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Count Answer
1 1930's freedom fighter
2 1940s-'60s Indian leader
3 1940s-'60s Indian P.M.
4 1940s-'60s P.M.
5 1940's-60's world leader
6 1960s fad, ___ jackets
7 1960s jacket eponym
8 1960s jacket namesake
9 1960's jacket style
10 1960s jacket style
11 1970s jacket style
12 '60s collar style
13 '60s jacket style named for a Hindu leader
14 '60s jacket style
15 '60s jacket
16 '60s rockers' jacket style
17 ___ jacket, 1960s fashion
18 ___ jacket
19 ___ jacket (Beatles' attire)
20 "___ Report," influential Indian document of 1928
21 Beatles' jacket choice
22 Beatles' jacket option
23 Beatles' jacket style
24 Beatles jacket style
25 Asian leader who inspired a jacket style
26 Asiatic V. I. P.
27 Associate of Gandhi
28 Big name in Indian politics
29 Big name in India's history
30 Biography subtitled "The Invention of India"
31 Hindu statesman
32 Hindu V.I.P.
33 Dated jacket
34 Free India's first P.M.
35 Early Indian leader
36 Decliner of a Security Council permanent seat
37 Father of Indira Gandhi
38 Friend of Gandhi
39 Delhi Pact signer
40 Contemporary of Gandhi
41 Gandhi associate
42 "Gandhi" character
43 Gandhi colleague
44 Gandhi contemporary
45 "Gandhi" role
46 Gandhi's father
47 Chief Indian, once
48 First Indian P.M.
49 First Indian prime minister
50 First P.M. of India
51 First P.M. of modern India
52 First prime minister of free India
53 First prime minister of India or jacket style
54 First prime minister of India
55 Eponym of a New Delhi university
56 Eponymous jacket
57 Jacket named for a Hindu leader
58 Jacket named for a memorable Hindu
59 Jacket named for a statesman
60 Jacket named for an Indian leader
61 Jacket named for an Indian
62 Jacket of the '60s
63 Jacket style named for an Indian leader
64 Jacket style named for an Indian prime minister
65 Jacket style popular with '60s rockers
66 Jacket style worn by Dr. No
67 Jacket style
68 Jacket type worn by several Bond villains
69 Jacket type
70 Jacket variety popularized by the Beatles
71 Jacket with a mandarin collar
72 Jacketed former Indian prime minister?
73 Illustrious Indian
74 He said "The only alternative to coexistence is co-destruction"
75 He wrote "The Discovery of India" while in prison
76 Jawaharlal ___, first Prime Minister of India
77 Jawaharlal ___ of India
78 Jawaharlal ___
79 Jawaharlal of India
80 Jawaharlal who was tutored by Gandhi
81 Co-founder of the Nonaligned Movement
82 Indian chief, once
83 Indian great
84 Indian independence leader
85 Indian leader whose 1947 inauguration speech was titled "A Tryst with Destiny"
86 Indian leader
87 Indian PM, 1947-64
88 Indian political family
89 Indian prime minister: 1947-64
90 Indian prime minister: 1947–64
91 Indian prime minister called "Pandit"
92 Indian prime minister, father of Indira Gandhi
93 Indian prime minister Jawaharlal
94 Indian prime minister mentored by Gandhi
95 Indian prime minister, once
96 Indian statesman, d. 1964, father of Mrs Indira Gandhi
97 Indian statesman Motilal ___
98 Indian statesman
99 India's first P.M.
100 India's first PM, d.1964
101 India's first PM
102 India's first prime minister, who has a namesake jacket
103 India's first prime minister
104 India's Jawaharlal ___
105 India's Jawaharlal
106 India's longest-serving P.M.
107 India's longest-serving prime minister
108 India's P.M. No. 1
109 India's Prime Minister (1947-64)
110 India's Prime Minister: 1947-64
111 India's prime minister before Shastri
112 Drafter of a 1929 declaration of independence
113 Indira ___ Gandhi
114 Indira Gandhi's dad
115 Indira Gandhi's family name
116 Indira Gandhi's father
117 Indira Gandhi's maiden name
118 Indira's father
119 Indira's jacket-inspiring father
120 Collar type
121 Collarless jacket of the '60s
122 Former Indian leader
123 Former Indian prime minister
124 Former prime minister of India
125 Fad jacket style
126 Faddish 1960s jacket style
127 Like Dr. Evil's jacket
128 Noted 1910 graduate of Cambridge
129 Noted Indian leader
130 Motilal or Jawaharlal
131 "Toward Freedom" author
132 ''Toward Freedom'' autobiographer
133 "Toward Freedom" autobiographer
134 "Toward Freedom" writer
135 "The Discovery of India" author
136 Kind of jacket named for a Hindu leader
137 Kind of jacket named for an Indian leader
138 Kind of jacket worn in the '60s
139 Kind of jacket
140 Mrs. Gandhi's father
141 Stylish jacket of the '60s
142 P.M. who inspired a 1960s jacket
143 P.M. who was father of another P.M.
144 P.M. whose jacket caught on
145 "The Unity of India" author
146 “The Unity of India” writer
147 Rajiv Gandhi's grandfather
148 Political patriarch of India
149 Old Indian leader
150 Memorable Indian
151 Memorable name in India
152 Once-popular jacket type
153 Longest-serving Prime Minister of India
154 Longtime Indian prime minister
155 Leader after Indian independence
156 Leader mentored by Gandhi
157 Leader nicknamed "Pandit"
158 Leader who lent his name to a jacket
159 Leader who wrote "The Discovery of India"
160 Leader with a jacket named for him
161 Onetime Indian leader
162 Prime minister born in Allahabad
163 Prime minister called Pandit
164 Prime minister called "Pandit"
165 Prime Minister from 1947-64
166 Prime minister from 1947 to 1964
167 Prime minister nicknamed "Pandit"
168 Prime minister sworn in by Mountbatten
169 Prime minister whose daughter became prime minister
170 Non-Aligned Movement cofounder
171 Monkees' jacket type
172 Retro jacket style favored by Steven Seagal
173 Retro jacket style
174 Type of collar or jacket
175 Type of jacket popular in the '60s
176 Type of jacket the Beatles helped make fashionable
177 Type of jacket worn by Dr. Evil
178 Type of jacket
179 World leader who gave his name to a jacket
180 World leader who said "Every little thing counts in a crisis"
181 Statesman known popularly as Panditji, or "Scholar"
182 Statesman Motilal ___ of India
183 Statesman of India
184 So-called "architect of India"

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