1938 "The War of the Worlds" broadcast, for one crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (HOAX), we also found 122 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1938 "The War of the Worlds" broadcast, for one.

Count Answer
1 1869's Cardiff Giant, e.g.
2 Barnum's "Feejee Mermaid," e.g.
3 Barnum's Fiji mermaid, for one
4 April 1 event
5 April 1 news story, maybe
6 April 1 trick
7 April 1st antic
8 April 1st event
9 April Fools' Day news story, sometimes
10 Big scam
11 Bigfoot photo, e.g.
12 Attempted deception
13 "Balloon Boy," for one
14 Bamboozle
15 Bamboozlement
16 False claim
17 Fraud
18 Fraudulence
19 Fraudulent event
20 Dupe
21 Dupery
22 Dupe's downfall
23 Hitler's diaries, e.g.
24 Debunked thing
25 Debunker's target
26 Deceitful device
27 Deception such as the Piltdown Man
28 Deception
29 Deceptive act
30 Deceptive deed
31 Deceptive trick
32 Fast one
33 Chain letters, usually
34 Con game
35 Con man's trick
36 Con
37 It can be spread by a doctored photograph
38 Hoodwink
39 Hornswoggle
40 Elaborate April fool
41 Elaborate deception
42 Elaborate fake
43 Elaborate falsehood
44 Elaborate fraud
45 Elaborate lie
46 Elaborate prank
47 Elaborate ruse
48 It's a trick
49 Cottingley Fairies, for one
50 It's not for real
51 It's perpetrated by a prankster
52 Flimflam
53 Canard
54 Imposture
55 Crop circles, e.g.
56 Global warming, some say
57 Good thing to check Snopes.com for
58 Facebook privacy announcement, e.g.
59 Fake story that might be discredited by Snopes.com
60 Fake, such as Piltdown Man
61 Fake
62 Sting, for instance
63 The 1938 broadcast of "The War of the Worlds" was one
64 Publicity stunt, perhaps
65 Manti Te'o's girlfriend, for one
66 Like many a catfish relationship
67 Many a P.T. Barnum exhibit
68 Many an urban legend
69 Stratagem
70 The Cardiff Giant, for one
71 The Cardiff Giant, notably
72 Robin Davey band The ___
73 Mare's nest
74 Mare's-nest
75 Sham
76 Sham or scam
77 Put-on
78 Put on
79 Put one over on
80 The finding of a Virgin Mary-shaped gummy candy, e.g.
81 Martian invasion report, e.g.
82 The Hitler Diaries, e.g.
83 Something intended to deceive
84 Subject of a forwarded e-mail, often
85 The performances of Milli Vanilli, essentially
86 The Piltdown Man, e.g.
87 The Piltdown Man, notably
88 The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, e.g.
89 Trick
90 Trickster's deception
91 Kurt Vonnegut's faux commencement address e-mail, e.g.
92 "The War of the Worlds" broadcast, notably
93 Mencken's history of the bathtub, e.g.
94 Practical joke
95 Practical joke, e.g.
96 Prank
97 Prankster's scam
98 Milli Vanilli, famously
99 Relative of fake news
100 No mere prank
101 Major prank
102 Phony discovery, perhaps
103 Like a famous Welles radio broadcast
104 Piltdown man, e.g.
105 Piltdown man, for one
106 Piltdown man, notably
107 Piltdown man, say
108 Ruse
109 Spam content, often
110 Swindle
111 Spoof
112 Welles' Martian invasion broadcast, e.g.
113 Welles' 'War of the Worlds,' e.g.
114 Welles's "The War of the Worlds," e.g.
115 Scam or sham
116 Scam that might be debunked by snopes.com
117 Scam
118 UFO photo, perhaps
119 What an unbelievable YouTube video might be
120 Snopes subject
121 Snopes.com subject
122 Snow job

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