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Count Answer
1 1939 Leigh role
2 2015 Tony winner Kelli ___
3 American author
4 "Batman" police chief
5 "A Mighty Wind" actress Catherine
6 "A Mighty Wind" actress
7 "A Rage to Live" author
8 "Appointment in Samarra" author
9 "Appointment in Samarra" novelist John
10 "Appointment in Samarra" novelist
11 Apt rhyme for Tara
12 Belle for a Butler
13 Belle of Tara
14 Best Actress Oscar role for 1939
15 Actress Catherine of "Best in Show"
16 Actress Catherine who was once a regular on "SCTV"
17 Actress Kelli
18 Actress Maureen
19 Actress who played the mom in "Home Alone"
20 Author
21 Author John
22 Author of "BUtterfield 8"
23 Author of Butterfield 8
24 Author of "Pal Joey"
25 Author of "The Lockwood Concern"
26 Bixby's "My Favorite Martian" role
27 Bixby's ''My Favorite Martian'' role
28 Comic actress Catherine
29 Family in a 1939 movie
30 Family name at Tara
31 Family name in a 1936 classic
32 Family name in Civil War fiction
33 Comical Catherine
34 Irish-born actress Maureen
35 "Home Alone" actress Catherine
36 Defender Kelley on the U.S. women's national team
37 Composer of "K-K-K-Katy."
38 From the Terrace author
39 "From the Terrace" author
40 "From the Terrace" writer
41 ''From the Terrace'' writer
42 Bride of Hamilton, Kennedy, and Butler
43 Character who said "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again."
44 "Hope of Heaven" novelist
45 Fictional Atlanta belle
46 Fictional belle Scarlett
47 Fictional "Fiddle-dee-dee!" female
48 Fictional Georgian woman
49 Fictional plantation owner
50 Fictional Scarlett
51 "Fiddle-dee-dee" utterer
52 Broadway actress Kelli
53 Broadway star Kelli
54 GWTW name
55 "GWTW" surname
56 ''GWTW'' surname
57 Gerald of Tara
58 Butler's belle
59 Butler's beloved
60 Butler's bride
61 Butler's companion?
62 Butler's flame
63 Butler's girl
64 Butler’s lady
65 Butler's lady
66 Butler's love?
67 Butler's love in "Gone with the Wind"
68 Butler's love
69 Butler's maiden name?
70 Butler's mate
71 Butler's Scarlett
72 Butler's wife
73 Butler's woman
74 ''Butterfield 8'' author
75 “BUtterfield 8” author John
76 "Butterfield 8" author
77 "BUtterfield 8" creator
78 "Butterfield 8" novelist John
79 "BUtterfield 8" novelist
80 'Butterfield 8' writer
81 Iconic Vivien Leigh role
82 "Gibbsville" creator
83 Flicka's creator
84 Creator of Flicka.
85 Creator of Pal Joey
86 Creator of "Pal Joey."
87 Creator of "Pal Joey"
88 He wrote "Assembly": 1961
89 He wrote "BUtterfield 8"
90 He wrote "Pal Joey."
91 He wrote "The Horse Knows the Way"
92 John
93 John, Mary or Maureen
94 John or Maureen
95 John or Scarlett
96 John who wrote "Appointment in Samarra"
97 John who wrote "Butterfield 8"
98 John who wrote ''BUtterfield 8''
99 John who wrote "From the Terrace"
100 John who wrote "Pal Joey"
101 John who wrote "Ten North Frederick"
102 "Gone With the Wind" family name
103 "Gone With the Wind" heroine Scarlett
104 "Gone With The Wind" heroine
105 "Gone With the Wind" name
106 ''Gone With the Wind'' name
107 ''Gone With the Wind'' surname
108 "Gone With the Wind" surname
109 Juliet ___ (detective on TV's "Psych")
110 Gotham City police chief
111 "K-K-K-Katy" composer
112 Catherine of "A Mighty Wind" and "Best in Show"
113 Catherine of "A Mighty Wind"
114 Catherine of "Beetlejuice"
115 Catherine of "Best in Show"
116 Catherine of "For Your Consideration"
117 Catherine of "Home Alone"
118 Catherine of "Orange County"
119 Catherine of "Schitt's Creek"
120 Catherine who played Moira Rose
121 Tony winner Kelli
122 Tony-winner Kelli
123 Notable southern belle
124 Kelli who will star in Broadway's "Nice Work If You Can Get It"
125 Oscar role for Leigh
126 Oscar role for Vivien Leigh
127 Oscar role of 1939
128 Novelist John or Mary
129 Novelist John
130 Kim of Rudyard Kipling's "Kim"
131 Kim's last name, in Kipling's novel
132 Kim's last name.
133 "The Cape Cod Lighter" writer
134 Margaret Mitchell's Scarlett
135 Owner of Tara
136 Mrs. Butler's maiden name
137 She composed "Wyoming Suite for Piano": 1946
