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Count Answer
1 1920s-'30s politico Landon
2 1930s Kansas governor Landon
3 1936 campaigner Landon
4 1936 candidate Landon
5 1936 foe of Franklin D.
6 1936 headline nickname
7 1936 loser
8 1936 opponent of Franklin D.
9 1980s NBC sitcom
10 1980's NBC sitcom
11 1980s sitcom about an alien
12 1980s sitcom built around the Tanner family
13 1980s sitcom character from Melmac
14 1980s sitcom ET
15 1980s sitcom featuring a furry alien
16 1980s sitcom featuring a puppet
17 1980s sitcom featuring an extraterrestrial
18 1980s sitcom filmed with a puppet
19 1980s sitcom in the memoir "Permanent Midnight"
20 1980s sitcom puppet
21 1980s sitcom starring a puppet
22 1980s sitcom title role
23 1980s sitcom whose title character was an alien
24 1980s sitcom with an extraterrestrial
25 1980s TV alien from Melmac
26 1980s TV alien
27 1980s TV ET
28 1980s TV E.T.
29 1980s TV extraterrestrial from the planet Melmac
30 1980s TV extraterrestrial
31 '80s prime-time alien
32 80's sitcom
33 '80s sitcom about an alien
34 '80s sitcom alien
35 '80s sitcom character from the planet Melmac
36 '80s sitcom extraterrestrial
37 '80s sitcom featuring an alien
38 '80s sitcom from Alien Productions
39 '80s sitcom puppet
40 80's sitcom with the voice of Paul Fusco
41 '80s sitcom
42 '80s TV E.T.
