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Based on the most relevant answer above (COBB), we also found 128 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1936 Cooperstown inductee.

Count Answer
1 -- salad
2 11-time A.L. batting champion
3 "12 Angry Men" actor Lee J.
4 "12 Angry Men" actor
5 "12 Angry Men" costar
6 1994 sports biopic
7 1994 Tommy Lee Jones flick
8 __ salad (main course)
9 __ salad (main dish with greens)
10 __ salad
11 ___ salad
12 ___ salad (dish containing avocado and eggs)
13 ___ salad (dish featuring bacon and egg)
14 ___ salad (dish that contains bacon and eggs)
15 Baseball great Ty
16 Baseball Hall of Famer
17 Baseball Hall-of-Famer
18 Baseball Hall of Famer Ty
19 Baseball immortal Ty
20 Baseball legend Ty ___
21 Baseball legend Ty
22 Baseball's all-time career batting leader
23 Baseball's Georgia Peach
24 Baseball's 'Georgia Peach'
25 Baseball's "Georgia Peach"
26 Baseball's Ty
27 Batting wonder, 1905-28
28 Actor Lee J. __
29 Author of "Old Judge Priest"
30 Babe Ruth contemporary
31 Bacon-and-eggs salad creator Bob
32 All-Century Team member
33 All-time batting champ
34 All-time career batting average leader
35 Ball player Ty
36 Ballplayer Ty
37 His .366 lifetime batting average is the best ever
38 Early hitting king
39 Hollywood restaurateur for whom a salad is named
40 Irvin or Ty
41 Irvin S. or Ty
42 Diamond great
43 DiCaprio's "Inception" role
44 Hall-of-Famer Ty
45 Cooperstown charter member
46 Cooperstown electee of '36
47 Cooperstown name
48 Humorist Irvin S.
49 First actor to play Loman
50 First Baseball Hall of Famer Ty
51 First baseball Hall of Famer
52 First inductee into the Baseball Hall of Fame
53 Georgia county planned to be the 2017 home of the Braves
54 Georgia county
55 "Georgia Peach" Ty
56 Eponymous salad creator
57 He had 892 steals
58 He had a .367 career batting average
59 He hit .420 in 1911
60 He portrayed Willie Loman.
61 Dom ___, "Inception" hero
62 Inaugural baseball Hall of Famer Ty
63 Career .367 hitter
64 Journalist Irvin S.
65 Judge Priest's creator
66 Kentucky humorist
67 Top base-stealer before Brock
68 Variety of salad with avocados and eggs
69 Variety of salad with bacon and eggs
70 Our Gang's Fat Joe
71 Outfielder Ty
72 Outfielder who was a member of baseball's All-Century Team
73 Marietta, Georgia, is its county seat
74 Kind of entrée salad
75 Kind of salad that contains bacon and eggs
76 Kind of salad
77 'The Georgia Peach'
78 "The Georgia Peach"
79 The Georgia Peach
80 Subject of a museum in Royston, Georgia
81 Winner of 12 batting titles
82 Subject of the biography "War on the Basepaths"
83 Sort of garden salad
84 Runner-up to Rose
85 "The Virginian" star
86 Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
87 Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame's inaugural class
88 Popular entree salad
89 Loman portrayer
90 Peach of a Georgian
91 One of the first five inductees at Cooperstown
92 Lee J. or Ty
93 Lee or lrvin
94 Relative of Waldorf or Caesar, on menus
95 Nonvegetarian salad type
96 Restaurateur Bob's salad
97 Salad inventor Bob
98 Salad made with four types of lettuce
99 Salad selection
100 Salad that sounds like it should have corn in it
101 Salad usually with hard-boiled eggs
102 Salad with bacon and egg
103 Salad with bacon and eggs
104 Salad with bacon, lettuce and tomato
105 Salad with blue cheese that originated at the Brown Derby
106 Salad with eggs and avocado
107 Salad with hard-boiled eggs
108 Salad
109 "Ty ___: A Terrible Beauty" (baseball biography)
110 Ty ___ (the first Baseball Hall of Famer)
111 Ty in Cooperstown
112 Ty of Cooperstown
113 Ty of the Baseball Hall of Fame
114 Ty or Irvin S.
115 Ty or Lee J.
116 Ty, the "Georgia Peach"
117 Ty with 892 steals
118 Ty with batting titles
119 Type of salad that includes bacon, lettuce, and tomato
120 Type of salad that sounds like it should contain corn
121 Type of salad with bacon, hard-boiled egg, avocado, and Roquefort
122 Type of salad
123 Tiger legend Ty
124 Tiger star of old
125 Slugger Ty
126 Second in all-time hits
127 Stealing master of the early 1900s
128 Tommy Lee Jones title role

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