1940s vice president Wallace crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (HENRY), we also found 103 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1940s vice president Wallace.

Count Answer
1 "___ Danger" (Nickelodeon show) [E]
2 ___ Fleming, central character in "The Red Badge of Courage"
3 Any of eight British kings
4 Any of eight English kings
5 Any of the three Lancaster kings
6 Acting father of Jane and Peter
7 Actor Fonda
8 Bibby of Knicks
9 Actor Winkler who cowrites the Hank Zipzer books
10 Assembly line innovator Ford
11 Author Fielding
12 Author James
13 Author of The Turn of the Screw
14 Auto pioneer Ford
15 Automaker Ford
16 Black Flag frontman Rollins
17 Bald boy of the comics
18 French football star Thierry
19 Father of Jane and Peter
20 Father of Peter and Jane
21 Edsel's father
22 Dennis the Menace's dad
23 Brit that made heads roll
24 Brit who made heads roll
25 Guitarist/singer Joe
26 Elizabeth I's dad
27 Elizabeth I's father
28 Diplomat Kissinger
29 Husband of Anne, Jane, etc.
30 Husband to Catherine, Anne, Jane, Anne, Catherine and Catherine
31 Husband to two Annes
32 First state governor of Virginia
33 First Tudor king
34 Entertainer Buck
35 Gibson or Morgan
36 Flit-fetcher of yesteryear
37 Esmond or VIII
38 He made heads roll
39 James or Aaron
40 James or Fonda
41 "Give me liberty, or give me death!" speaker
42 "Give me liberty or give me death!" speaker
43 ''. . . give me liberty, or give me death!'' speaker
44 'Give me liberty' speaker Patrick
45 'Give me liberty ...' speaker
46 Folk hero John
47 Fonda or Ford
48 Ford or Fonda
49 Ford or Hudson
50 Ford or Kissinger
51 Ford or Mancini
52 Ford or Rollins
53 Ford or Winkler
55 John the steel-drivin' man
56 John with a hammer
57 Carl Anderson comic strip
58 Dr. Heimlich of Heimlich maneuver fame
59 Dr. Jekyll's first name
60 Indiana Jones' real first name
61 Indiana Jones's real first name
62 Hero of many a radio program.
63 Former Black Flag frontman Rollins
64 Inductance unit
65 Colonial firebrand
66 Colonial orator
67 Colonial patriot Patrick
68 Punk legend ___ Rollins
69 Shakespearean king
70 Mrs. Hoover's maiden name.
71 Rollins of Black Flag
72 King who had six wives
73 Kingly English name
74 Winkler of "Happy Days"
75 Winkler who played the Fonz
76 "Quick, ____, the Flit!"
77 Oh ___! (candy bar)
78 Name in seven Shakespeare titles
79 Name of eight English kings
80 Name of many kings
81 Name of three Shakespearean title kings
82 Memorable Ford
83 Popular radio character.
84 Patrick or O.
85 Patriot Patrick
86 Patriotic Patrick
87 One of the Fondas
88 One of the Morgans
89 Miner John of legends
90 Miner-of-myth John
91 One of two Tudor kings
92 Orator Patrick
93 Superman player Cavill
94 This Brit made heads roll
95 Unit named for a physicist
96 Unit of inductance
97 Sculptor Moore
98 Television's Oh ____ Champ
99 Statesman Kissinger
100 Steel-driver John
101 Steel-driving man of myth
102 Steel-driving man
103 Soccer star Thierry

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