that started its 39th season in September 2013: Abbr.
600 Sketch comedy show that's in its 40th season: Abbr.
601 Sketch comedy TV series since '75
602 Sketch series since '75
603 Sketch show Alec Baldwin has hosted 16 times: Abbr.
604 Sketch show featuring the characters Drunk Uncle and Jebidiah Atkinson: Abbr.
605 Sketch show, for short
606 Sketch show from NYC
607 Sketch show on NBC: Abbr.
608 Sketch show on which Tina Fey debuted her Sarah Palin impersonation: Abbr.
609 Sketch show since '75
610 Sketch show that debuted in 1975: Abbr.
611 Sketch show that hasn't had a black female regular since 2007
612 Sketch show that premiered October 11, 1975: Abbr.
613 Sketch show that recently finished its 39th season: Abbr.
614 Sketch show whose newest members are Mikey Day, Alex Moffat and Melissa Villaseñor
615 Sketch show with celebrity hosts, for short
616 Sketch source
617 Sketchy NBC series
618 Sketchy program, for short?
619 Sketchy program, informally?
620 Skit comedy show with Aidy Bryant: Abbr.
621 Skit-filled NBC show, for short
622 Skit show, for short
623 Skit show hosted by Donald Trump on November 7, 2015: Abbr.
624 Skit show since '75
625 Skit site, for short
626 "Skittish" NBC offering?
627 Skittish NBC show?
628 Skittish show?: Abbr.
629 Staple for sketches, for short
630 "Sloths" airer, briefly
631 Taran Killam's show, for short
632 "Target Lady" show, briefly
633 Tina Fey was its first female head writer, briefly
634 Tina Fey's old show: Abbr.
635 Tina Fey's old show, briefly
636 Tina Fey's old show, for short
637 Whence "Dick in a Box"
638 Whence "more cowbell"
639 Where an artist works on a sketch, for short?
640 Sen. Franken's former show
641 Sen. Franken's old show
642 Where Baldwin does Trump, briefly
643 Where Bill Hader is a veteran

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