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Count Answer
1 1991 Grammy winner Cohn
2 __ Antony of old Rome
3 __ Antony
4 ___ Anthony (singer who was once married to J.Lo)
5 ___ Antony (ancient Roman politician)
6 ___ Antony (politician allied with Julius Caesar)
7 ___ Antony
8 ___ Cohn, 1991 Grammy winner for Best New Artist
9 Ancient Roman Antony
10 _____ Antony
11 A brandy
12 A cousin of grappa
13 A French brandy
14 Anthony, for one
15 Anthony who filed for divorce from J.Lo in April 2012
16 A love of Cleo
17 Antony of antiquity
18 Antony or Anthony
19 Antony or Chagall
20 Antony or Connelly
21 Antony who eulogized Caesar
22 Antony's first name
23 Aquino's predecessor
24 Benioff who founded Salesforce
25 Arthur the aardvark's creator Brown
26 Artist Chagall or N.B.A. player Gasol
27 Artist Chagall
28 Actor Singer
29 Big name in bags that's a short name on bags
30 Astronaut Garneau
31 "Birthday" painter Chagall
32 Avenger of Julius
33 Bolan of T. Rex
34 Comedian Maron
35 Comic Maron with the "WTF" podcast
36 Grammy winner Cohn
37 Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Cohn
38 Grape brandy
39 Grape-press residue
40 Grape refuse
41 Grape remains
42 Grape residue
43 Grapes' residue
44 Grappa's cousin
45 French brandy
46 French film director Allégret
47 French grape-skin brandy
48 Fashion designer ___ Jacobs
49 Fashion designer Ecko
50 Fashion designer Jacobs
51 Brandy distilled from grape residue
52 Brandy for Chagall?
53 Brandy from grape residue
54 Brandy-like spirit distilled from grape residue
55 Brandy made from the remains of pressed grapes
56 Brandy made from wine press residue
57 Brandy type
58 Friend of Julius
59 "Home" Broussard
60 Chagall of art
61 Chagall or Antony
62 Chagall or Blitzstein
63 Chagall or Bolan
64 Chagall or Connelly
65 Chagall or Girardelli
66 Chagall or Jacobs
67 Chagall or Maron
68 Chagall who created the Jerusalem Windows
69 Chagall who painted the ceiling of the Paris Opera
70 Chagall
71 Chagall's brandy?
72 Ecko or Jacobs of fashion
73 Fruit refuse
74 Connelly of stage lore
75 Connelly or Chagall
76 Connelly
77 Horse painter Franz
78 Designer Jacobs
79 Brown who writes the "Arthur" children's book series
80 Film director Allégret
81 Gasol of the Grizzlies
82 Children's book author Brown who created the "Arthur" series
83 ''Finding Neverland'' director Forster
84 German Expressionist Franz ____
85 "I and the Village" painter Chagall
86 "I Need to Know" singer Anthony
87 J. Lo's husband
88 Jacobs of expensive clothes
89 Jacobs of fashion
90 Jacobs of purses and murses
91 Jacobs or Bolan
92 He eulogized Julius
93 Eulogist of Julius
94 Cleo wooer
95 Cleopatra's Antony
96 Cleopatra's love ___ Antony
97 Cleopatra's love Antony
98 Cleopatra's love
99 Cleo's Antony
100 Cleo's love
101 Cleo's lover
102 Cleo's significant other
103 Cleo's squeeze
104 Cleo's wooer
105 "GLOW" costar Maron
106 Jennifer Lopez's third husband ___ Anthony
107 Crushed grape skins
108 Food Network host Summers
109 "Double Dare" host Summers
110 Cohn or Chagall
111 Cohn who crooned "Walking in Memphis"
112 Cohn who wrote "Walking in Memphis"
113 Dramatist Connelly
114 Soft Cell's Almond
115 Noted OCD sufferer Summers
116 Variety of brandy
117 Pulitzer dramatist Connelly
118 Pulitzer playwright Connelly
119 Pulitzer winner Connelly
120 "White Crucifixion" painter Chagall
121 Shakespearean hero
122 Marcus, for short
123 Kind of brandy
124 "The Fiddler" painter Chagall
125 "The Flying Horse" painter Chagall
126 Wilhelmina's assistant, on "Ugly Betty"
127 Vintage residue
128 Painter Chagall
129 Muralist Chagall
130 Wine-press residue
131 Wine press residue
132 Wine refuse
133 Winepress residue
134 Winery refuse
135 Playwright Connelly: 1890–1981
136 Playwright Connelly.
137 Playwright Connelly who won a Pulitzer for "The Green Pastures"
138 Playwright Connelly
139 Podcast host Maron
140 Podcaster Maron
141 Linguist Okrand who created the Klingon language
142 Sort of brandy made from the remains of pressed grapes
143 "The Sabbath" painter Chagall
144 "S.O.S.: Save Our Soul" singer Broussard
145 Soulful "Carencro" singer Broussard
146 Soulful "Where You Are" singer Broussard
147 "Walking in Memphis" Cohn
148 'Walking in Memphis' singer Cohn
149 "Walking in Memphis" singer Cohn
150 Lalonde, for one
151 Lalonde or Chagall
152 Lalonde or Garneau
153 Pop singer Anthony
154 Memphis Grizzlies center Gasol (brother of Pau)
155 Memphis Grizzlies center Gasol
156 NBA star Gasol
157 Post-pressing wine residue
158 Latin Grammy winner Anthony
159 Latin singer ___ Anthony
160 Latin singer Anthony
161 Netflix co-founder ___ Randolph
162 Netscape co-founder Andreessen
163 Refuse from grapes after pressing — kind of brandy
164 Lelonde, for one
165 Lelonde or Garneau
166 Modernist Chagall
167 Residue of grapes
168 Summers of Food Network's "Unwrapped"
169 Summers on the Food Network
170 Salesforce CEO Benioff
171 Salsa artist Anthony
172 Salsa singer ___ Anthony (Jennifer Lopez's ex)
173 Salsa singer Anthony
174 Surrealist Chagall
175 Singer ___ Anthony once married to Jennifer Lopez
176 Singer ___ Anthony
177 Singer Almond or actor Singer
178 Singer Anthony who was once married to J.Lo
179 Singer Anthony
180 Singer of "Beastmaster" films
181 Type of brandy
182 T Rex singer Bolan
183 Writer Connelly
184 "WTF With ___ Maron" (popular podcast)
185 Stained glass artist Chagall
186 Standup comic Maron
187 "Unwrapped" host Summers
188 "You Sang to Me" singer ___ Anthony

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