'-- and Old Lace' crossword clue answers

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Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (ARSENIC), we also found 73 clues that are similar or possibly related to '-- and Old Lace'.

Count Answer
1 #33 on a table
2 "__ and Old Lace"
3 "___ and Old Lace" (1944 Cary Grant film)
4 "___ and Old Lace" (Joseph Kesselring play)
5 "___ and Old Lace" (play and movie)
6 "___ and Old Lace"
7 "____ and Old Lace"
8 ' and Old Lace'
9 Abby and Martha's poison of choice, in a 1939 play
10 As, chemically
11 As, for Einstein
12 As, in formulas
13 As, on the periodic table
14 As, to Einstein
15 Cause of Philip Boyes's death in a Dorothy Sayers novel
16 Deadly element
17 Deadly poison
18 Companion of "Old Lace."
19 Elderberry wine additive, in a classic film
20 Elderberry wine additive, in a Kesselring play
21 Element 33
22 Element #33
23 Element forming poisonous compounds
24 Element in insecticides
25 Element in many Agatha Christie books
26 Element in murder mysteries
27 Element of many murder mysteries?
28 Element of many whodunits
29 "Element" of surprise in a murder mystery?
30 Chemical element in some whodunits
31 Christie element
32 It's below phosphorus on the periodic table
33 It's detected by the Marsh test, in forensics
34 Ingredient of the Brewster sisters' elderberry wine
35 Insecticide ingredient
36 Straight As in chemistry?
37 Killer in a Kesselring play
38 Killer in some murder mysteries
39 Whodunit poison
40 Toxic element
41 Toxicology concern
42 Strong poison
43 Murder mystery element?
44 Subject of a Lindsay-Crouse play.
45 Mystery-story poison
46 Poison
47 Poison, As
48 Poison — ices ran (anag)
49 Poison in a 1939 play
50 Poison in classic mysteries
51 Poison in some mysteries
52 Poison in some whodunits
53 Poison used by old ladies in an old comedy
54 Poison used in a play and film
55 Poison used in pesticides and weedkillers
56 Poisonous atomic number 33
57 Poisonous element
58 "Old Lace" accompaniment
59 Old lace's mate?
60 Old lace's partner?
61 Napoleon's rumored cause of death
62 Rat poison poison
63 Partner of Old Lace
64 Metallic element
65 Once-common pesticide component
66 One of the metalloids
67 One of two elements that ends with the letter C
68 Lethal additive to elderberry wine, in a Kesselring black comedy
69 Pesticide ingredient
70 Pesticide poison
71 Suspected cause of Napoleon's death
72 Type of poison
73 What gets As in chemistry?

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