1935 Pulitzer-winning biography crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (RELEE), we also found 69 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1935 Pulitzer-winning biography.

Count Answer
1 1934 Douglas Freeman biography
2 1935 Douglas Freeman biography
3 Appomattox also-ran
4 Appomattox man
5 Appomattox signature
6 Best-selling biography of 1934
7 Adversary of U. S. Grant
8 Adversary of U.S. Grant
9 Biography by Freeman
10 Book by D. S. Freeman
11 D.S. Freeman subject
12 Historic signature
13 Historical biography that won a 1935 Pulitzer
14 Freeman biography
15 Freeman book about a C.S.A. leader
16 Confederate general, for short
17 Confederate genl.'s signature
18 Confederate hero
19 Confederate signature
20 G. G. Meade's Gettysburg foe
21 Gen. at Gettysburg
22 Gen. in the Confederacy
23 Civil War-ending signature
24 Civil War general
25 Civil War signature
26 J. E. B. Stuart's superior in the Civil War
27 J.E.B. Stuart's boss
28 CSA big shot
29 C.S.A. general
30 CSA general
31 CSA leader
32 CSA notable
33 C.S.A. signature
34 CSA signature
36 D. S. Freeman book
37 D. S. Freeman subject
38 Noted Civil War biography
39 Noted Civil War signature
40 Stone Mountain, Ga., honoree
41 Rival of U.S. Grant
42 Pulitzer-winning 1934 biography
43 Pulitzer-winning biography by Douglas S. Freeman
44 Pulitzer-winning biography of 1935
45 Pulitzer-winning biography of a Civil War general
46 Pulitzer-winning biography of a Confederate general
47 Storied C.S.A. commander
48 Virginian's signature
49 Old Dominion signature
50 Opponent of U. S. Grant
51 Signature at Appomattox
52 Signature of a general
53 Signature of a Southern general
54 Surrenderer to U.S. Grant
55 T. J. Jackson's boss
56 U. S. Grant adversary
57 U. S. Grant counterPArt
58 U. S. Grant opponent
59 U. S. Grant rival
60 U. S. Grant's foe
61 U. S. Grant's rival
62 U.S. Grant adversary
63 US Grant adversary
64 U.S. Grant cosignatory
65 U.S. Grant foe
66 US Grant opponent
67 U.S. Grant opponent
68 U.S. Grant's adversary
69 US Grant's counterpart

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