1936 Olympics star Owens crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 1936 Olympics star Owens. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
JESSE 5 1936 Olympics star Owens 100%
THORPE 6 1912 Olympics star 76.190476190476%
THORPE 6 1912 Olympics star Jim 73.913043478261%
OWENS 5 1936 Berlin Olympics star 73.469387755102%
OENS 4 1936 Olympics hero 71.428571428571%
OWENS 5 1936 Olympics hero 71.428571428571%
EDERLE 6 1924 Olympics star Gertrude 70.588235294118%
OWENS 5 1936 Olympics champ 69.767441860465%
OWENS 5 1936 Olympics great 69.767441860465%
OWENS 5 1936 Olympics hero Jesse 66.666666666667%
NURMI 5 1920's Olympics star from Finland 63.157894736842%
OWENS 5 1936 Olympics record-breaker 61.538461538462%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (JESSE), we also found 90 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1936 Olympics star Owens.

Count Answer
1 1936 Summer Olympics star Owens
2 1980 Carly Simon hit
3 19th-century James
4 19th-century outlaw ___ James
5 '80s Mets reliever Orosco
6 ___ Pinkman (Aaron Paul's character on "Breaking Bad")
7 "American Conspiracies" coauthor Ventura
8 A Jackson
9 Aaron Paul's "Breaking Bad" role
10 Aaron's "Breaking Bad" role
11 Actor Eisenberg
12 Actor Martin of "Law & Order"
13 Biblical father of David
14 Frank's brother
15 Father of David
16 "Breaking Bad" sidekick
17 "Full House" uncle
18 Eisenberg of "The Social Network"
19 Eisenberg who played Zuckerberg
20 General Reno for whom Reno, Nev., is named
21 Christina Applegate sitcom
22 First name among wrestling legends
23 First name in 19th-century outlawry
24 First name in Western crime
25 Eponymous scout Chisholm
26 Eponymous trailblazer Chisholm
27 Civil rights activist Jackson
28 D.J. and Stephanie's uncle, on "Fuller House"
29 Jackson in politics
30 Jackson or James
31 James Cleveland Owens
32 James Gang name
33 James of the Old West
34 James of the West
35 James of the Wild West
36 James or Jackson
37 James or Owens
38 He marched with Martin
39 James who robbed trains
40 James
41 Heartbreaker who's "back in town" in a 1980 Carly Simon hit
42 Ex-governor Ventura
43 Helms or Owens
44 Helms or Ventura
45 Carly Simon song
46 Former governor Ventura
47 Gov. Ventura of Minnesota
48 Notorious James
49 "Now You See Me 2" star Eisenberg
50 Ventura of Minnesota
51 Ventura or Eisenberg
52 Ventura who was governor of Minnesota
53 Outlaw ___ James
54 Outlaw, ... James
55 Outlaw James
56 Outlaw played by Tyrone in 1939
57 Robber James
58 Roberta Flack hit
59 Owens at the 1936 Olympics
60 Owens or James
61 Owens with four Olympic gold medals
62 Mr. James
63 Track-and-field standout Owens
64 Track great Owens
65 Track star Owens
66 Trackman Owens
67 Williams of "Grey's Anatomy"
68 King David's father
69 Walter's meth-dealing partner
70 Walt's sometime partner on "Breaking Bad"
71 Name that's the title of a 1980 Carly Simon hit
72 Politico Jackson
73 Pop singer McCartney
74 Old West outlaw __ James
75 Olympian Owens
76 Longtime North Carolina senator Helms
77 One of the James-Younger Gang
78 Minnesota's Gov. Ventura
79 Minnesota's Ventura
80 Legendary outlaw __ James
81 Legendary Western outlaw __ James
82 Relief pitcher Orosco who closed out Game 7 of the 1986 World Series
83 Reliever Orosco with the MLB record for career pitching appearances
84 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Jackson
85 Rev. Jackson
86 Reverend Jackson
87 Sprinter Owens
88 Wrestler-turned-governor Ventura
89 Wrestler Ventura
90 Title guy in a 1980 Carly Simon hit

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