1940s-'50s NBA star George Mikan, for one crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (LAKER), we also found 76 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1940s-'50s NBA star George Mikan, for one.

Count Answer
1 Abdul-Jabbar, 1975-89
2 Abdul-Jabbar, e.g.
3 Abdul-Jabbar is one
4 Abdul-Jabbar was one
5 Aviation entrepreneur Sir Freddie ___
6 Celtic's rival
7 Great Western Forum player
8 Chamberlain, once
9 Cager at the Staples Center
10 Cager from L.A.
11 California cager
12 California hoopster
13 California NBAer
14 California player
15 James, since 2018
16 Jerry West was one
17 Shaq e.g.
18 Shaq, once
19 Shaq was one
20 Shaquille O'Neal, once
21 Vessel plying between Duluth and Port Arthur.
22 Wilt Chamberlain was one
23 Player politely but anxiously waiting for Kobe Bryant to admit it's time to retire
24 Sonic rival
25 Kobe Bryant, e.g.
26 Kobe Bryant, for one
27 Kobe Bryant, notably
28 Kobe, for one
29 Kobe or Shaq, once
30 L. A. athlete
31 L. A. cager
32 L.A. athlete
33 L.A. cager
34 L.A. center, e.g.
35 L.A. hoopster
36 L.A. pro
37 L.A. round-baller
38 LA team member
39 N.B.A. teammate since 1947
40 Pat Riley, once
41 Recent teammate of Magic
42 Los Angeles athlete
43 Los Angeles basketball player
44 Los Angeles cager
45 Los Angeles hoopster
46 Los Angeles NBAer
47 Los Angeles N.B.A.er
48 Los Angeles player
49 Los Angeles pro
50 LeBron James, e.g., beginning in 2018
51 LeBron James, for one
52 LeBron James, since 2018
53 Nixon is one
54 Nixon or Johnson
55 Magic, at one time
56 Magic, e.g., once
57 Magic, famously
58 Magic, for a time
59 Magic Johnson, for one
60 Magic Johnson is one
61 Magic Johnson, once
62 Magic Johnson was one
63 Magic, notably
64 Magic, once
65 Magic or Kobe
66 Magic or Wilt, once
67 Magic was one
68 Nonmaritime ship
69 Southern California basket maker
70 Southern California hoopster
71 Sir Freddie of Skytrain
72 West Coast NBAer
73 West Coast pro
74 Western NBAer
75 Staples Center athlete
76 Staples Center player

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