1937 title role for Paul Muni crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 1937 Paul Muni title role
2 Barefoot Olympic runner Budd
3 Author
4 Author Émile
5 Author Émile
6 Author of "J'Accuse!"
7 Author of "J'accuse"
8 Author of "Nana"
9 Author of "Vérité"
10 Author who was Cézanne's close friend
11 Famous defender of Dreyfus.
12 French author Emile
13 French author of 19th century.
14 French naturalism pioneer
15 French naturalist author
16 French naturalist
17 French novelist
18 French novelist, d. 1902
19 French novelist Emile ___
20 French novelist Émile
21 Defender of Dreyfus
22 Defender of Manet's work
23 Contemporary of de Maupassant
24 Émile of the Dreyfus Affair
25 Émile who was nominated for the first and second Nobel Prizes for Literature
26 Émile who wrote "J'Accuse...!"
27 Emile who wrote "J'accuse"
28 Emile who wrote "Nana"
29 Émile who wrote "Truth is on the march"
30 Chronicler of the Dreyfus Affair
31 "Germinal" author
32 "Germinal" novelist Émile
33 "Germinal" novelist
34 Distance runner Budd
35 Ghostwriter of "The Beast Within"?
36 'J'Accuse' author
37 "J'Accuse...!" author
38 ''J'accuse'' author Emile
39 "J'accuse" author Émile
40 "J'accuse" author
41 "J'accuse" novelist Émile
42 ''J'accuse'' penner
43 "J'accuse" penner
44 "J'accuse" writer
45 'J'accuse' writer
46 "J'accuse" writer Emile
47 Creator of Nana
48 He wrote "J'accuse"
49 Close friend of Cézanne
50 Dreyfus Affair chronicler
51 Dreyfus Affair figure
52 Dreyfus ally, 1898
53 Dreyfus ally
54 Dreyfus' champion
55 Dreyfus defender
56 Dreyfus supporter
57 Dreyfus's champion
58 Novelist defender of Dreyfus
59 Novelist Emile
60 Novelist who was a childhood friend of Cézanne
61 "The Dram-Shop" author
62 "The Dram Shop" author
63 "La Débâcle" novelist Emile
64 "La Débâcle" novelist
65 Runner Budd
66 ''Nana'' author
67 "Nana" author Emile
68 "Nana" author
69 "Nana" novelist Émile
70 "Nana" novelist
71 "Nana" writer
72 "L'Oeuvre" author
73 "Le Rêve" novelist
74 "Les Rougon-Macquart" author
75 "Les Trois Villes" novelist
76 "Thérèse Raquin" author
77 ''Thérèse Raquin'' novelist
78 "Thérèse Raquin" novelist
79 Writer born in Paris: 1840
80 Writer Émile
81 Taylor of the Platters

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