"48 HRS." law gp. crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue "48 HRS." law gp.. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
SFPD 4 "48 HRS." law gp. 100%
NOLTE 5 "48 HRS." star 70.967741935484%
NOLTE 5 "48 HRS." co-star 64.705882352941%
NOLTE 5 "48 HRS." costar Nick 63.157894736842%
SFPD 4 "Ironside" law gp. 57.142857142857%
NOLTE 5 "48 Hrs." actor 56.25%
NOLTE 5 "48 Hrs." star Nick 55.555555555556%
NOLTE 5 "48 Hrs." costar 54.545454545455%
NYPD 4 Big Apple law gp. 52.941176470588%
SFPD 4 Haight-Ashbury law gp. 46.153846153846%
RCMP 4 Ottawa-based law gp. 43.243243243243%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (SFPD), we also found 92 clues that are similar or possibly related to "48 HRS." law gp..

Count Answer
1 Bay Area blue (abbr.)
2 Bay Area blues: Abbr.
3 Bay Area blues, briefly
4 Bay Area cop gp.
5 Bay Area cop's org.
6 Bay Area cops' org.
7 Bay Area crime stoppers: Abbr.
8 Bay Area enforcers (abbr.)
9 Bay Area enforcers, initially
10 Bay Area force: Abbr.
11 Bay Area force, briefly
12 Bay Area force
13 Bay Area law enforcement: Abbr.
14 Bay Area law enforcement org.
15 Bay Area law force, briefly
16 Bay Area law force inits.
17 Bay Area patrollers: Abbr.
18 Bay blue, briefly
19 Bay blue, for short
20 Adrian Monk's former employer: Abbr.
21 Adrian Monk's former org.
22 Agcy. that employs Dirty Harry
23 Boys in blue in the Bay Area: Abbr.
24 Certain California law grp.
25 "Ironside" force (Abbr.)
26 ''Ironside'' force, informally
27 "Ironside" law gp.
28 "Ironside" org.
29 ''Ironside'' org.
30 Frisco's finest: Abbr.
31 Frisco's finest
32 Group on a Bay watch?: Abbr.
33 Briefly, Bay Area forcE [avxwords.com has the edgiest weekly indie puzzles!]
34 Haight-Ashbury law gp.
35 Employer of Detective Lindsay Boxer in a series of James Patterson novels
36 Employer of Dirty Harry
37 Employer of TV's Nash Bridges, briefly
38 Cop squad in "Monk": Abbr.
39 Cops on patrol during the latest World Series parade
40 "Bullitt" force: Abbr.
41 "Bullitt" law enforcement org.
42 "Dirty Harry" Callahan's employer (abbr.)
43 "Dirty" Harry Callahan's org.
44 "Dirty Harry" org.
45 Dirty Harry's employer
46 Dirty Harry's employer (abbr.)
47 Dirty Harry's employer: Abbr.
48 Dirty Harry's employer, for short
49 Dirty Harry's gp.
50 Dirty Harry's grp.
51 Dirty Harry's org.
52 Enforcement org. since the Cal. Gold Rush
53 Its HQ was once destroyed as the result of an earthquake
54 Cal tecs?
55 Calif. cop org.
56 Calif. force
57 Calif. group with a seven-point badge
58 Calif. law enforcement ltrs.
59 Calif. law-enforcement org.
60 Calif. law force
61 Calif. law group
62 California law enforcement group for which Dirty Harry worked: Abbr.
63 Force in "Milk," for short
64 Robert Ironside's org.
65 "Murder in the First" gp.
66 "Murder in the First" org.
67 "The Lineup" grp.
68 "McMillan & Wife" org.
69 Nash Bridges' grp.
70 "Nash Bridges" org.
71 Nash Bridges's employer, on TV
72 Real-life org. seen in "Bullitt"
73 Law enforcement gp. with which Dirty Harry and Nash Bridges are affiliated
74 Law enforcement org. featured in "Bullitt"
75 Law force in 1960s-'70s TV's "Ironside"
76 "Milk" antagonists, for short
77 "Monk" force, briefly
78 "Monk" org.
79 Monk's former squad in "Monk": Abbr.
80 Org. in "Monk"
81 Org. in "Nash Bridges" and "Ironside"
82 Org. in the "Dirty Harry" movies
83 Org. in TV's "Monk"
84 Org. in TV's "Nash Bridges"
85 Org. that patrols the Tenderloin
86 Malden's employer in a '70s TV series
87 Org. that started during the California gold rush
88 They patrol Fisherman's Wharf: abbr.
89 They patrol Fisherman's Wharf, for short
90 West Coast cop squad, for short
91 West Coast law force, for short
92 Squad often seen on film in car chases on hilly streets: abbr.

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