1935 Karenina portrayer crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue 1935 Karenina portrayer. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
GARBO 5 1935 Karenina portrayer 100%
DALTON 6 007 portrayer 55.555555555556%
DANIELCRAIG 11 007 portrayer 55.555555555556%
MOORE 5 007 portrayer 55.555555555556%
ROGERMOORE 10 007 portrayer 55.555555555556%
ANNA 4 '-- Karenina' 50%
DANIEL 6 007 portrayer Craig 47.619047619048%
ROGER 5 007 portrayer Moore 47.619047619048%
MOORE 5 007 portrayer Roger 47.619047619048%
CRAIG 5 007 portrayer Daniel 46.511627906977%
DALTON 6 007 portrayer Timothy 45.454545454545%
PETERLORRE 10 Mr. Moto portrayer, 1935-57 44%
GRETA 5 Anna player in "Anna Karenina," 1935 33.898305084746%
SIRROGERMOORE 13 007 portrayer in "The Spy Who Loved Me," knighted in 2003: 3 wds. 22.727272727273%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (GARBO), we also found 79 clues that are similar or possibly related to 1935 Karenina portrayer.

Count Answer
1 '30s film megastar
2 "__ talks!": "Anna Christie" tagline
3 "___ Talks" (1984 movie)
4 "Anna Christie" star
5 A great Greta
6 About whom Bette Davis said "Her instinct, her mastery over the machine, was pure witchcraft"
7 Actress from Stockholm.
8 Actress from Sweden.
9 Actress Greta ____
10 Actress Greta who famously said "I want to be alone"
11 Actress Greta
12 Actress mentioned in Madonna's "Vogue"
13 Four-time Oscar nominee (never a winner) in the 1930s
14 "Grand Hotel" actress
15 ''Grand Hotel'' actress
16 "Grand Hotel" star (1932)
17 "Grand Hotel" star, 1932
18 "Grand Hotel" star Greta
19 "Grand Hotel" star
20 Famous recluse
21 Early film legend Greta
22 Hollywood "silent" star.
23 Greta of 1930's "Romance"
24 Greta of "Anna Christie," 1930
25 Greta of "Camille"
26 Greta of films
27 Greta of "Grand Hotel"
28 Greta of Hollywood
29 Greta of 'Mata Hari'
30 Greta of old films
31 Greta of the silver screen
32 Greta who never actually said "I vant to be alone"
33 Greta who played Mata Hari
34 Greta who said, "I vant to be alone"
35 Honorary Oscar recipient in 1955
36 Film great
37 Film idol Greta
38 Film legend Greta
39 Filmdom's Greta
40 Cinema Camille
41 Iconic star from Stockholm
42 Gilbert's co-star
43 "Camille" actress
44 Camille portrayer: 1936
45 "Camille" star, 1937
46 Exemplar of reclusiveness
47 Her first speaking role was in MGM's "Anna Christie"
48 Her last film was "Two-Faced Woman"
49 Pinup great Greta
50 Stockholm-born MGM star
51 Movie legend Greta
52 She laughed in "Ninotchka"
53 She played Anna Christie, Anna Karenina, and Mata Hari
54 She played both Anna Christie and Anna Karenina
55 She portrayed Camille: 1936
56 She said "I want to be left alone"
57 She starred in "Mata Hari."
58 She turned down the lead in "Sunset Boulevard"
59 She wanted to be alone
60 She was Ninotchka in 1939
61 "The Kiss" was her last silent film
62 Mata Hari portrayer
63 "Mata Hari" portrayer
64 Reclusive actress
65 Reclusive actress Greta
66 Reclusive Greta
67 Reclusive screen legend
68 Legendary Greta
69 'Ninotchka' actress
70 ''Ninotchka'' star
71 'Ninotchka' star
72 "Ninotchka" star Greta
73 "Ninotchka" star
74 Silent screen star?
75 Swedish film actress Greta
76 "Two-Faced Woman" star, 1941
77 Star of films in this puzzle
78 Star of "Ninotchka"
79 Star who wanted to be alone

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