41st or 43rd president crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (BUSH), we also found 74 clues that are similar or possibly related to 41st or 43rd president.

Count Answer
1 2000 presidential candidate
2 2016 presidential candidate
3 #41 or #43
4 41st in a series
5 41st on a noted list
6 Barbara who owned Millie
7 Australian region
8 Australian wild
9 Australian wilderness
10 Blackberry plant
11 Blair's friend
12 Amateurish
13 Frontier country
14 Hair in need of a barber
15 Garden center buy
16 George of Washington
17 Cranberry or Mulberry
18 Erstwhile C.I.A. director
19 He appointed Roberts and Alito to the Supreme Court
20 He ran in 2000
21 Clinton antecedent or follower
22 Clump of trees
23 Cluster of shrubs
24 Hedge part
25 Hedge plant
26 Job for a barber
27 "Here We Go Round the Mulberry ___"
28 Carson rival
29 G.O.P. candidate
30 "Fahrenheit 9/11" target
31 ''Fahrenheit 9/11'' target
32 Justice Souter's appointer
33 Foundation plant
34 Vannevar ___
35 The 43rd president
36 Outback
37 Place for roses
38 Place for two birds
39 Number 41 or 43
40 Kind of league
41 Vice President
42 Wild country
43 Wild land in Africa
44 Wild parts of Australia
45 Obama predecessor
46 Obama's or Clinton's predecessor
47 Obama's predecessor
48 Kind of whacker
49 Mulberry, for one
50 Mulberry plant
51 Mulberry source
52 Painter George who actually once was the President of the United States of America
53 Something to beat around
54 Rose source
55 Name of two presidents
56 Political family name
57 Landscaping plant
58 Reagan successor
59 Last name of father-and-son US presidents
60 Last name of former First Daughters Jenna and Barbara, who now live four blocks apart in New York City
61 Last name of two US presidents
62 Low growth
63 President before and after Clinton
64 President before Obama
65 President George W ...
66 Presidential name
67 Mondale's successor
68 Source of mulberries
69 Shrub
70 Sam Rockwell's role in "Vice"
71 "They misunderestimated me" speaker
72 Thicket
73 What Moses saw burning
74 Unprofessional, slangily

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