401(k) alternatives, for short crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 1040 subjs.
2 401(k) alternatives: Abbr.
3 401(k) alternatives
4 401(k) cousins
5 401(k) plan alternatives: Abbr.
6 401(k) relatives
7 Bank offerings, briefly
8 Bank offerings, for short
9 Bank offerings
10 An attendant on Cleo
11 An attendant on Cleopatra
12 Annual contribution sites, for short
13 Annual contributions may be made to them
14 A Gershwin and Levin
15 A lady-in-waiting to Cleo
16 A lady's maid to Cleopatra
17 Accounts sometimes suggested by financial advisors: Abbr.
18 Accts. for old age
19 Accts. for the future
20 Accts. funded annually, perhaps
21 Best __ (nerdwallet.com subject)
22 Attendant on Cleopatra, in Shakespeare
23 Attendant who dies with Cleopatra.
24 Authors Levin and Wolfert
25 Bk. offerings
26 Baker and Levin
27 Alternatives to 401(k)s
28 Alternatives to pensions
29 Investing options, for short
30 Investment options
31 Investment options, briefly
32 Investment options, for short
33 Investments for later yrs.
34 Investments for old age, briefly
35 Investments for old age, for short
36 Investments for one's golden years: Abbr.
37 Investments for one's golden years, maybe
38 Investments for the future: Abbr.
39 Investments usually held for yrs. and yrs.
40 Investors might roll them over
41 Eaker and Levin
42 Certain caches, for short
43 Certain investments: abbr.
44 Certain long-term investments
45 Certain nest eggs: Abbr.
46 Certain nest eggs, for short
47 IRS Form 5498 subjects
48 Certain savings accts
49 Certain savings accts.
50 Deferred savings accts.
51 Certain tax shelters, for short
52 Certain untaxed funds
53 Brief investments?
54 Funds for later yrs.
55 Funds for some retirees
56 Funds for the golden yrs.
57 Future funds, briefly
58 Charmian's co-attendant
59 Charmian's co-worker
60 Charmian's coworker
61 Future-minded investments
62 Elderly's svgs.
63 Fidelity offerings, for short
64 Destinations for some PR deductions
65 Brokerage offerings, for short
66 Brokerage offerings
67 Broker's offerings
68 Financial advisers set them up
69 Financial planner's suggestions
70 Financial reserves for later years, in brief
71 Handmaiden in a W.S. play
72 Gershwin and Glass
73 Gershwin and Levin
74 Gershwin and others
75 Gershwin and Wolfert
76 Gershwin et al.
77 Gershwin et al.
78 CPAs' recommendations
79 ERISA established them
80 Credit union offerings
81 Cleo aide
82 Cleo go-fer
83 Cleopatra attendant
84 Cleopatra maid
85 Cleopatra's attendant
86 Cleopatra's handmaiden.
87 Cleopatra's handmaiden
88 Cleopatra's maid
89 Cleo's attendant
90 Cleo's co-attendant
91 Cleo's last companion
92 Cleo's maid
93 Cleo's servant
94 Glass and Gershwin
95 Glass and Levin
96 Co-attendant on Cleo
97 $$$ for the future
98 Income source for seniors, for short
99 Income sources for some seniors: Abbr.
100 Income sources for some srs.
101 Golden years investments, briefly
102 Golden years investments, for short
103 Golden-years plans
104 Golden-years savings vehicles, for short
105 Form 1040 declarations, for short
106 Form 1040 line 15 subjects
107 Cash stashes
108 SEP and SIMPLE plans
109 Set-asides for old age, for short
110 Keogh alternatives: Abbr.
111 Keogh alternatives
112 Keogh plain relatives
113 Keogh plan alternatives
114 Keogh plan counterparts
115 Keogh plan cousins
116 Keogh plan relatives: Abbr.
117 Keogh relatives: Abbr.
118 Keoghs' kin
119 Some accts.
120 Some are Roths
121 Some bank hldgs.
122 Novelists Levin and Wolfert
123 Vehicles assembled for future use
124 Some investment accts.
