1940s-'50s politico Stevenson crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 1890s veep Stevenson
2 1890s vice president Stevenson
3 1950s campaign name
4 1950's candidate Stevenson
5 1950s candidate Stevenson
6 1952 and '56 candidate Stevenson
7 1960s U.N. ambassador Stevenson
8 '50s campaign name
9 50's candidate Stevenson
10 '50s candidate Stevenson
11 '50s foe of Dwight
12 '50s pol Stevenson
13 '50s politico Stevenson
14 '50s presidential-hopeful Stevenson
15 '50s presidential hopeful Stevenson
16 '52 campaign name
17 '70s-'80s Illinois senator Stevenson
18 ___ Stevenson (man defeated in two presidential elections by Eisenhower)
19 A famous Stevenson
20 Biblical man's name.
21 Big name in 1950s politics
22 Big name in 1950s presidential campaigning
23 Also-ran with Estes: 1956
24 Famous Illinois name
25 Common first name in the Stevenson political family
26 Dwight beat him twice
27 Dwight licked him twice
28 Dwight rival
29 Dwight's 1956 opponent
30 Dwight's campaign opponent
31 Dwight's campaign rival
32 Dwight's challenger
33 Dwight's opponent in 1952 and '56
34 Dwight's opponent in 1952
35 Dwight's opponent in '52 and '56
36 Dwight's opponent, in the 1950s
37 Dwight's opponent, twice
38 Dwight's opponent
39 Dwight's rival
40 Dwight's two-time adversary
41 Dwight's two-time challenger
42 Dwight's two-time opponent
43 Grover's 1890s vice president
44 Grover's second veep
45 Grover's veep
46 Eisenhower opponent Stevenson
47 Garçon's need
48 First name in 1950s headlines
49 First name in 1950's politics
50 First name in 1950s politics
51 First name in 1960s diplomacy
52 First name in 50's politics
53 First name in old Illinois politics
54 Ike challenger
55 Ike's opponent at the polls
56 Ike's opponent, twice
57 Ike's opponent
58 Ike's rival candidate
59 Ike's rival in the 1950s
60 Ike's two-time opponent
61 "Call to Greatness" author Stevenson
62 ''Call to Greatness'' author Stevenson
63 Jack's UN ambassador
64 Illinois first name
65 Illinois name
66 He fell before Dwight's might
67 He finished second to Ike
68 Estes' ticket-mate
69 Estes was his 1956 running mate
70 Estes was his running mate in 1956
71 Estes's ticket-mate
72 He lost to Dwight
73 He lost to Dwight twice
74 He lost to Ike twice
75 He lost to Ike
76 He lost twice to Dwight
77 He ran with Estes in 1956
78 Candidate Stevenson of '52 and '56
79 Ex-veep Stevenson
80 Former presidential-hopeful Stevenson
81 Former vice president Stevenson
82 Kefauver running mate Stevenson
83 Rival of Dwight
84 The "A" in A.E.S.
85 Vice-president Stevenson
86 Vice president Stevenson
87 Name in '50s politics
88 Name in 50's politics
89 Name in the 1952 presidential election
90 Runner-up to Ike
91 Name on 1952 campaign buttons
92 Political opponent of Ike
93 Politician of yesteryear, Stevenson
94 Politician Stevenson
95 Politico Stevenson
96 Part of AES
97 Part of A.E.S.
98 Old politico Stevenson
99 Old veep Stevenson
100 Loser to Dwight in the 50's
101 Loser to Dwight, twice
102 Loser to Dwight
103 Loser to Ike
104 New Senator
105 Lyndon's U.N. delegate
106 Presidential also-ran Stevenson
107 Presidential candidate Stevenson
108 "Madly for ___" (1952 campaign slogan)
109 "Madly for ___" (1952 slogan)
110 Onetime Illinois governor Stevenson
111 Opponent for Ike
112 Opponent of Ike
113 Two-time Ike adversary
114 Two-time loser to Dwight
115 Two-time loser to Ike
116 Two-time opponent for Ike
117 Two-time opponent of Dwight
118 Two-time opponent of Ike
119 Two-time presidential loser to Dwight
120 "We're Madly for ___" (old campaign song)
121 U.N. ambassador Stevenson
122 U.N. ambassador under John and Lyndon
123 Statesman Stevenson
124 US statesman ____ Stevenson
125 Senator Stevenson
126 Stevenson of 1950s politics
127 Stevenson of 1950's politics
128 Stevenson of '50s politics
129 Stevenson of Illinois
130 Stevenson of politics
131 Stevenson of politics
132 Stevenson who faced Eisenhower
133 Stevenson who lost to Ike
134 Stevenson who lost twice for president
135 Stevenson who lost twice to Eisenhower
136 Stevenson

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