1940s war zone: Abbr. crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 1940s war zone: Abbr.. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
EUR 3 1940s war zone: Abbr. 100%
ETO 3 1940s arena: Abbr. 82.051282051282%
ETO 3 1940's arena: Abbr. 80%
ETO 3 Old war zone: Abbr. 80%
ETO 3 1940s command: Abbr. 73.170731707317%
ETO 3 Historical war zone: Abbr. 72.340425531915%
WWT 3 1940s conflict: Abbr. 71.428571428571%
ETO 3 Axis/Allies war zone: Abbr. 70.833333333333%
ETO 3 1940s mil. zone 61.111111111111%
CANAL 5 -- Zone 28.571428571429%
NOFLY 5 -- zone (restricted airspace) 28%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (EUR), we also found 223 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1940s war zone: Abbr..

Count Answer
1 ___ Union: Abbr.
2 Andorra's cont.
3 A cont.
4 A continent: Abbr.
5 A neighbor of Afr.
6 Belg. locale
7 Belgium's cont.
8 Area east of Amer.
9 Area north of Afr.
10 Benelux locale: Abbr.
11 Berliner's cont.
12 Asian lead-in
13 Asian leader?
14 Asian preceder
15 Asia's neighbor (Abbr.)
16 Aus. setting
17 Aus.'s continent
18 Afr. neighbor
19 Austria's cont.
20 Albania's cont.
21 Backpacker's destination: Abbr.
22 Alps site: Abbr.
23 Alternative to the USD
24 Fr., Ger., Ital. et al.
25 France and Switzerland's continent: Abbr.
26 France loc.
27 France, Spain, etc.: Abbr.
28 France's cont.
29 France's continent: Abbr.
30 Grand suffix
31 Grand-tour cont.
32 Grand Tour cont.
33 Grand tour locale: Abbr.
34 Common Market area: Abbr.
35 Common Market market: Abbr.
36 Common Mkt. home
37 Ire. land
38 Home for Ger. and the U.K.
39 Home of the U.K.
40 Home of the world's smallest country: Abbr.
41 Home of Ukr.
42 Brexit subj.
43 Fr.'s locale
44 Den., Switz., etc.
45 It borders the Atl. but not the Pac.
46 It borders the Atl.
47 It borders the N. Atl.
48 Denmark's cont.
49 Den.'s location
50 Den.'s spot
51 E.E.C. mem.?: Abbr.
52 EEC mem.?
53 E.E.C. part: Abbr.
54 It has a Union: Abbr.
55 It. is in it
56 It. is there
57 Cont. east of N.A.
58 Cont. north of Africa
59 Cont.
60 Fifth-largest cont.
61 Continent: Abbr.
62 Continent north of Afr.
63 Continent north of Africa: Abbr.
64 Continent on one side of the Atl.
65 Continent on the Atl.
66 Continent once divided along the Iron Curtain (abbr.)
67 Continent where Austria is: Abbr.
68 Continent where Iceland and Ireland are: Abbr.
69 Continent where Norway and Sweden are: Abbr.
70 Continent where Spain and France are: Abbr.
71 Continent with both the largest and smallest countries by area: Abbr.
72 Continental abbr.
73 Continental prefix
74 It now has a Union: Abbr.
75 Fin.'s locale
76 Italy's cont.
77 Italy's continent: Abbr.
78 Italy's loc.
79 Hun. home
80 It's about 10% larger than Australia
81 It's across the Atl. from the U.S.
82 It's across the Atl.
83 Eng. land
84 Ger. is here
85 Ger. is there
86 Ger., Nor., etc.
87 Ger. setting
88 It.'s continent
89 It's east of the Atl.
90 English, e.g.: Abbr.
91 Germany's continent: Abbr.
92 Ger.'s home
93 It.'s here
94 Eng.'s continent
95 It's north of Afr.
96 Iberian Peninsula's cont.
97 Iberia's cont.
98 It.'s place
99 It.'s there
100 It's W of the Urals