125 Some investment tools
126 Some investments, for short
127 Some investments
128 Some J. P. Morgan hldgs.
129 Some long-term investments
130 Some mutual fund accts.
131 Some nest egg accts.
132 Some nest egg components
133 Some nest egg investments, for short
134 Some nest egg investments
135 Some nest eggs: Abbr.
136 Some nest eggs, briefly
137 Some nest eggs, for short
138 Some nest eggs, in brief
139 Some nest eggs
140 Some nest eggs:Abbr.
141 Some pension funds
142 Mr. Gershwin et al.
143 Places to put %s of your paycheck for when you retire
144 Some plans for the future, briefly
145 Some portfolio holdings, briefly
146 Some portfolio holdings, for short
147 Some retirement accts.
148 Some saving options
149 Some savings accts.
150 Some savings, for short
151 Some savings plans, briefly
152 Some savings plans, for short
153 Some savings plans, in brief
154 Some savings plans
155 Some savings
156 Some S&L accounts
157 Some S&L holdings
158 Some S&L nest eggs
159 Some S.&L. offerings
160 Some S&L offerings
161 Some S&L plans
162 Plans for golden agers
163 Plans for one's golden years, briefly
164 Plans for retirement
165 Plans for the future, briefly
166 Plans for the future, for short
167 Plans for the future
168 Plans that may involve tax-deductible contributions, briefly
169 Some SS supplements
170 Some supplements to Soc. Sec.
171 Some tax-deferred accts.
172 Some tax-deferred investments
173 Some tax shelters, briefly
174 Some tax shelters, for short
175 Some tax shelters
176 Some "traditional" investments, for short
177 Rolled-over investments, for short
178 Rolled-over savings
179 Rollover candidates
180 Subject of Form 1040, line 15a
181 Subjects of IRS Pub. 590
182 Roth ___ (certain savings plans): Abbr.
183 Roth and SEP
184 Roth -- (bank plans)
185 Roth, et al.
186 Roth investments
187 Roth offerings
188 Roth plans, for short
189 Roth plans
190 Roth savings
191 Line 32 items on 1040 forms
192 Wolfert and others
193 Rainy-day options, briefly
194 Part of some portfolios: Abbr.
195 Pop. investments
196 Popular accts.
197 Popular nest eggs, briefly
198 Popular tax shelters, for short
199 Merrill Edge offerings, briefly
200 Parts of finan. portfolios
201 Parts of many retirement plans
202 Parts of some portfolios
203 Portfolio contents, for short
204 Portfolio holdings, briefly
205 Portfolio holdings, for short
206 Portfolio holdings
207 Portfolio options, for short
208 Portfolio parts: Abbr.
209 Portfolio parts, briefly
210 Portfolio parts, for short
211 Long-term finan. plans
212 Long-term investments, briefly
213 Long-term investments
214 Long-term nest egg accounts: Abbr.
215 Long-term reserves
216 Latter-day accts.?
217 Nest-egg accounts: Abbr.
218 Nest egg accounts: Abbr.
219 Nest-egg accounts
220 Nest egg accts.
221 Nest-egg accts.
222 Nest-egg choices
223 Nest egg choices, briefly
224 Nest egg choices
225 Nest egg components, for short
226 Nest-egg funds, briefly
227 Nest egg funds
228 Nest egg investments: Abbr.
229 Nest-egg investments, for short
230 Nest-egg letters
231 Nest egg parts, perhaps
232 Nest egg parts
233 Nest egg plans
234 Nest egg plans: Abbr.
235 Nest-egg plans: Abbr.
236 Nest-egg plans
237 Nest-egg plans:Abbr.
238 Nest-egg savings plans: Abbr.
239 Nest egg segments, briefly
240 Nest eggs (abbr.)
241 Nest eggs: Abbr.
242 Nest eggs, briefly
243 Nest eggs for future srs.
244 Nest eggs for later years, in brief
245 Nest eggs for many (abbr.)
246 Nest eggs for seniors: Abbr.
247 Nest eggs, for short
248 Nest eggs for srs.
249 Nest eggs for the golden yrs.
