"--- Adams" (1998) crossword clue answers

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Count Answer
1 "___ Adams" (1998 Robin Williams movie)
2 A ____ of Blue
3 Anti-smoking aid
4 Anti-smoking device
5 Antismoking aid
6 Army shoulder insignia
7 Bit of garden
8 Aid in quitting smoking
9 Hole cover
10 Hole covering, perhaps
11 Hole covering
12 Décor for jeans
13 Elbow __
14 Elbow adornment
15 It may be by the seat of your pants
16 Garden area
17 Hasty repair
18 Cabbage ___ Kids
19 Cabbage milieu
20 Cabbage or potato
21 Cabbage site
22 Fix a tear
23 Fix for a sweater or a computer program
24 Flat fixer
25 Flat tire application
26 Herd of seals
27 Eye cover
28 Eye covering
29 Eye or cabbage follower
30 Moshe Dayan feature
31 Where pumpkins grow
32 Software company's security fix
33 Software fix
34 Software security update
35 Software update of a sort
36 Software update
37 Pirate costume piece
38 Pirate's eye cover
39 Pirate's eyepiece
40 Ripped jeans cover-up
41 Where watermelons grow
42 Pumpkin-growing place
43 Pumpkin-growing spot
44 Pumpkin-picking place
45 Pumpkin site
46 Pumpkin's place
47 Sewing kit item
48 Sewn-on piece of material
49 Puncture repair
50 Place to find pumpkins
51 Tract of land
52 Plaster
53 Quick fix for an elbow hole
54 Quick fix
55 Plot — piece of cloth — period
56 Plot
57 Pants-knee repair
58 Quilt part
59 Quilt piece
60 Quilt square
61 Quilting square
62 Quilting unit
63 With 34D, a comic strip setting
64 Quitter's aid
65 Linus awaits the Great Pumpkin in one
66 Soul ___ (facial hair feature)
67 Soul ___ (facial hair)
68 Shoulder ID
69 Mend
70 Pothole repair
71 Nicotine ___
72 Nicotine gum alternative
73 Nicotine source
74 Repair a tear
75 Repair, as a trouser leg
76 Repair hastily
77 Repair
78 Piece of software that updates a program
79 Protective eye covering
80 Word with eye, arm, or elbow
81 Small garden
82 Small piece of ground
83 Small plot of land
84 Tire puncture application
85 Tire repair
86 Temporary phone hookup

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