1940s vice president who went on to become president crossword clue answers

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Based on the most relevant answer above (PERON), we also found 115 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1940s vice president who went on to become president.

Count Answer
1 1940's-50's dictator
2 1950s coup victim
3 1955 Argentine coup victim
4 1955 coup victim
5 1996 role for Madonna or Jonathan Pryce
6 20th-century South American leader
7 Andrew Lloyd Webber subject
8 "___'s Latest Flame" ("Evita" song)
9 Argentina's Eva
10 Argentina's Evita
11 Argentina's Juan
12 Argentine bigwig
13 Argentine dictator who was ousted in 1955
14 Argentine leader ousted in 1955
15 Argentine legend
16 Argentine name
17 Argentine politico
18 Argentine president
19 Argentine V.I.P.
20 Argentinian icon
21 Argentinian leader
22 Argentinian president
23 Big name in Argentina
24 Big name in Argentine politics
25 Advocate of "justicialismo"
26 Isabel, Juan, or Eva
27 Isabel or Eva
28 Isabel or Juan
29 Deposed Argentine leader
30 "El Lider"
31 El Líder of Argentina
32 El Lider
33 Broadway role for LuPone
34 Buenos Aires name
35 He succeeded General Farrell in 1946.
36 He was called "El Lider"
37 Eva ___ (Argentine political figure upon whom "Evita" is based)
38 Eva ___ (Madonna's role in "Evita")
39 Eva Duarte, after marriage
40 Eva Duarte's married name
41 Eva of Argentina
42 Eva of "Evita"
43 Eva or Isabel
44 Eva or Juan in "Evita"
45 Eva or Juan of Argentina
46 Eva or Juan
47 Eva played by Madonna
48 Evita ___
49 Evita, for one
50 "Evita: In My Own Words" author
51 Evita of 'Evita'
52 Evita of "Evita"
53 Evita or Juan of Argentina
54 Evita or Juan
55 "Evita" role
56 'Evita' subject
57 "Evita" subject
58 Evita surname
59 'Evita' surname
60 "Evita" surname
61 Evita who was played by Madonna
62 Evita
63 Evita's last name
64 Evita's married name
65 Evita's surname
66 Ex-dictator of Argentina
67 Don't cry for her, Argentina
68 Jonathan Pryce, in a '96 musical
69 Former Argentine dictator
70 Former Argentine ruler
71 Juan _____
72 Juan of Argentina
73 Juan of S. A.
74 Juan or Eva of Argentina
75 Juan or Eva
76 Juan or Evita
77 Former leader of Argentina
78 Former S. A. leader
79 Justicialist Party founder
80 Justicialist South American leader
81 Founder of Argentina's Justicialist Party
82 Founder of the Justicialist Party
83 Founder of the Partido Justicialista
84 Pryce role of 1996
85 Noted Argentine name
86 Noted name in Argentine history
87 The Evita of 'Evita'
88 The Evita of "Evita"
89 Victim of a 1955 coup
90 Role for LuPone
91 Radio actress turned South American first lady
92 Name of fame in Argentina
93 Lloyd Webber score subject
94 Leader elected in 1946
95 Leader of the "descamisados" ("shirtless ones")
96 One-time Argentine leader
97 LuPone role
98 LuPone stage role
99 President between Farrell and Lonardi
100 President ousted in a 1955 coup
101 President overthrown in 1955
102 President who took office in 1946
103 President whose wife went on to become president
104 Presidente ___ International Airport (Argentina airfield)
105 Presidente ___ International Airport (Argentine airport)
106 Madonna role
107 Onetime Argentine leader
108 Prone anagram
109 S. A. dictator.
110 SA dictator
111 Surname in a Broadway musical
112 Surname in "Evita"
113 Two-time Argentine president
114 Two-time president of Argentina
115 "Third Way" president

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