250 Nest eggs held at S&Ls
251 Nest-eggs held at S&Ls
252 Nest eggs of sorts
253 Nest eggs
254 One of Cleopatra's attendants
255 One of Cleopatra's maids
256 Pension plans briefly
257 Personal reserve funds, for short
258 Levin and Eaker
259 Levin and Gershwin
260 Levin et al.
261 Life-after-work funds, briefly
262 Ret. accounts
263 Retiree concerns, for short
264 Retiree concerns
265 Retirees' accts.
266 Retirees' nest eggs: Abbr.
267 Retirement accounts (abbr.)
268 Retirement accts.
269 Retirement funds, for short
270 Retirement nest eggs
271 Retirement plan components
272 Retirement plans for Cleo's maid?
273 Retirement plans, for short
274 Options for salting away, briefly
275 Source of funds for srs.
276 Source of some retirement income
277 S. & L. offerings
278 Supplements to Social Security, briefly
279 They can roll over, briefly
280 They can roll over, for short
281 They mature later in life
282 They may be rolled over, briefly
283 They may be rolled over, for short
284 They may be rolled over
285 They may be SIMPLE or traditional
286 They may be tax-deductible
287 They may be traditional, for short
288 They may defer your taxes
289 SIMPLE investments
290 "Simple" plans
291 They might be rolled over
292 They might roll over
293 They often roll over
294 Wealth manager's suggestions
295 They're best left untouched, generally speaking
296 They're held for eventual tapping
297 They're often rolled over
298 Sins
299 They're sometimes rolled over
300 They're usually tapped after work
301 Savers' devices
302 Saver's options
303 Savers' options, for short
304 Savers' options
305 Saving devices, briefly
306 Saving options, for short
307 Saving plans often tapped by srs.
308 Savings choices, briefly
309 Savings choices
310 Savings for one's golden years, briefly
311 Savings for sr. citizens
312 Savings for the elderly
313 Savings for the golden yrs.
314 Savings options, for short
315 Savings options for the golden yrs.
316 Savings options
317 Savings plans
318 Savings plans: Abbr.
319 Savings plans, briefly
320 Savings plans for old age, in brief
321 Savings plans for one's later years, in brief
322 Savings plans for short
323 Savings plans, for short
324 Savings plans for the golden years, briefly
325 Savings plans for the golden yrs.
326 Savings strategies
327 Savings vehicles for later yrs.
328 Savings vehicles
329 Things opened by many employees, for short
330 Things that can be rolled over, for short
331 Schwab options
332 Sr. citizens' nest eggs
333 Sr. income sources
334 Srs.' income sources
335 Srs.' nest eggs
336 SS supplements
337 Writer Levin et al.
338 S&L holdings
339 S&L nest eggs
340 S.&L. offerings
341 S&L offerings
342 S&L offers
343 S&L options
344 S&L plans
345 S&L products
346 Writer Wolfert et al.
347 Writers Levin and Wolfert
348 Tax-advantaged investment tools, for short
349 Tax deferral plans
350 Tax-deferred accts.
351 Tax-deferred instruments
352 Tax-deferred investments, for short: Abbr.
353 Tax-deferred plans
354 Tax-deferred savings plans: Abbr.
355 Tax-deferred setups
356 Tax-deferred svgs. plans
357 Tax law subjects
358 Tax plan staples
359 Tax planner's recommendations: Abbr.
360 Tax planner's recommendations
361 Tax planners' suggestions
362 Tax-sheltered accts.
363 Tax-sheltered plans: Abbr.
364 Tax shelters, briefly
365 Tax shelters, for short
366 Tax shelters
367 You might order them to roll over
368 Soc. Sec. supplements for many
369 Soc. Sec. supplements
370 Senior cits.' nest eggs
371 Seniors' nest eggs, for short

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