1932 Lake Placid gold medalist Sonja crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 1920s-'30s skating legend Sonja
2 1920’s-30’s Winter Olympics star
3 1928, 1932 and 1936 Olympic gold medalist
4 1930s-'40s "Hollywood Ice Revue" star
5 1932 Lake Placid gold medalist
6 '20s-'30s skating gold medalist Sonja
7 '20s-'30s skating gold medalist
8 An Olympics star in 1936
9 Actress-skater Sonja
10 Big name in skating
11 Author of the 1940 autobiography "Wings on My Feet"
12 Famed figure skater
13 Hollywood kept her on ice
14 Figure skater known as "The Golden Girl"
15 Figure-skater Sonja
16 Figure skater Sonja
17 Figure skater with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
18 Figure skating queen
19 Ice star Sonja
20 "Iceland" star, 1942
21 "Iceland" star
22 Former ice queen
23 Oslo-born Olympic champion skater
24 Oslo-born performer.
25 She skated to fame in 1928
26 King Haakon made her a knight
27 Winter Olympics athlete at 11 (1924)
28 Sonja ____
29 Sonja of "Sun Valley Serenade"
30 Sonja on Olympic ice
31 Sonja on the ice
32 Old skating star Sonja
33 Old-time Norwegian skating sensation
34 Memorable figure skater
35 Memorable ice queen
36 Memorable skater Sonja
37 Memorable skater
38 Memorable Sonja
39 Olympic champion on a 1939 Time cover
40 Olympic skater Sonja
41 Olympic skater
42 Olympic skating champ of 1928, 1932 and 1936
43 Olympic skating name
44 One of Hamill's predecessors
45 Legendary skater Sonja
46 Miss Scott's rival.
47 Norwegian figure skater
48 Norwegian skater
49 Norwegian skating star
50 "Sun Valley Serenade" skater
51 "Sun Valley Serenade" star, 1941
52 "Thin Ice" star, 1937
53 ''Thin Ice'' star
54 "Thin Ice" star Sonja
55 Scandinavian skater Sonja
56 Skate great
57 Skater knighted by King Haakon: 1937
58 Skater known as "The Norwegian Doll"
59 Skater on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
60 Skater Sonja who won three Olympic gold medals
61 Skater Sonja
62 Skater-turned-actress Sonja
63 Skater/actress Sonja
64 Skating gold medalist of 1928, 1932 and 1936
65 Skating gold medalist Sonja
66 Skating great Sonja
67 Skating great
68 Skating legend Sonja
69 Skating name of fame
70 Skating star Sonja
71 Skating star
72 Three-time Olympic skating gold medalist
73 Three-time Olympics skating champion
74 Three-time skating gold medalist
75 Three-time Winter Olympics medalist
76 Star of ''Sun Valley Serenade''
77 Star on skates.

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