1941 DuPont invention crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (ORLON), we also found 102 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1941 DuPont invention.

Count Answer
1 1950s sweater material
2 Acrylic fabric
3 Acrylic fiber brand
4 Acrylic fiber from DuPont
5 Acrylic fiber trademark
6 Acrylic fiber
7 Acrylic from DuPont
8 Artificial fabric
9 Awning material
10 DuPont acrylic fiber
11 DuPont acrylic
12 DuPont creation of 1941
13 DuPont creation of the 1940s
14 DuPont creation
15 DuPont discontinued it in 1990
16 DuPont fabric
17 DuPont fiber
18 DuPont originally called it "Fiber A"
19 DuPont synthetic
20 DuPont trademark of 1941
21 DuPont wool substitute
22 DuPont's acrylic fiber
23 DuPont's Fiber A, now
24 Dupont's "Fiber A"
25 DuPont's first acrylic fiber
26 Durable fiber
27 Durable synthetic originally called "Fiber A"
28 Dynel relative
29 Brand of acrylic fiber
30 Early synthetic fabric
31 Early synthetic fiber
32 Certain synthetic fiber
33 Fiber for suits
34 Fiber that travels well
35 It was originally called "Fiber A"
36 First acrylic fiber
37 Erstwhile synthetic wool
38 Crease-resistant fabric
39 Cloth with a capital O
40 Dress goods
41 Dress material
42 Cashmere alternative
43 Fabric from DuPont
44 Fabric introduced by DuPont
45 Fabric once described as "comfort in action"
46 Fabric originally called "Fiber A"
47 Fabric that travels well
48 Fabric
49 Drip-dry fabric
50 Sock material
51 Sock synthetic
52 Man-made fabric
53 Man-made fiber
54 Manmade fabric
55 Manmade fiber
56 Pullover fabric
57 Pullover material
58 Trademarked fiber
59 Knee sock material
60 Knitwear material
61 Knitwear synthetic
62 New-fangled fabric.
63 New fiber of 1941
64 Leisure suit fabric
65 Leisure suit material
66 Modern fabric
67 Modern material
68 Light synthetic fabric
69 Lightweight, crease-resistant fabric
70 Lightweight crease-resistant fabric
71 Lightweight synthetic fabric
72 Lightweight synthetic material
73 Lightweight synthetic
74 Wool alternative
75 Wool substitute created by DuPont
76 Wool substitute introduced in 1950
77 Wool substitute
78 Shrink-resistant synthetic fiber
79 Woollike acrylic fiber
80 Sweater fabric
81 Sweater fiber
82 Sweater material
83 Sweater synthetic
84 Sweater yarn
85 Synthetic acrylic fiber
86 Synthetic fabric brand
87 Synthetic fabric
88 Synthetic fiber invented by DuPont
89 Synthetic fiber used in old sweaters
90 Synthetic fiber
91 Synthetic fibre
92 Synthetic material
93 Synthetic sock fiber
94 Synthetic sock textile
95 Synthetic wool
96 Wrinkle-resistant fabric brand
97 Wrinkle-resistant fabric
98 Wrinkle-resistant fiber
99 Wrinkle-resistant material
100 Wrinkle-resistant synthetic fiber
101 Wrinkle-resistant synthetic
102 Wrinkle resister

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