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Based on the most relevant answer above (RAF), we also found 290 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1941 film "A Yank in the ___".

Count Answer
1 Battle of Br. aces
2 Battle of Br. heroes
3 Battle of Br. winner
4 Battle of Brit. heroes
5 Battle of Britain air gp.
6 Battle of Britain defense gp.
7 Battle of Britain fighter (Abbr.)
8 Battle of Britain fliers (Abbr.)
9 Battle of Britain fliers: Abbr.
10 Battle of Britain fliers, briefly
11 Battle of Britain flying gp.
12 Battle of Britain gp.
13 Battle of Britain group, briefly
14 "Battle of Britain" grp.
15 Battle of Britain grp.
16 Battle of Britain heroes
17 Battle of Britain org.
18 Battle of Britain participant
19 Battle of Britain victor, for short
20 "Battle of Britain" victors
21 Battle of Britain VIPs
22 "A Yank in the __": 1941 war film
23 "A Yank in the ___" (1941)
24 "A Yank in the ___" (1941 film)
25 "A Yank in the ___" (1941 movie)
26 "A Yank in the ___" (1941 war film)
27 Berlin Airlift grp.
28 Berlin bombers of W.W. II
29 Actor Vallone
30 Air chief marshal's org.
31 Allied WWII fliers, for short
32 Famed fliers
33 Famous fliers.
34 Br. air aces
35 Br. air aces
36 Br. fliers
37 Br. mil. force
38 Br. Mil. org.
39 Defence gp.
40 Grp. authorised to fly
41 Grp. conducting raids in W.W. II
42 Brit. aces of the 1940's
43 Brit. aces
44 Brit. air aces
45 Brit. air aim
46 Brit. air arm
47 Brit. answer to the Luftwaffe
48 Brit. armed service
49 Brit. bombers of WWII
50 Brit. bombers
51 Brit. defenders up high
52 Brit. defenders
53 Brit. fighting branch
54 Brit fliers
55 Brit. fliers
56 Brit. flyboys
57 Brit. flyers
58 Brit. flying force
59 Brit. flying group
60 Brit. heroes of W. W. II
61 Brit. mil. heroes
62 Brit. mil. org.
63 Brit. pilots' squad
64 Brit. protectors in W.W. II
65 Brit. W.W. II heroes
66 Brit. WWII fliers
67 Britain's air power.
68 Britain's fliers of WWII
69 British bomber grp.
70 British bombers of WWII
71 British defense arm
72 British eagles: Abbr.
73 British fliers (Abbr.)
74 British fliers: Abbr.
75 British fliers of WW2
76 British fliers of WWII
77 British fliers
78 British flyers, briefly
79 British flying gp.
80 British flying grp.
81 British flying squad: Abbr.
82 British heroes of W.W. II
83 British mil. arm
84 British mil. branch
85 British mil. fliers
86 British mil. flyers
87 British mil. group
88 British mil. service
89 British mil. unit
90 British military air grp.
91 British military branch (abbr.)
92 British military force
93 British military org.
94 British pilots: abbr.
95 British pilots' grp.
96 Gulf War contingent
97 Gulf War participant
98 Few who did much for many
99 "El Cid" actor Vallone
100 British W. W. II group
101 British W.W. II heroes
102 British WWII fliers
103 British WWII heroes
104 Brits' air arm
105 Brit's air arm
106 Brit's air force
107 Brit's military air arm
108 Field Marshal Alexander's men.
109 HRM's fliers
110 George V approved its flag
111 Eng. defender
112 Eng. fliers
113 Eng1ish aviators
114 Churchill's "few"
115 Churchill's flyers
116 Churchill's military "few"
117 Churchill's pride of WWII
118 Churchill's "so few" (Abbr.)
119 Churchill's "so few": Abbr.
120 Churchill's "so few," briefly
121 Churchill's "so few," for short
122 Churchill's "so few"
123 English flyers
124 Its motto is "Per Ardua ad Astra"
125 Its Museum has a Battle of Britain Hall
126 Fliers of 1941
127 Fliers praised by Churchill
128 Fliers with the Ministry of Defence: Abbr.
129 Flight lieutenant's org.
130 Eur. flyboys
131 Flying British mil. branch
132 Flying Brits, initially
133 Flying Brits
134 Flying fleet of the U.K.
135 Flying grp. since 1918
136 Flying WWII notables
137 Foe of the Luftwaffe: Abbr.
138 Goering's nightmare
139 Her Majesty's fliers
140 Heroes of Battle of Britain
141 Heroes of the Battle of Britain, for short
142 Heroic W.W. II grp.
143 Dresden bombing force: Abbr.
144 Dam-busting grp. of 1943
145 Gp. commanded by Churchill
146 Org. with a targetlike mark on its flag
147 Org. with group captains and pilot officers
148 Org. with squadrons of Spitfires
149 Org. with the motto "Per Ardua ad Astra"
150 Some of the queen's men
151 The "few" in a Churchill speech
152 "The Few" of the U.K. military
153 "The Few" of the U.K.