138 She created Flicka
139 She lost her Butler
140 Role for Leigh
141 Role for which Davis and Hepburn were considered
142 Plantation family of fiction
143 She speaks last in "Gone With the Wind"
144 She wrote "My Friend Flicka"
145 Paige who provided the voice of Belle in "Beauty and the Beast"
146 Kipling character.
147 Kipling's Kim
148 "Pal Joey" author
149 Pal Joey author
150 "Pal Joey" author John
151 ''Pal Joey'' author
152 "Pal Joey" creator
153 "Pal Joey" librettist
154 'Pal Joey' novelist John
155 "Pal Joey" novelist John
156 "Pal Joey" novelist
157 ''Pal Joey'' playwright
158 "Pal Joey" playwright
159 'Pal Joey' writer
160 "Pal Joey" writer John
161 "Pal Joey" writer
162 Pal Joey's creator
163 Vivien Leigh Oscar role
164 Vivien Leigh role
165 Maureen known as Hollywood's "Queen of Technicolor"
166 Maureen of "Miracle on 34th Street"
167 Maureen of "Rio Grande"
168 Maureen of ''The Quiet Man''
169 Maureen of "The Quiet Man"
170 Maureen or John
171 Maureen or Scarlett
172 ''The Quiet Man'' actress
173 "The Quiet Man" co-star
174 The Quiet Man star
175 Suellen, Carreen or Scarlett
176 "My Friend Flicka" author
177 "My Friend Flicka" author Mary
178 ''My Friend Flicka'' author
179 Name at Tara
180 Woman who lost her Butler
181 Literary Scarlett
182 Name on Tara's deed
183 "Lake ___," Sargent painting
184 Member of a Tara clan
185 Last name of Kipling's Kim
186 Last speaker in "Gone With the Wind"
187 Red-headed screen star
188 "Lunch Poems" poet
189 Leigh film role
190 Leigh Oscar role
191 Leigh's 1939 Oscar role
192 Miss Scarlett of film
193 Miss Scarlett
194 Mitchell belle
195 Mitchell creation
196 Mitchell family name
197 Mitchell heroine
198 Mitchell name
199 Mitchell protagonist
200 Mitchell's belle
201 Mitchell's fictional belle
202 Mitchell's riches-to-rags heroine
203 Mitchell's Scarlett
204 Mitchell's Southern belle
205 ''Only the Lonely'' actress Maureen
206 Rhett Butler bride
207 Rhett Butler spouse
208 Rhett Butler's bride
209 Southern belle of book and film
210 Southern belle Scarlett
211 Surname at Tara
212 Surname of Rudyard Kipling's Kim
213 Wayne's "The Quiet Man" costar
214 "Sir, you are no gentleman" speaker
215 Scarlett ---
216 Scarlett ___, "Gone With the Wind" heroine
217 Scarlett ___ of "Gone With the Wind"
218 Scarlett ____ ("Gone With the Wind" heroine)
219 Scarlett ____
220 Scarlett Butler's maiden name
221 Scarlett, for one
222 Scarlett in love with a Butler
223 Scarlett of fiction
224 Scarlett of ''Gone With the Wind''
225 Scarlett of "Gone With the Wind"
226 Scarlett of literature
227 Scarlett of Southern fiction
228 Scarlett of Tara
229 Scarlett played by Vivien Leigh
230 Scarlett who famously said "I'll never be hungry again"
231 Scarlett who loved Ashley Wilkes
232 Scarlett whose final film words are "I'll never be hungry again"
233 Scarlett
234 Scarlett's last name in "Gone With the Wind"
235 Scarlett's last name
236 Scarlett's surname in "Gone With the Wind"
237 Scarlett's surname
238 "Schitt's Creek" actress Catherine
239 "Schitt's Creek" Emmy winner Catherine
240 "Schitt's Creek" star Catherine
241 Writer John ___
242 Writer John or actress Maureen
243 Writer John
244 Star of "Home Alone"
245 Tara belle
246 Tara deed-holder
247 Tara dweller
248 Tara family name
249 Tara family
250 Tara inhabitant
251 Tara lady
252 Tara name
253 Tara occupant
254 Tara owner
255 Tara resident
256 Tara surname
257 Tara title-holder
258 Tara titleholder
259 Tara's family
260 Tara's owner
261 Tara's Scarlett
262 Yearner for Wilkes
263 Second word of "Gone With the Wind"
264 U.S. author
265 "Ten North Frederick" author John
266 "Ten North Frederick" author
267 "Ten North Frederick" novelist John
268 "Ten North Frederick" novelist
269 "Ten North Frederick" writer
270 U.S. novelist
271 U.S. women's soccer star Kelley
272 To whom Butler said "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"
273 Soccer player Kelley
274 "Tomorrow is another day" utterer
275 Soccer star Kelley
276 USWNT soccer star Kelley

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