101 E.U. mem.?
102 Cannes's cont.
103 Where Liechtenstein and Luxembourg are: Abbr.
104 Where Lux. is
105 Where Nor. is
106 Where Poland and Portugal are: Abbr.
107 Where Slovakia and Slovenia are: Abbr.
108 Where Sweden and Switzerland are: Abbr.
109 Where Switz. is
110 Where the Alps are: Abbr.
111 Pt. of EEC
112 Risk realm (abbr.)
113 Where to find Ger. and Fr.
114 Where to find It.
115 Where to find Lux.
116 Where to leave Port.
117 Setting of Swed. and Switz.
118 Setting of the U.K. and Ukr.
119 "The Bourne Identity" setting: Abbr.
120 The Continent: Abbr.
121 "The Continent" (abbr.)
122 The Danube's cont.
123 Toy company behind yo-yos
124 Rom. locale
125 Rom. site
126 W. of the Urals
127 Pol. place
128 Pol. site
129 Poland's continent: Abbr.
130 The U.K.'s continent: Abbr.
131 The U.K.'s home
132 Lith. location
133 Pol.'s place
134 Part of E.E.C.
135 Part of E.E.C.: Abbr.
136 Part of EEC (abbr.)
137 Part of EEC: Abbr.
138 Part of EEC
139 Part of ETO: Abbr.
140 Part of E.U.: Abbr.
141 Part of EU
142 Land east of the Atl.
143 Land mass: Abbr.
144 Land on the other side of the Atl.
145 Part of Old World: Abbr.
146 Loc. of much postcollegiate backpacking
147 Part of the Old World: Abbr.
148 Locale for Switz. or the U.K.
149 Old World: Abbr.
150 Old World cont.
151 Old World continent, for short
152 Locale of Fr., Ger., etc.
153 Locale of Ger., Nor., etc.
154 Locale of Sp.
155 NATO HQ locale
156 Port. is part of it
157 Port. setting
158 Port.'s home
159 Port.'s place
160 Portugal's cont.
161 Portugal's continent (abbr.)
162 One E of EEC
163 Neighbor of Afr.
164 One of seven: Abbr.
165 Prefix for Asia
166 Prefix for Asian
167 Region N of Afr.
168 Prefix with -asian
169 Prefix with Asian
170 One side of the Ural Mts.
171 One side of the Urals (Abbr.)
172 Lux. locale
173 Lux. location
174 Lux. setting
175 Lux. site
176 Lux.'s place
177 Moldova's cont.
178 Nor. container
179 Nor. is in its north
180 Liechtenstein's loc.
181 Liechtenstein's locale: Abbr.
182 Source of about 20% of U.S. imports: Abbr.
183 Ryder Cup opponent of the U.S.
184 Sp. and Fr. milieu
185 Spain loc.
186 Spain's cont.
187 Spain's continent (abbr.)
188 Spain's continent: Abbr.
189 Single market locale: Abbr.
190 Switz., Ger. et al.
191 Switz. locale
192 Site of a struggling union: Abbr.
193 Site of Ger. and It.
194 Site of Ger., Nor., etc.
195 Site of Ger. or Fr.
196 Scand. locale
197 Scandinavia's continent: Abbr.
198 U.K. locale
199 UK locale
200 U.K.'s continent
201 U.K.'s home
202 U.K.'s locale
203 W.W.I. setting
204 WWII theater
205 Union former in 1993: Abbr.
206 Union land: Abbr.
207 Start for ''asian''
208 Second-smallest cont.
209 Second smallest continent, by size (abbr.)
210 U.S. opponent in the Ryder Cup
211 USA's opponent in the Ryder Cup
212 USD alternative
213 Where Belg. is
214 Where Denmark is: Abbr.
215 Where England is: Abbr.
216 Where Fr. and Ger. are
217 Where France and Germany are: Abbr.
218 Where Ger. and Aust. are
219 Where Ger. is
220 Where Greece and Germany are: Abbr.
221 Where It. is
222 U.S.'s Ryder Cup foe
223 Where It.'s at

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