-Aid crossword clue answers

Are you struggling with the -Aid crossword clue? We have found 12 possible answers which might help you solve this clue on your crossword.

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue -Aid. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
KOOL 4 -Aid 100%
KOOL 4 __-Aid 80%
KOOL 4 ___-Aid 72.727272727273%
RITE 4 ___-Aid 72.727272727273%
RITE 4 ___ Aid 54.545454545455%
KOOL 4 ___-Aid (instant drink) 29.62962962963%
KOOL 4 ___-Aid (fruity beverage) 27.586206896552%
KOOL 4 ___-Aid (fruity drink mix) 26.666666666667%
ATM 3 24-hr. financial aid 25%
LENDLEASE 9 1941-45 war aid program 22.222222222222%
LEND 4 ___ a hand (aid) 20%
WHILST 6 "__ I alone did call upon thy aid": Sonnet 79 8.1632653061224%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (KOOL), we also found 65 clues that are similar or possibly related to -Aid.

Count Answer
1 -- & the Gang
2 __-Aid
3 __ Moe Dee (rap artist)
4 __ & the Gang: "Celebration" group
5 ___-Aid (fruity beverage)
6 ___-Aid (fruity drink mix)
7 ___-Aid (instant drink)
8 ___-Aid
9 ___ and the Gang (rockers)
10 ___ Moe Dee (rapper in the Treacherous Three)
11 ___ & the Gang ("Celebration" band)
12 ___ & the Gang ("Celebration" singers)
13 ___ & the Gang (funk band)
14 ___ & the Gang ("Ladies' Night" band)
15 ___ & the Gang ("Ladies' Night" singers)
16 ___ & the Gang (R&B group)
17 ___ & the Gang
18 _____ Aid
19 Aid lead-in
20 Brand at a checkout counter that's also the name of a Phoenix radio station
21 Brand name whose middle two letters are linked in its logo
22 Brand of menthol cigarettes
23 Brand of smokes
24 Brown and Williamson brand
25 Brown & Williamson brand
26 Gang leader?
27 Gang leader of 70's-80's music
28 Gang leader of the 70s and 80s?
29 Gang member?
30 Chilly, in product names
31 First popular menthol cigarette
32 Cigarette company with a jazz festival
33 Camel rival
34 Noted 1970s-'80s Gang leader?
35 Noted gang leader
36 R.J. Reynolds brand
37 Robert Bell's nickname when leading "the Gang"
38 Marlboro alternative
39 Marlboro competitor
40 "The Gang" leader
41 The Gang's leader
42 Music's ___ & the Gang
43 "With it," in many rapper's names
44 "With it," in rapper names
45 Parliament opposition?
46 Rapper __ Moe Dee
47 Rapper ___ Moe Dee
48 Menthol brand
49 Menthol cigarette brand
50 Menthol cigarette
51 R&B's __ & the Gang
52 Look backward?
53 Lead-in to Aid
54 Leader of a musical "gang"
55 Leader of the Gang, in 70's-80's music
56 Leader of the Gang
57 Newport competitor
58 Newport rival
59 Nickname of "Celebration" bassist Robert Bell
60 Word before Moe Dee or G Rap, in hip-hop names
61 Salem rival
62 Singer with a gang
63 Singer with "The Gang"
64 Singer with The Gang
65 Smoke with menthol

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