43 '80s TV show about the Tanner family
44 ___ Monroe, "Green Acres" role
45 A Landon
46 A loser to Franklin
47 Acronymic alien of '80s TV
48 Acronymic title character of '80s TV
49 Actor-director Kjellin
50 Big-nosed character of 1980s TV
51 Airy ___ of comics
52 Alien adoptee of the Tanner family, on TV
53 Alien from Melmac
54 Alien in a sitcom
55 Alien in ads
56 Alien of sitcom fame
57 Alien of TV lore
58 Alien of TV
59 Alien talk show host
60 Alien who eats cats
61 Alien who said "Ha! I kill me!"
62 Alien with a prominent nose
63 Hirsute TV character
64 Franklin's 1936 foe
65 Franklin's 1936 opponent
66 Franklin's opponent in 1936
67 Franklin's opponent of 1936
68 His TV Land co-host is Ed McMahon
69 Interstellar sitcom star
70 Great Britain's Archie Bunker
71 Friendly TV extraterrestrial
72 FDR opponent Landon
73 It aired before "The Hogan Family" in the '80s
74 Funny TV alien
75 Britcom character on whom Archie Bunker was based
76 Furry '80s sitcom star
77 Furry alien from Melmac
78 Furry alien of 1980s TV
79 Furry alien title character of a 1980s sitcom
80 Furry extraterrestrial in a 1980s sitcom
81 Furry fellow of 80's TV
82 Furry sitcom alien
83 Furry sitcom character
84 Furry sitcom ET
85 Furry sitcom E.T.
86 Furry sitcom extraterrestrial
87 Furry title character of a 1986-1990 sitcom
88 Furry TV alien from Melmac
89 Furry TV alien from the planet Melmac
90 Furry TV alien
91 Furry TV E.T.
92 Furry TV ET
93 Furry TV extraterrestrial
94 Furry TV fellow
95 Furry visitor in a 1980s sitcom
96 Fuzzy TV E.T.
97 Fuzzy TV star
98 "Ha! I kill me!" alien
99 Figure on packs of Topps bouillabaseball cards in 1987
100 Houseguest from Melmac
101 Hairy ET
102 Hairy houseguest of the Tanners
103 Hairy sitcom character
104 First name in 1936 politics
105 Classic TV alien
106 He got 8 electoral votes to Franklin's 523 in 1936
107 Creature who ate cats
108 He lost to Franklin in 1936
109 ET from Melmac
110 E.T. from Melmac
111 ET from the planet Melmac
112 ET of '80s TV
113 E.T. of '80s TV
114 ET of TV
115 E.T. of TV
116 ET on '80s TV
117 ET on TV?
118 ET on TV
119 ET who's appeared on "Hollywood Squares"
120 Candidate Landon
121 "Go Simpsonic With the Simpsons" composer Clausen
122 Cuddly TV alien
123 Extraterrestrial from Melmac on 1980s television
124 Extraterrestrial from Melmac on an old sitcom
125 Extraterrestrial from the planet Melmac
126 Extraterrestrial of 1980s TV
127 Former sitcom about a cat-eating extraterrestrial
128 Gordon Shumway
129 Gordon Shumway's title alias, in a sitcom
130 Cat consumer of '80s TV
131 Cat-eating 1980s TV character
132 Cat-eating alien of TV
133 Cat-eating alien on a 1980s sitcom
134 Cat-eating character
135 Cat-eating creature
136 Cat-eating hairy alien from 1980s TV
137 Cat-eating sitcom extraterrestrial
138 Cat fancier from Melmac
139 Cat-loving TV alien
140 Gov. Landon, who lost to F.D.R.
141 Gov. Landon
142 Governor Landon who ran for president in 1936
143 Governor Landon
144 Kansan Landon
145 Kansas notable's nickname
146 Noted visitor from the planet Melmac
147 Otherworldly character from '80s TV
148 Out-of-this-world title acronym of '80s TV
149 Puppet show?
150 Mr. Landon.
151 Mr. Landon
152 "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" took over its time slot
153 Roosevelt opponent Landon
154 Visitor from the planet Melmac
155 Wisecracking alien on a 1986-1990 NBC show
156 Wisecracking alien on a 1986-1990 sitcom
157 Wisecracking sitcom alien
158 Wisecracking TV alien
159 Wisecracking TV E.T.
160 "The Simpsons" composer Clausen
161 The Tanners' adoptee, on TV
162 The Tanners' alien guest
163 The Tanners' alien houseguest
164 The Tanners' ET pal
165 The Tanners' houseguest on 1980s TV
166 Name from Old Norse for a magical creature
167 Show that aired opposite "MacGyver"
168 Politician Landon
169 Politico Landon
170 Melmac alien
171 Melmac native
172 Melmackian of TV
173 Old politico Landon
174 Old sitcom character who was 229 years old
175 Landon
176 Landon from Kansas
177 Landon of 1920s-'30s politics
178 Landon of 1930's politics
179 Landon of Kansas
180 Old TV ET
181 Landon of politics
182 Landon, one-time candidate.
183 Landon or TV alien
184 Landon, to friends
185 Landon who lost in a landslide
186 Landon who lost to FDR in 1936
187 Landon who lost to F.D.R. in 1936
188 Landon who lost to FDR
189 Landon who ran against FDR
190 Landon who ran for president in 1936
191 Landon who was trounced by FDR
192 Popular '80s stuffed toy
193 Popular sitcom
194 NBC sitcom debut of 1986
195 NBC sitcom featuring the Tanner family
196 Late 80's sitcom
197 Paul Fusco TV role
198 Lord Tennyson, to his pals
199 Loser to F.D.R.: 1936
200 Loser to Franklin: 1936
201 Loser to Franklin
202 Loser to Franklin in 1936
203 Loser to Franklin in '36
204 Nickname of '36 contender
205 Nickname of a '36 contender
206 Presidential also-ran Landon
207 Presidential candidate Landon
208 TV alien from Melmac
209 TV alien who liked to eat cats
210 TV alien with a reboot announced in August 2018 (as found in the long answers)
211 TV alien
212 TV character from Melmac
213 TV character from the planet Melmac
214 TV character who ate cats
215 TV character who attended high school for 122 years
216 TV character who played bouillabaseball on his home planet Melmac
217 TV character who said "I wasn't known on Melmac as the whiz kid for my scholastic ability"
218 TV character who was captain of his Bouillabaisseball team
219 TV character who went to high school for 122 years
220 TV character with a rippled snout
221 TV character with the catchphrase "Haaa! I kill me"
222 TV comedy series
223 TV ET
224 TV E.T.
225 TV extraterrestrial who was also known as Gordon Shumway
226 TV extraterrestrial
227 TV Melmackian
228 TV puppet voiced by Paul Fusco
229 TV puppet who hosted a very short-lived talk show
230 TV series set in the Tanner household
231 TV show character featured in a Commodore 64 game
232 TV show with trapdoors all over the set
233 TV sitcom
234 TV title alien
235 TV title character voiced by Paul Fusco
236 Sitcom about an alien being
237 Sitcom alien from Melmac
238 Sitcom alien
239 Sitcom cat-eater
240 Sitcom character from Melmac
241 Sitcom character voiced by Paul Fusco
242 Sitcom character who lived with the Tanners
243 Sitcom character with an appetite for cats
244 Sitcom creature from outer space
245 Sitcom ET
246 Sitcom E.T. voiced by Paul Fusco
247 Sitcom E.T.
248 Sitcom extraterrestrial
249 Sitcom featuring an alien from outer space
250 Sitcom spacecreature
251 Sitcom star from Melmac
252 Sitcom star who said "Putting humans in charge of the earth is the cosmic equivalence of letting Eddie Murphy direct"
253 Thing from Melmac
254 Three-foot 1980s sitcom character
255 Title acronym of 1980's TV
256 Title alien in a 1986-1990 sitcom
257 Title character from Melmac
258 Title character of an '80s sitcom
259 Title character of eighties sitcom
260 Title TV character who was over 200 years old
261 Title TV character whose real name is Gordon Shumway
262 Titular cat-eater
263 TNT discoverer, tocohorts
264 TNT inventer, to pals
265 Snouted TV alien

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