1940s-'60s top-10 girl's name that ranked 922nd in 2016 crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (SUSAN), we also found 144 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1940s-'60s top-10 girl's name that ranked 922nd in 2016.

Count Answer
1 #2 baby girl name in 1960, #959 in 2017
2 "___ and God," 1937 play
3 "___ and God," Crothers play
4 ___ B. Anthony dollar
5 ___ G. Komen (breast cancer non-profit)
6 An Anthony
7 Barry's "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" costar
8 _____Aglukark (Dene singer-song writer)
9 Anthony on a quarter
10 Anthony
11 Actress ____ Sarandon
12 Actress Dey
13 Actress, ... Sarandon
14 Actress Sarandon
15 Actress St. James
16 Actress Strasberg
17 Author-philosopher Sontag
18 Author Sontag
19 Aglukark, for one
20 Black-eyed __
21 Black-eyed ___ (flower)
22 Black-eyed ___
23 Black-eyed flower
24 "Black-eyed" girl
25 Black-eyed one
26 Black-eyed or Lazy
27 Black-eyed woman?
28 Four-time Iditarod winner Butcher
29 "Dead Man Walking" actress Sarandon
30 ''Dead Man Walking'' actress Sarandon
31 Early iconic role for Madonna
32 Elder of the sisters who visited Narnia in "The Chronicles of Narnia"
33 Gal who might be brown-eyed or lazy
34 Brooke Shields TV role
35 Dey or Brownell Anthony
36 Dey or Hayward
37 Chess grandmaster Polgar
38 Emmy winner Lucci
39 'Bull Durham' star Sarandon
40 Geena's "Thelma & Louise" co-star
41 Geena's "Thelma & Louise" costar
42 Diplomat Rice
43 Christian name of St. James?
44 George's fiancée on "Seinfeld"
45 George's fiancée, on "Seinfeld"
46 George's ill-fated fiancée on "Seinfeld"
47 Butcher who mushed dogs
48 "I Dreamed a Dream" Boyle
49 Ill-fated "Seinfeld" fiancee
50 Hayward of films
51 Hayward or Anthony
52 Girl (sometimes lazy?)
53 Essayist Sontag
54 Girl’s name
55 Girl's name
56 Dollar-coin portrait after Ike
57 Follower of black-eyed or lazy
58 "Valley of the Dolls" novelist Jacqueline
59 Oscar winner Hayward
60 "Stop the Insanity!" author Powter
61 Pulitzer-winning Sheehan
62 Novelist Sontag
63 NPR newswoman Stamberg
64 Strassberg or Hayward
65 She can be lazy or black-eyed
66 She can be lazy
67 Obama's national security adviser Rice
68 "The Foreign Student" author Choi
69 She was "sought desperately" in a film
70 Musician Aglukark
71 Sontag or Sarandon
72 Sontag who wrote "In America"
73 Poet and greeting card writer __ Polis Schutz
74 Radio journalist Stamberg
75 "The Terror Dream" author Faludi
76 Suffragette Anthony
77 Suffragist ___ B. Anthony
78 Suffragist Anthony
79 Name after black-eyed or lazy
80 Narnia girl
81 Nathan and Matthew's "Producers" director
82 Older Pevensie sister in "The Chronicles of Narnia" series
83 Longtime human "Sesame Street" role
84 One living at Saint James's place?
85 Lorenzo's Oil actress, ... Sarandon
86 Lazy __ (revolving tray)
87 Lazy __: revolving tray
88 Lazy __
89 Lazy-___
90 Lazy ___.
91 Lazy ___ (revolving tray)
92 Lazy ___ (tray for food)
93 Lazy ___
94 Lazy gal?
95 Lazy girl?
96 "Lazy" lady
97 Lazy lady?
98 Lazy lass?
99 "Lazy" one
100 Lazy one
101 Lazy or black-eyed one
102 Lazy turner?
103 Lazy woman?
104 Lazy
105 Lazy______
106 Reformer ___ B. Anthony
107 "Regarding the Pain of Others" author Sontag
108 Lucci of "All My Children"
109 Lucci or Sarandon
110 Maine senator Collins
111 Revolving tray, lazy ...
112 Rice who is U.S. ambassador to the U.N.
113 Singer Aglukark
114 Sarandon of "Bull Durham"
115 Sarandon of "Dead Man Walking"
116 Sarandon of film
117 Sarandon of Hollywood
118 Sarandon of "Lorenzo's Oil"
119 Sarandon of "Stepmom"
120 Sarandon of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
121 Sarandon of "Thelma & Louise"
122 Sarandon or Lucci
123 Sarandon, played Louise
124 Singing sensation Boyle
125 Sister of Lucy, Edmund and Peter in the Narnia books
126 Sister of Peter, Edmund and Lucy in C.S. Lewis's Narnia stories
127 Writer Glaspell
128 St. James of Hollywood
129 Writer Sontag or Faludi
130 Writer Sontag
131 Scottish singer Boyle
132 Scottish singing sensation Boyle
133 Screen legend Sarandon
134 Title girl in a 1968 Buckinghams hit
135 "Young Frankenstein" director Stroman
136 US ambassador Rice
137 YouTube CEO Wojcicki
138 Teri's 'Desperate Housewives' role
139 Teri's "Desperate Housewives" role
140 Teri's role on "Desperate Housewives"
141 Senator Collins of Maine
142 Senator Collins
143 Soap opera queen Lucci
144 Soap star Lucci

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