1939 Garland co-star crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 1939 Garland co-star. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
LAHR 4 1939 Garland co-star 100%
LAHR 4 Garland co-star 85.714285714286%
LAHR 4 1939 classic co-star 75%
LAHR 4 Garland co-star, 1939 73.170731707317%
LAHR 4 1939 Bolger co-star 71.794871794872%
LAHR 4 Garland co-star of 1939 69.767441860465%
LOY 3 1934 Powell co-star 66.666666666667%
BODEREK 7 "10" co-star 56.25%
DEREK 5 "10" co-star 56.25%
DUDLEYMOORE 11 "10" co-star 56.25%
LAHR 4 1939 co-star of Haley and Bolger 46.153846153846%
OBERON 6 An Olivier co-star: 1939 45.454545454545%
LAHR 4 A Bolger co-star in 1939 45.454545454545%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (LAHR), we also found 212 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1939 Garland co-star.

Count Answer
1 1939 Bolger co-star
2 1939 classic co-star
3 1939 co-star of Haley and Bolger
4 1939 costar of Garland
5 1939 Garland costar
6 1964 Tony winner for "Foxy"
7 An MGM lion
8 Baum's lion in film
9 A beloved Bert
10 A Bolger co-star in 1939
11 A memorable Bert
12 Bert in a lion suit
13 Bert in a lion's suit
14 Bert of burlesque
15 Bert of classic cinema
16 Bert of comedy
17 Bert of Hollywood fame
18 Bert of "leonine" fame
19 Bert of "Ship Ahoy"
20 Bert of stage and screen
21 Bert of “The Wizard of Oz”
22 Bert of ''The Wizard of Oz''
23 Bert of "The Wizard of Oz"
24 Bert on the big screen
25 Bert or John
26 Bert, the cowardly lion
27 Bert, the lion portrayer
28 Bert who had a lion's lines
29 Bert who played a cowardly lion
30 Bert who played a "fraidy-cat"
31 Bert who played a lion
32 Bert who played the Cowardly Lion
33 Bert who played Zeke in "The Wizard of Oz"
34 Bert who played Zeke
35 Bert who portrayed the Cowardly Lion in "The Wizard of Oz"
36 Bert who sang "If I Only Had the Nerve"
37 Bert who sang "If I Were King of the Forest"
38 Bert who was a Leo, aptly
39 Bert whose best-known costume weighed 50 pounds
40 Bert
41 Actor Bert in a lion suit
42 Actor Bert in a lion's suit
43 Actor Bert of "The Wizard of Oz"
44 Actor Bert who played the Cowardly Lion in "The Wizard of Oz"
45 Actor Bert
46 Actor in 1960s Lay's Potato Chips ads
47 Actor in "The Wizard of Oz"
48 Actor in "Waiting for Godot"
49 Actor in "Wizard of Oz"
50 Actor who roared to fame?
51 Actor who sang about courage
52 Actor who spoke the line, "I'd show him who was king of the forest!"
53 Actor who was born a Leo, as it happens
54 Actor who was lionized in the 1930s?
55 Actor whose voice is emulated by Snagglepuss the Lion
56 Actor with Bolger and Garland
57 Actor with Bolger
58 Actor with the lion's share of a 1939 movie script
59 Author of "Notes on a Cowardly Lion"
60 Author/critic John
61 Bolger 1939 co-star
62 Bolger and Haley's 1939 costar
63 Bolger castmate of 1939
64 Bolger co-star of 1939
65 Bolger co-star
66 Bolger costar of 1939
67 Bolger : Scarecrow :: ___ : Cowardly Lion
68 Comedian Bert: 1895–1967
69 Comedian Bert.
70 Comedian Bert
71 Comedian
72 Famed comedian
73 Comic actor Bert
74 Comic Bert: 1895-1967
75 Comic Bert
76 His last film was "The Night They Raided Minsky's," 1968
77 Early TV star, Bert
78 Hollywood's Cowardly Lion
79 Fearful feline portrayer
80 Broadway comedian.
81 Garland-classic costar
82 Garland co-star, 1939
83 Garland co-star
84 Garland co-star of 1939
85 Garland companion
86 Garland costar of 1939
87 Garland costar
88 Garland's "cowardly" co-star
89 Garland's leonine companion
90 First American Estragon in "Waiting for Godot"
91 Costar of Bolger and Haley
92 Costar of Bolger, Haley, and Garland
93 Costar of Bolger in "The Wizard of Oz"
94 Costar with Bolger and Haley
