1931 film that won an Oscar for cinematography crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 -- by Dana (perfume)
2 ___ by Dana (fragrance)
3 ___ by Dana (perfume)
4 Banned
5 Banned, in Bonn
6 Banned, poshly
7 Banned: Var.
8 Anthropologist's topic: Var.
9 Ban
10 Ban resulting from social custom
11 Fragrance by Dana
12 Fragrance from Dana Perfumes
13 Fragrance from Dana
14 Fragrance name that's forbidden-sounding
15 Fragrance since 1932
16 Fragrance that sounds like it's forbidden
17 Interdiction
18 Brand advertised as "the forbidden fragrance"
19 Freud's "Totem und ___"
20 Chanel No. 5 alternative
21 House of Dana fragrance
22 House of Dana perfume
23 "Hands off!" (Var.)
24 End of a Freud title
25 Disapproved
26 Classic Dana fragrance for women
27 Illegal-sounding perfume
28 Classic perfume brand
29 Classic perfume
30 Don’t do it: Var.
31 "Forbidden" cologne brand
32 Forbidden cologne?
33 "Forbidden" fragrance brand name
34 "Forbidden" fragrance in old ads
35 "Forbidden" fragrance
36 Forbidden, in Frankfurt
37 "Forbidden" perfume
38 Forbidden perfume
39 "Forbidden" perfume brand
40 Forbidden perfume brand?
41 "Forbidden" perfume name
42 Forbidden perfume?
43 Forbidden scent?
44 Forbidden-sounding fragrance
45 Forbidden-sounding perfume
46 Forbidden: Var.
47 Forbidden (var.)
48 Forbidden
49 Ineffable
50 Cologne not to use?
51 Cologne that sounds forbidden
52 Cologne that sounds forbidding
53 Cologne that sounds improper
54 Cologne that sounds wrong?
55 Dana fragrance for women
56 Dana perfume brand
57 Dana's "forbidden fragrance"
58 Rival of Joy
59 Out of bounds
60 Verboten (Var.)
61 Verboten: Var.
62 Verboten
63 ''The forbidden fragrance''
64 "The forbidden fragrance"
65 The House of Dana's first fragrance
66 Questionable perfume?
67 Off limits
68 Off-limits: Var.
69 Off-limits
70 Tribal proscription
71 Popular cologne
72 Popular fragrance
73 Popular perfume
74 Perfume advertised as "the forbidden fragrance"
75 Perfume billed as "The forbidden fragrance"
76 Perfume brand by Dana
77 Perfume brand since 1931
78 Perfume brand since 1932
79 Perfume brand
80 Perfume by Dana
81 Perfume from Dana
82 Perfume name that sounds forbidden
83 Perfume name that sounds verboten
84 Perfume since 1931
85 Perfume since 1932
86 Perfume since the 1930s
87 Perfume that sounds forbidden
88 Perfume that sounds forbidding
89 Perfume that sounds verboten
90 Perfume that's off-limits?
91 Perfume with a "verboten" name
92 No no
93 No-no perfume?
94 No-no: Var.
95 No-no
96 Mononymous "Life of Pi" star
97 Restriction: var.
98 Not allowed
99 Not authorized
100 Prohibited
101 Prohibition: Var.
102 Prohibition
103 Not permitted
104 Proscribed
105 Proscription
106 This cologne is off-limits?
107 Scent from Dana
108 Scent that sounds verboten
109 This perfume is off-limits?
110 Untouchable.

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