154 Some WWII fliers
155 Wing commander's org.
156 Queen's pilots
157 The pilots of Penzance: Abbr.
158 The Queen's pilots
159 W. W. II fliers.
160 W. W. II group
161 The "so few" Churchill referred to
162 The "so few" in a 1940 speech
163 The "so few" of 1940: Abbr.
164 Rafael, to friends
165 Part of Britain's mil.
166 Part of Field Marshal Alexander’s cohorts.
167 Part of Great Britain's defense.
168 Part of Great Britain's defense
169 Part of the British military
170 Oldest military fliers
171 Large group of NATO fighters
172 London's defenders
173 Mil. branch whose slogan was "Per Ardua ad Astra"
174 Mil. in Afghanistan
175 Military org. that Prince William served in
176 Military service HQ'd at Whitehall
177 Ministry of Defence arm
178 Ministry of Defence div.
179 Ministry of Defence supporter
180 "Per ardua ad astra" org.
181 Luftwaffe 95A
182 Luftwaffe attacker
183 Luftwaffe battler
184 Luftwaffe battlers (abbr.)
185 Luftwaffe fighters in WWII
186 Luftwaffe foe (Abbr.)
187 "Luftwaffe" foe (abbr.)
188 Luftwaffe foe: Abbr.
189 Luftwaffe foe, for short
190 Luftwaffe foes: Abbr.
191 Luftwaffe foes briefly
192 Luftwaffe foes of WWII
193 Luftwaffe opposer
194 Luftwaffe's foe
195 Luftwaffe's U.K. foes
196 Prince Charles served in it (Abbr.)
197 Prince Charles served in it: Abbr.
198 Prince William's mil. branch
199 Org. concerned with national defence
200 Org. for W.W. II Hurricane pilots
201 Org. in 2017's "Dunkirk"
202 Org. in the gulf war's Operation Granby
203 Org. involved in the gulf war
204 Org. that battled the Luftwaffe
205 Org. that flew Lancasters
206 Richard Burton served in it: abbr.
207 Pilot officer's org.
208 Org. whose emblem features an eagle and a crown
209 Org. with a college in Cranwell, England
210 The wings of Britain.
211 Their motto is "Through Adversity to the Stars": Abbr.
212 Spitfire fliers (Abbr.)
213 Spitfire fliers: Abbr.
214 Spitfire fliers, for short
215 Spitfire fliers of WWII
216 Spitfire flyers, abbr.
217 Spitfire-flying grp.
218 Spitfire org.
219 U.K. air arm
220 U.K. air branch
221 UK air force
222 U.K. airmen
223 UK defence arm
224 U.K. defenders
225 UK defense arm
226 U.K. defense arm
227 U.K. defense gp.
228 UK defense gp.
229 UK defense group
230 U.K. defense org.
231 U.K. fighter pilots' gp.
232 U.K. fliers
233 UK fliers
234 UK flyboys
235 U.K. flyers
236 UK flyers
237 U.K. flying aces' org.
238 UK flying corps
239 U.K. flying corps
240 U.K. flying group
241 UK flying group
242 U.K. flying grp.
243 U.K. flying squad
244 U.K. mil. branch
245 U.K. mil. fliers
246 U.K. mil. group
247 U.K. mil. org.
248 U.K. military arm
249 U.K. military branch
250 UK military branch
251 U.K. military fliers
252 UK military pilots' org.
253 UK military pilots
254 UK military unit
255 U.K.'s air arm
256 UK's Gulf War contingent
257 Squadron leader's org.
258 W.W. II bombers
259 W.W. II "Dambusters," for short
260 W.W. II fighters
261 WW II fliers
262 W.W. II fliers: Abbr.
263 W.W. II fliers
264 W.W. II grp.
265 W.W. II heroes: Abbr.
266 W.W. II heroes
267 W.W. II inits.
268 WW2 airforce
269 WW2 flyers
270 WWII Brit. fliers
271 WWII British fliers
272 WWII British flyers
273 WWII Dambusters' employer
274 WWII fighter pilots' gp.
275 WWII fleet
276 WWII fliers
277 WWII flyers
278 WWII flying group
279 WWII flying heroes
280 W.W.II grp.
281 WWII heroes: Abbr.
282 WWII inits.
283 WWII Luftwaffe foe
284 WWII pilots
285 WWII U.K. defenders
286 WWII UK flying group
287 Tedder's W.W. II org.
288 "So few" of fame
289 "So few," of fame
290 "So few," to W.S.C.

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