1940s babe crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 Barracks beauty
2 Barracks décor
3 Barracks decoration
4 Barracks display
5 Barracks hanging
6 Barracks picture of old
7 Barracks wall décor
8 Barracks-wall picture
9 Bathing beauty
10 Arrange in a bun, e.g.
11 Betty Grable, e.g.
12 Betty Grable, notably
13 Betty Grable photo in W.W. II
14 Betty Grable photo
15 Betty Grable's photo, for one
16 Artwork in a G.I.'s locker
17 Attach to a corkboard
18 Attach (to a notice board)
19 Affix with a thumbtack
20 Grable, to G.I. Joe
21 Grable, to G.I.'s
22 Grable, to many W.W. II G.I.'s
23 Celebrity poster
24 Centerfold
25 Centerfold, e.g.
26 Centerfold in a locker room, perhaps
27 Centerfold, maybe
28 Fashion hair into a bun, e.g.
29 Hot hanging
30 Hot poster
31 Hot shot?
32 Cheesecake on a wall
33 Cheesecake photo
34 Cheesecake picture
35 Bunny photo
36 Hunk on a wall
37 Cover girl
38 Calendar gal?
39 Calendar girl
40 Calendar girl, e.g.
41 Calendar model, perhaps
42 Calendar model
43 Erotic display
44 G.I.'s locker art
45 GI's poster
46 Glamour girl
47 Dorm room poster, possibly
48 Dorm wall art
49 Man cave hanging
50 Prurient poster
51 Ripped model?
52 Sexy model
53 Sexy pic posted on someone's wall?
54 Sexy poster
55 Kind of calendar
56 Kind of lamp or girl
57 Rolled model?
58 Playboy centerfold, e.g.
59 Playboy centerfold
60 She's certainly not modest
61 Maxim tear-out
62 Racy hanging
63 Racy wall art
64 Wall attachment
65 Woman on the wall
66 Raquel Welch, e.g.
67 Locker art
68 Locker décor
69 Locker looker
70 Locker photo, maybe
71 Locker poster
72 Locker room hanging
73 Locker room photo, perhaps
74 Large picture of cheesecake?
75 Poster featuring a swimsuit model, perhaps
76 Poster hottie
77 Prepare a cuff for sewing
78 Prepare to hem
79 Model
80 Photo of Marilyn Monroe, once
81 Photo on the wall
82 Photograph of cheesecake
83 Photograph of cheesecake?
84 Photographer's model
85 Picture in a locker
86 Picture on a locker
87 Piece of cheesecake?
88 Tear-out from a Playboy magazine

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