1935 Cagney crime film crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 1935 Cagney and Dvorak movie
2 1935 Cagney film
3 1935 James Cagney crime film
4 1935 James Cagney movie
5 ___ Detective (1930's-50's crime fiction magazine)
6 Agents under J. Edgar Hoover, informally
7 Agents
8 Backup for Dick Tracy
9 Comey and Mueller, once
10 D.C. agents
11 Freeh agents?
12 FBI agent
13 F.B.I. agents
14 FBI a(gents)
15 FBI agents, slangily
16 FBI agents
17 F.B.I. employees
18 FBI figures
19 F.B.I. figures
20 FBI force, slangily
21 FBI guys
22 FBI guys, e.g.
23 FBI guys: Hyph.
24 F.B.I. guys
25 FBI operatives
26 F.B.I. operatives
27 FBI personnel
28 FBI's guys
29 Fed. agents
30 Fed. investigators
31 Fed personnel
32 Federal agents.
33 Federal fuzz
34 Feds under Webster
35 Feds
36 Hood fighters
37 Hoover subordinates
38 Hoover underlings
39 Hoover's agents, for short
40 Hoover's boys
41 Hoover's employees
42 Hoover's force, briefly
43 Hoover's force
44 Hoover's staff
45 Fibbies
46 Guys at the FBI
47 Guys in "J. Edgar"
48 Guys working in the Hoover Building
49 Figures in 2011's "J. Edgar"
50 Gangster film extras
51 Dillinger's chasers
52 Dillinger's nemeses
53 Cagney classic of 1935
54 Cagney film of '35
55 J. Edgar Hoover underlings
56 J. Edgar Hoover's crew, for short
57 J. Edgar's group
58 James Cagney thriller
59 Drivers of black SUVs in the "Grand Theft Auto" series
60 Govt. agents
61 Original name of the radio show "Gang Busters"
62 Some agts.
63 Some FBI employees
64 Some feds
65 Some gangbusters
66 The Bureau's agents
67 Pursuers of the Sopranos, for short
68 Some raiders, informally
69 Some raiders
70 Some special agts.
71 William H. Webster's employees
72 William Webster's agents
73 Racketeer busters
74 "The Untouchables" heroes
75 Ness' co-workers
76 New York footballers, to fans
77 New York NFL players, to fans
78 New York NFL team, familiarly
79 Mafia menacers
80 Mafioso foes
81 Prohibition-era slang for the FBI
82 "The X-Files" extras
83 They got Dillinger
84 Webster's their new boss
85 They're on big cases
86 U. S. agents
87 X-file examiners

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