95 Costar with Haley and Bolger
96 City in Germany
97 Entertainer Bert: 1895-1967
98 "Cowardly Lion" actor
99 Cowardly Lion actor
100 "Cowardly Lion" in a film
101 Cowardly Lion, in a Garland film
102 Cowardly Lion in "The Wizard of Oz"
103 Cowardly Lion man
104 Cowardly Lion of filmdom
105 Cowardly Lion player
106 Cowardly Lion portrayer Bert
107 Cowardly Lion portrayer in "The Wizard of Oz"
108 Cowardly Lion portrayer
109 Cowardly Lion
110 Cowardly Lion's portrayer
111 "If I only had a heart" singer Bert
112 "If I Only Had the Nerve" singer
113 "If I Only Had the Nerve" singer Bert
114 "If I Only Had the Nerve" singer in "The Wizard of Oz"
115 ''If I Only Had the Nerve'' singer
116 "If I were king of the forest ..." singer
117 "If I Were King of the Forest" singer
118 He once played a lion
119 He played a cat with no backbone
120 He played a lion
121 He played in "Waiting for Godot"
122 He played the Cowardly Lion
123 He starred in "Two on the Aisle."
124 He waited for Godot
125 He was the Cowardly Lion
126 He wore a lion suit
127 Co-star in the U.S. premiere of "Waiting for Godot," 1956
128 Co-star of a 1939 classic
129 Co-star of Bolger and Haley
130 Co-star of Bolger, Haley and Garland
131 Co-star of Garland, Bolger and Haley
132 Co-star of Haley and Bolger
133 Co-star of the American premiere of "Waiting for Godot"
134 Co-star with Bolger and Haley
135 Cohort of Bolger and Haley
136 Cohort of Haley and Bolger
137 Drama critic John of The New Yorker
138 Drama critic John
139 Cat suit wearer in a 1939 classic
140 Tony winner Bert
141 Tony winner for 1964's "Foxy"
142 Tony-winning actor in the musical "Foxy" (1964)
143 Notable in "The Wizard of Oz"
144 Noted cat suit wearer
145 Mane man in a 1939 film?
146 Mane man of film?
147 "Notes on a Cowardly Lion" author
148 "Notes on a Cowardly Lion" biographer John
149 Vaudeville actor Bert
150 The Cowardly Lion actor
151 The Cowardly Lion portrayer
152 The Cowardly Lion
153 "Oz" actor
154 "Oz" cast member
155 "Oz" lion Bert
156 Oz Lion player Bert
157 Oz lion portrayer
158 Oz lion
159 "Oz" star Bert
160 Oz's Bert
161 Player of a big scaredy-cat?
162 Player of a big yellow cat
163 "The New Yorker" theater critic John
164 Lily-livered lion portrayer Bert
165 Lion-ized actor?
166 Lion of Hollywood
167 Lion player
168 Lion player Bert
169 Lion player in film
170 Lion player in "The Wizard of Oz"
171 Lion player of 1939
172 Lion player of note
173 Lion portrayer
174 Lionized actor?
175 Lionized comedian?
176 Trio completer with Bolger and Haley
177 "Waiting for Godot" actor
178 "Waiting For Godot" star
179 "Oh, to be brave!" speaker (1939)
180 "Wizard of Oz" costar
181 Memorable Bert
182 Memorable big cat portrayer
183 Memorable co-star of Haley and Bolger
184 Memorable comedian, or his biographer
185 Memorable comedian
186 Memorable comic actor
187 Memorable comic
188 Memorable Cowardly Lion
189 Memorable lion portrayer
190 Memorable lion suit wearer
191 Memorable "lionized" actor
192 Memorable movie lion
193 Portrayer of a big scaredy-cat
194 Portrayer of an Oz feline
195 Late comedian
196 MGM film lion
197 Leonine movie star of old
198 "Prick Up Your Ears" author John
199 Only "Oz" actor with two solo songs
200 ''The Wizard of Oz'' actor
201 "The Wizard of Oz" actor Bert
202 "The Wizard of Oz" actor
203 "The Wizard Of Oz" co-star
204 ''The Wizard of Oz'' co-star
205 "The Wizard of Oz" lion Bert
206 "The Wizard of Oz" star
207 "The Wizard of Oz" star, Bert
208 ''The Wizard of Oz'' star
209 Talking lion portrayer
210 Screen lion in Oz
211 Sniveling lion portrayer Bert
212 Zany comedian.

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