40th anniversary gift crossword clue answers

Are you struggling with the 40th anniversary gift crossword clue? We have found 12 possible answers which might help you solve this clue on your crossword.

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 40th anniversary gift. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
RUBY 4 40th anniversary gift 100%
TIN 3 10th anniversary gift 95.238095238095%
IVORY 5 14th anniversary gift 95.238095238095%
OPAL 4 14th anniversary gift 95.238095238095%
TIN 3 10th-anniversary gift 90.47619047619%
STEEL 5 11th anniversary gift 90.47619047619%
LACE 4 13th anniversary gift 90.47619047619%
OPAL 4 14th-anniversary gift 90.47619047619%
CRYSTAL 7 15th anniversary gift 90.47619047619%
LACE 4 13th-anniversary gift 85.714285714286%
TINHORN 7 10th anniversary gift for a musician? 68.965517241379%
CRYSTALBALL 11 15th anniversary gift for a golfer? 67.857142857143%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (RUBY), we also found 63 clues that are similar or possibly related to 40th anniversary gift.

Count Answer
1 [40]
2 ___ Stevens (Barbara Stanwyck)
3 "___ Tuesday"
4 Actress Keeler
5 Birthstone for some Leos
6 Autumnal hue
7 Dark red
8 Certain birthstone
9 Dee or Keeler
10 Deep-red
11 Deep red
12 Description of some lips
13 Gem mined in Myanmar
14 Gem
15 Gemstone
16 Gemstone comprising mainly aluminium oxide
17 Gemstone whose name comes from the Latin for "red"
18 It's a 9 on the Mohs scale
19 Gift for 45th anniversary
20 Girl in a Kenny Rogers hit
21 Girl's name — colour
22 Crimson corundum
23 Jewel
24 Dorothy's slippers material
25 "John Wick: Chapter 2" actress ___ Rose who's one of People's Most Beautiful for 2017
26 Carmine
27 July birthstone
28 July gem
29 July stone
30 July's birthstone
31 Color of Dorothy's slippers
32 Color of some hummingbird throats
33 Color of some hummingbirds' throats
34 Fortieth anniversary stone
35 Keeler
36 Like Dorothy's slippers in "The Wizard of Oz"
37 Like Dorothy's slippers
38 Ossie's wife
39 Place for chalk drawings
40 Shade of Dorothy's slippers
41 Shade of red
42 Like some lips
43 Vivid red
44 Lip shade
45 Lipstick hue
46 Lipstick shade
47 Red color hidden backward in nine answers in this puzzle
48 Red corundum
49 Red — gem
50 Red gem
51 Red gemstone
52 Red precious stone
53 Red rock
54 Red shade
55 Red stone
56 Red variety of corundum
57 Precious red gem
58 Precious stone
59 Miss Dee
60 Scabbard adornment
61 Slippers' color in "The Wizard of Oz"
62 Tiny type size
63 STEP A) Start up the ___ laser, which burns through some ...

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