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Count Answer
1 -- Arabia
2 __ Arabia (Mecca's country)
3 __ Arabia (Mideast nation)
4 __ Arabia
5 ___ Arabia (Middle Eastern country)
6 ___ Arabia (nation where women voted for the first time in 2015)
7 ___ Arabia
8 ____ Arabia
9 _____ Arabia
10 Any of the Fahd ruling family
11 Abha resident
12 Arab kingdom native
13 Arab
14 Arabian
15 Arabian leader?
16 Certain Arab League member
17 Certain Arab
18 Certain Arabian
19 Iraqi neighbor
20 Iraqi's neighbor
21 Certain Middle Easterner
22 Certain resident of the Gulf States
23 From Riyadh, perhaps
24 Gulf War ally
25 Gulf War combatant
26 Hailing from Ha'il, say
27 Dhahran native
28 Jeddah resident
29 Jidda native
30 Hejaz native
31 Jordanian's neighbor
32 Fahd, for one
33 Fahd or Faisal, e.g.
34 Fahd or Faisal
35 Like King Faisal
36 Many an Arab News reader
37 Riyadh denizen
38 Riyadh native?
39 Riyadh native
40 Riyadh resident, probably
41 Riyadh resident
42 Riyal spender
43 Like people from Mecca
44 Like some riyals
45 Someone from Saihat
46 King Abdullah, e.g.
47 King Abdullah, for one
48 King Abdullah subject
49 King Fahd, e.g.
50 King Fahd, for one
51 King Faisal, e.g.
52 Like the Aramco oil company
53 King Salman, e.g.
54 King Salman, for one
55 King Salman subject
56 Subject of King Abdullah
57 Subject of King Salman
58 Likely Dhahran resident
59 Kuwaiti's neighbor
60 Mecca native
61 Mecca resident, e.g.
62 Mecca resident
63 Meccan, e.g.
64 Meccan, for one
65 Medina native
66 Medina resident
67 Native of Mecca
68 Native of Riyadh, perhaps
69 Nefud native
70 Nejd native
71 Person from Mecca
72 One with a short hajj
73 Resident of Mecca
74 Resident of Medina
75 Resident of Riyadh
76 OPEC participant
77 Like a national flag with a sword on it
78 Type of Arabian?
79 Yemeni neighbor
80 Yemeni's northern neighbor
81 User of riyals

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