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Count Answer
1 '13 Pet Shop Boys song about line of rotation?
2 1936 alliance between Germany and Italy
3 1940's ___ Pact
4 1940s foes
5 40's foe
6 '40s foe
7 '40s foes
8 '45 losers
9 ___ & Allies (board game)
10 ___ & Allies (classic board game)
11 ___ of Evil (how George W. Bush referred to Iran, Iraq, and North Korea)
12 ___ of Evil (term George W. Bush used for Iran, Iraq, and North Korea)
13 ___ of Evil
14 ___ Sally
15 Base line on a graph
16 Baseline on a graph
17 Any of three on a 3-D graph
18 About which the Earth turns
19 Berlin-Rome ___
20 Asian deer
21 Astronomical turning point
22 Bisecting line
23 Bisector
24 Bloc
25 Alinement
26 Bad guys in W.W. II films
27 Alliance against Allies
28 Alliance of nations
29 Alliance of W. W. II
30 Alliance
31 Allies' adversary
32 Allies' enemy
33 Allies' foe
34 Allies' foe in W.W. II
35 Allies foe
36 Allies' opponents
37 Allies' opposition
38 International alliance
39 Graph baseline
40 Graph line through the origin
41 Graph line X or Y
42 Graph line
43 Graph's X or Y line
44 Graph's x or y
45 Graph's X, Y, or Z line
46 Graph's x, y, or z
47 Center line
48 Center of a revolution
49 Center of a rotation
50 Center of rotation
51 Center of symmetry
52 Central line
53 Central point of a rotation
54 Centre about which something turns
55 Centre around which something rotates
56 Centre of rotation
57 Fascist alliance
58 Earth line
59 Earth turns on it
60 Earth's rotation line
61 Earth's turning line
62 Gyroscope component
63 Gyroscope feature
64 Gyroscope part
65 Gyroscope's center
66 It may be labeled x or y on a graph
67 Coordinate plane line
68 Coordinate system line
69 Italy, Japan and Germany in WWII
70 Italy's side, once
71 Corncob, for one
72 Italy's WWII alliance
73 Hungary was a member of it
74 Hungary was in it
75 Bush 43's "___ of Evil"
76 Bush's ___ of Evil
77 Bush's "___ of evil"
78 Geometric reference line
79 Geometrical line that I'm pretty sure cannot actually be evil
80 Geometry line
81 Geometry term
82 Enemy alliance in W.W. II
83 It's fixed for Mars
84 Germany and Italy once
85 Germany, Italy and Japan, in W.W. II
86 Germany, Italy and Japan, once
87 Bygone alliance
88 Imaginary Earth line
89 Imaginary line about which the Earth turns
90 Imaginary line between poles
91 Imaginary line through Earth
92 Imaginary line through the Earth
93 Imaginary line
94 Imaginary planetary line
95 Japan, Germany and Italy
96 Japan was a member of it
97 Crook, to a cop
98 Foes in W.W. II
99 Globe's turning point
100 "Evil" Bush grouping
101 Heavy graph line
102 Coalition in 1941
103 Coalition of 1941
104 Coalition
105 Hendrix "___: Bold as Love"
106 Indian deer
107 Jon Butcher ___
108 Jon Butcher "Along the ___"
109 Cartesian plane divider
110 Cartesian plane line
111 Cartesian plane reference
112 Infamous alliance
113 Pivot line
114 Pivot point
115 Pivot
116 Pivotal graph line
117 Pivotal line
118 Pivotal point
119 "The ___ of Evil"
120 Straight line through a figure
121 White-spotted Asian deer
122 The Earth rotates on it
123 The earth turns on it
124 Rod in a globe
125 Planet's line of rotation
126 Planet's pivot
127 Planet's turning point
128 Plant stem
129 Plant stem, to botanists
130 Quadrant separator
131 Transnational cooperation
132 Rome-Berlin-Tokyo alignment of 1941.
133 Rome-Berlin-Tokyo group
134 Rome, Berlin, Tokyo.
135 Something to reflect on?
136 Something to turn on
137 Plot line?
138 Plot line
139 Rotation center
140 Rotation line
141 Rotation spot
142 Rotational center
143 Rotational line
144 Line about which a body rotates
145 Line about which a planet spins
146 Line about which a rotation occurs
147 Line about which the earth turns
148 Line between poles
149 Line between two poles
150 Line crossing the origin
151 Line drawn on geometry class graphs
152 Line in algebra
153 Line in geometry
154 Line in math class
155 Line of calculus
156 Line of geometry
157 Line of revolution
158 Line of rotation
159 Line of symmetry
160 Line on a graph
161 Line through a planet's center
162 Line through Earth's core
163 Line through the origin
164 Line through the poles
165 W. W. II alliance
166 W. W. II losers
167 W. W. II powers
168 Trig lines
169 The second cervical vertebra
170 Pole
171 Pole connector
172 Pole position?
173 Pole-to-pole connection
174 Pole-to-pole line
175 Pole-to-pole link
176 Poles connector
177 Partnership in W.W. II
178 On what the earth turns
179 Losers in W.W. II
180 Reference line on a graph
181 One of three in a 3-D graph
182 Main line?
183 Main line
184 Main stem of a plant
185 Opponents of the Allies in World War II
186 Revolution center
187 Revolutionary line
188 Revolving point
189 The world revolves around it
190 Turning point?
191 Turning point
192 "Spinning On an ___" Paul McCartney
193 Symmetry line
194 World War II alliance
195 World War II faction
196 World War II partnership
197 What a mirror image has
198 W.W. II alliance
199 W.W. II coalition
200 W.W. II enemy
201 W.W. II entente
202 W.W. II foe, with "the"
203 W.W. II foe
204 W.W. II group
205 W.W. II loser
206 W.W. II losers
207 W.W. II powers
208 W.W. II side
209 WWII alliance
210 WWII bloc that included Hungary
211 WWII bloc
212 WWII enemy
213 WWII faction
214 WWII foe
215 W.W.II foe
216 WWII foes
217 WWII group
218 W.W.II losers
219 WWII power
220 WWII powers
221 WWII side
222 WWII triumvirate
223 x, for one
224 x or y, e.g.
225 x or y follower
226 X- or y- in geometry
227 X or Y, in geometry
228 X or Y, in math
229 x or y, in plane geometry
230 x or y line on a graph
231 x or y line
232 X or Y, on a graph
233 x or y, on graphs
234 X or Y or Z
235 x or y
236 x, y or z follower
237 X, Y or Z line
238 x, y or z, on a 3-D graph
239 x, y or z
240 What Earth rotates on
241 Y, for one
242 What the abscissa and ordinate are measured from
243 What the Earth rotates on
244 What the Earth spins on
245 What the Earth turns on
246 Second cervical vertebra
247 Stem
248 Stem of a plant

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