42% of Scrabble tiles crossword clue answers

Are you struggling with the 42% of Scrabble tiles crossword clue? We have found 11 possible answers which might help you solve this clue on your crossword.

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 42% of Scrabble tiles. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
AEIOU 5 42% of Scrabble tiles 100%
ENS 3 1 point Scrabble tiles 79.06976744186%
EFS 3 4-point Scrabble tiles 79.06976744186%
ONE 3 Number of Scrabble X-tiles 76.595744680851%
ZEES 4 10-point Scrabble tiles 72.727272727273%
ONE 3 Point value of most Scrabble tiles 65.454545454545%
THREE 5 Number on 8 of the 100 Scrabble tiles 62.068965517241%
ONE 3 Number on 68 of the 100 Scrabble tiles 61.016949152542%
STAR 4 Center of a Scrabble board 55.31914893617%
BBL 3 42 gal. 35.714285714286%
TEN 3 Total number of I and Q tiles combined, in Scrabble 33.333333333333%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (AEIOU), we also found 130 clues that are similar or possibly related to 42% of Scrabble tiles.

Count Answer
1 "___ and sometimes Y"
2 ___ and sometimes Y
3 Basic quintet
4 "... and sometimes y" preceder
5 "Battle it out" quintet
6 Abstemious array?
7 Abstemious quintet?
8 Abstentious group?
9 Bit of kindergarten learning
10 Alphabet quintet
11 Alphabet sequence
12 Alphabet set
13 Alphabet vowel sequence
14 Alphabetic device used by Frederick III
15 Alphabetic pentad
16 Alphabetic quintet
17 Alphabetic sequence
18 Alphabetical fivesome
19 Alphabetical quintet
20 Grade school quintet
21 Familiar fivesome
22 Grammar school sequence
23 Common quintet
24 Gregarious group?
25 Group often seen near the Y?
26 Group seen in gathering clouds?
27 Group seen in late-night hours?
28 Group that ends "... and sometimes Y"
29 Group that sometimes includes Y
30 Group to which the Y is often linked?
31 Group to which "Y" is sometimes added
32 Group with a Y, sometimes
33 Fundamentals of speech
34 Elementary fivesome
35 Elementary quintet
36 Elementary school quintet
37 Elementary school teaching
38 Elementary sequence
39 Gang of characters seen in the four longest answers
40 Half-serious group?
41 Half-serious run?
42 Buyable letters on "Wheel of Fortune"
43 English quintet
44 Five essential things to become facetious
45 Five of a kind, alphabetically
46 Five of a kind
47 Five of twenty-six
48 Five with a sixth, sometimes
49 Fivesome found in the five Tony winners in this puzzle
50 Fivesome seen in order in the answer to each starred clue
51 Facetious fivesome?
52 Facetious group?
53 Facetious, half-serious, abstemious quintet?
54 Facetious quintet?
55 Facetious sequence?
56 Facetious string?
57 Sequence found in this puzzle's five longest answers
58 Sequence with a Y, sometimes
59 Sequence with Y, sometimes
60 Series of watering troughs?
61 Original set of marshmallows in Marshmallow Alpha-Bits cereal
62 Sesame Street quintet
63 ''Sesame Street'' quintet
64 Noteworthy features of rows 1-5, 6-10 and 11-15, in that order
65 Key parts of a so-called supervocalic word
66 Purchase options from Pat Sajak
67 The five main vowels in English
68 The five vowels
69 Kindergarten quintet
70 Sometime colleagues of Y
71 Vocal quintet?
72 Quintet before "and sometimes Y"
73 Quintet followed by "... and sometimes Y"
74 Quintet that sometimes adds a sixth member
75 Quintet that'll cost you on "Wheel of Fortune"
76 Quintet to which "y" is often added
77 Succession within an ethnic group?
78 Vowel fivesome
79 Vowel group
80 Vowel quintet
81 Vowel recital
82 Vowel recitation
83 Vowel run
84 Vowel sequence
85 Vowel series
86 Vowel string
87 Vowels, in alphabetical order
88 Vowels that come before "... and sometimes Y"
89 Vowels
90 Linguistic quintet
91 Linguistics pentad
92 List appearing once each in a supervocalic
93 Run in grade school
94 Run of vowels
95 Run out of rhythm?
96 Run that sometimes includes Y
97 Run with one's mouth open?
98 The vowels
99 Language quintet comprising the only elements in the circled boxes
100 Language quintet
101 Necessary letters
102 Preceder of "and sometimes Y"
103 Lttrs tkn frm ths cl
104 Letters before "and sometimes Y"
105 Letters from grade school
106 Primer sequence
107 Letters of a certain class
108 Letters that must be bought on "Wheel of Fortune"
109 Open-mouthed quintet
110 Phonics class quintet
111 Phonics lesson quintet
112 Supervocalic word's quintet
113 Things purchased from Pat Sajak
114 What "buying a vowel" contains, appropriately
115 What the ten longest answers have in common
116 Second letters of this puzzle's five theme answers (seen in order)
117 You'll find them all in a tennis court
118 "Wheel of Fortune" buying choices
119 "Wheel of Fortune" buys
120 "Wheel of Fortune" purchase choices
121 ''Wheel of Fortune'' purchase choices
122 "Wheel of Fortune" purchase menu
123 "Wheel of Fortune" purchase options
124 "Wheel of Fortune" purchases
125 "Wheel of Fortune" quintet
126 "Wheel" purchase choices
127 "Wheel" purchase options
128 Y's associates?
129 Y's half brothers
130 Useful parts of the alphabet.

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