'-- Ben Adhem' (Leigh Hunt poem) crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (ABOU), we also found 71 clues that are similar or possibly related to '-- Ben Adhem' (Leigh Hunt poem).

Count Answer
1 '-- ben Adhem'
2 "--- Ben Adhem"
3 ''__ ben Adhem''
4 "__ Ben Adhem": James Leigh Hunt poem
5 "__ Ben Adhem"
6 ___ Ben-Adhem
7 "___ Ben Adhem"
8 ___ Ben Adhem
9 "___ Ben Adhem": Hunt
10 "___ Ben Adhem" (James Leigh Hunt poem)
11 "___ Ben Adhem," L. Hunt poem
12 "___ Ben Adhem" (L. Hunt poem)
13 "___ Ben Adhem": Leigh Hunt
14 "___ Ben Adhem," Leigh Hunt poem
15 "___ Ben Adhem" (Leigh Hunt poem)
16 ___ Ben Adhem, Sufi saint
17 ''___ Ben Adhem''
18 ___ Hassan, "Arabian Nights" character
19 ___ Hassan, "Arabian Nights" figure
20 ___ Hassan, "Arabian Nights" sleeper
21 ___ Hassan
22 ____ Ben Adam
23 ____ Ben Adhem
24 ____ Hassan
25 _____ Ben Adhem
26 "________ Ben Adhem"
27 _____Ben Adam
28 ____Ben Adhem
29 Arab father
30 Arab name part
31 Arabian father
32 Arabian name.
33 Arabian name
34 Arabic name
35 Arabic prename
36 Arab's father
37 Ben Adhem
38 Ben Adhem of literature
39 ' ben Adhem'
40 His name "led all the rest"
41 His name led all the rest
42 Father in Arabia
43 Father, in Arabia
44 Father in Arabic
45 Father, in Arabic
46 Father, in the Mideast
47 Father, to an Arab
48 Eastern name.
49 Eastern name
50 Hunt hero
51 Hunt's "___ Ben Adhem"
52 Hunt's ____ ben Adhem
53 Hunt's Ben Adhem
54 Hasan or ben Adhem
55 Hassan in "The Arabian Nights"
56 He awoke from a "dream of peace."
57 He had a “dream of peace.”
58 Dad, in Damascus
59 Oriental name.
60 Oriental name
61 Poetic list-leader
62 Name at top of a list
63 Part of many Arab names
64 Leigh Hunt hero.
65 Leigh Hunt hero
66 Leigh Hunt's "__ Ben Adhem"
67 Leigh Hunt's "___ Ben Adhem"
68 Leigh Hunt's ''___ Ben Adhem''
69 Leigh Hunt's '-- Ben Adhem'
70 Leigh Hunt's claim to fame.
71 Saudi father

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