1940s-'50s Israeli UN ambassador crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 2001 Israel Prize recipient
2 2001 Israel Prize winner
3 2001 recipient of the Israel Prize
4 2001 winner of the Israel Prize
5 29-year Knesset member
6 '60s Israeli deputy prime minister
7 '70s Israeli foreign minister
8 Ambassador Abba
9 Ambassador from Israel.
10 Abba __, Israeli politician
11 Abba ___, Israeli diplomat
12 Abba ___ of Israel
13 Abba ___
14 Abba not known for singing
15 Abba of Israel
16 Abba of Israel, not Sweden
17 Abba of Israel
18 Abba of Israel's history
19 Abba who was born "Aubrey"
20 Abba who wrote "My People"
21 Abba
22 Aubrey Solomon ___ of Israel
23 Author of 1998's "Diplomacy for the Next Century"
24 Author of "Diplomacy for the Next Century"
25 Author of "My People"
26 Dayan contemporary
27 "History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives" speaker
28 ''Invoice of Israel'' author
29 Israel in the World author
30 "Israel in the World" author
31 "Israel Through My Eyes" author
32 Israeli Abba
33 Israeli ambassador Abba
34 Israeli Ambassador.
35 Israeli diplomat.
36 Israeli diplomat Abba ---
37 Israeli diplomat Abba
38 Israeli diplomat
39 Israeli foreign minister during the Six-Day War
40 Israeli foreign minister during the Yom Kippur War
41 Israeli leader
42 Israeli name
43 Israeli notable
44 Israeli official
45 Israeli politician
46 Israeli politician Abba
47 Israeli statesman Abba
48 Israeli statesman born in Cape Town, South Africa
49 Israeli statesman with a palindromic first name
50 Israeli statesman
51 Israeli V.I.P.
52 Israel's Abba ___
53 Israel's Abba _____
54 Israel's Abba
55 Israel’s Ambassador in Washington.
56 Israel’s Ambassador to U. S.
57 Israel's first ambassador to U.S.
58 Israel's first U.N. ambassador
59 Israel's first UN ambassador
60 Israel's first U.N. delegate
61 Israel's first U.N. delegate Abba
62 Israel's first UN delegate
63 Israel's first U.N. representative
64 Israel's first United Nations ambassador Abba
65 Israel's first United Nations ambassador
66 Israel's foreign affairs minister under Meir
67 Israel's foreign minister during the Six-Day War
68 Israel's former U.N. representative
69 Host of PBS's "Heritage: Civilization and the Jews"
70 Eminent Knesset member (1959-88)
71 "Diplomacy for the Next Century" author
72 Diplomat Abba
73 Diplomat born in Cape Town
74 First Israeli ambassador to the U.N.
75 First Israeli ambassador to the UN
76 He spent 29 years in the Knesset
77 He wrote "My People"
78 Jewish leader
79 Foreign minister under Meir
80 Foreign statesman whose real first name is Aubrey
81 Former Israeli foreign minister
82 Former Israeli politician Abba ___
83 Former Israeli statesman
84 Noted Israeli diplomat
85 "The New Diplomacy" author, 1983
86 "Voice of Israel" author, 1957
87 "Voice of Israel" author Abba
88 "Voice of Israel" author
89 "Voice of Israel" writer
90 'My Country' author Abba
91 "My Country" author Abba
92 "My Country" author
93 My People author
94 'My People' author Abba
95 "My People" author Abba
96 "My People" author
97 'My People' writer Abba
98 "My People" writer
99 "The Tide of Nationalism" statesman
100 Meir contemporary
101 Meir foreign minister
102 Meir's foreign minister
103 Meir's successor as Israel's foreign affairs minister
104 Longtime Israeli ambassador to Washington
105 Longtime Israeli diplomat
106 Longtime Israeli foreign minister
107 Late Israeli diplomat Abba
108 Middle East diplomat
109 Middle East name
110 Mideast diplomat
111 Minister of foreign affairs under Meir
112 "Personal Witness" author
113 "Personal Witness: Israel Through My Eyes" author
114 Nonmusical Abba
115 "Promised Land" author Abba
116 "Promised Land" author
117 South African-born Middle East diplomat
118 Six-Day War defender
119 Six-Day War diplomat
120 Six-Day War statesman
121 Six-Day War VIP
122 Slain Israeli
123 Second Israeli ambassador to the U.S.
124 Second Israeli ambassador to U.S.
125 "When all else fails, men turn to reason" speaker
126 Statesman Abba
127 Statesman during the Six-Day War

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