"--- and the Swan" (da Vinci) crossword clue answers

Are you struggling with the "--- and the Swan" (da Vinci) crossword clue? We have found 11 possible answers which might help you solve this clue on your crossword.

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue "--- and the Swan" (da Vinci). You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
LEDA 4 "--- and the Swan" (da Vinci) 100%
LEDA 4 "--- and the Swan" (Yeats) 80%
LEDA 4 "___ and the Swan" (Yeats) 69.090909090909%
LEDA 4 "___ and the Swan" 63.829787234043%
LEDA 4 "__ and the Swan": Rubens painting 63.492063492063%
LEDA 4 "___ and The Swan" (Yeats poem) 63.333333333333%
LEDA 4 "___ and the Swan": Yeats 62.962962962963%
LEDA 4 "___ and the Swan," Yeats poem 61.016949152542%
LEDA 4 ''___ and the Swan'' (Yeats) 59.649122807018%
LEDA 4 ____ and the Swan : Yeats 53.571428571429%
LEDA 4 Leonardo da Vinci's "___ and the Swan" 44.776119402985%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (LEDA), we also found 115 clues that are similar or possibly related to "--- and the Swan" (da Vinci).

Count Answer
1 "--- and the Swan" (Yeats)
2 -- dog's life (toiled away)
3 -- double life (had two different personas)
4 13th moon of Jupiter
5 "__ and the Swan": Rubens painting
6 __ charmed life (was very fortunate)
7 "___ and the Swan"
8 ''___ and the Swan'' (Yeats)
9 "___ and the Swan" (Yeats)
10 "___ and the Swan": Yeats
11 "___ and the Swan," Yeats poem
12 "___ and The Swan" (Yeats poem)
13 ___ charmed life
14 ___ charmed life (was very fortunate): 2 wds.
15 ___ charmed life (was very lucky): 2 wds.
16 ___ double life (spied, say)
17 ___ sheltered life (experienced no hardships): 2 wds.
18 ____ and the Swan : Yeats
19 A. Huxley work
20 A queen of Sparta
21 A rival of Hera
22 A satellite of Jupiter
23 A swan was her swain
24 Aldous Huxley book, 1920.
25 Aldous Huxley work
26 Book by Aldous Huxley
27 Daughter of Clytemnestra
28 Electra's grandmother
29 Huxley book
30 Classic portrait subject usually seen with a bird
31 Girl attacked by a "swan"
32 Clytemnestra's mother
33 Helen of Troy's mom
34 Helen of Troy's mother
35 Helen of Troy's mythic mother
36 Helen's mother, in Greek myth
37 Helen's mother
38 Heroine of Zona Gale's "Faint Perfume"
39 Jupiter's satellite
40 Castor and Pollux's mom
41 Castor and Pollux's mother
42 Castor's mom
43 Castor's mother.
44 Castor's mother
45 Mother of Castor
46 Mother of Castor and Pollux.
47 Mother of Castor and Pollux
48 Mother of Castor, Pollux, and Helen of Troy
49 Mother of Clytemnestra
50 Mother of Helen and Pollux
51 Mother of Helen, in myth
52 Mother of Helen of Troy.
53 Mother of Helen of Troy
54 Mother of Helen
55 Mother of Pollux and Castor
56 Mother of Pollux and Helen
57 Mother of Pollux
58 Mother of the Gemini
59 Mother of Troy's Helen
60 Mother of twins, in myth
61 Whom Zeus visited as a swan
62 Wife of Tyndareus
63 The Gemini's mother
64 She was seduced by a swan
65 She was seduced by Zeus
66 Queen of Sparta
67 Queen who fell for Zeus' swan song?
68 Mate for a swan
69 Mythical figure
70 Mythical mother of twins
71 Mythical mother of two pairs of twins.
72 Mythical queen of Sparta
73 Mythical Spartan queen
74 Mythological subject for Leonardo, Correggio and Rubens
75 Mythological subject of a Michelangelo painting
76 Woman in a Shelley poem
77 Woman in a Yeats poem
78 Woman seduced by Zeus in the form of a swan
79 Woman with a swan
80 Lady with a swan
81 Pollux parent
82 Pollux's mother
83 Michelangelo painted her.
84 Michelangelo subject
85 One of Hera's rivals
86 One of Jupiter's moons
87 One of Jupiter's satellites
88 Leonardo da Vinci's "___ and the Swan"
89 Princess seduced by Zeus
90 Moon of Jupiter discovered in 1974
91 Moon of Jupiter
92 Spartan queen ( Greek)
93 Spartan queen in Greek myth.
94 Spartan queen of Greek myth
95 Spartan queen of myth
96 Spartan queen
97 Swan girl
98 Swan lady
99 Swan lover of myth
100 Swan woman
101 Swan's girl friend
102 Swan's mate in myth
103 Swan's mate, in myth
104 Swan's mythical mate
105 Swan's partner, in myth
106 Swan's victim
107 Yeats' '-- and the Swan'
108 Yeats subject
109 Yeats title character
110 Yeats's "__ and the Swan"
111 Yeats's "___ and the Swan"
112 Yeats's swan lady
113 Title partner of "the Swan" in a Yeats poem
114 Zeus seduced her as a swan
115 Zeus visited her as a swan

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