#46 out of 50: Abbr. crossword clue answers

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Most relevant answers

Below are the most relevant crossword answers we have found for the clue #46 out of 50: Abbr.. You can check the letter length field to check which answers are likely to be correct for your crossword.

Answer Letters Clue Relevance
OKLA 4 #46 out of 50: Abbr. 100%
NEWYORK 7 11th of 50 46.666666666667%
RHODEISLAND 11 13th of 50 46.666666666667%
OHIO 4 17th of 50 46.666666666667%
LOUISIANA 9 18th of 50 46.666666666667%
TEXAS 5 28th of 50 46.666666666667%
IOWA 4 29th of 50 46.666666666667%
NORTHDAKOTA 11 39th of 50 46.666666666667%
ALABAMA 7 22 of 50 42.857142857143%
MINNESOTA 9 32nd of 50 40%
TBSP 4 1/8 of a standard stick of butter: Abbr. 36.666666666667%

Related crossword clues

Based on the most relevant answer above (OKLA), we also found 105 clues that are similar or possibly related to #46 out of 50: Abbr..

Count Answer
1 46th st.
2 46th U.S. state
3 Bartlesville's home: Abbr.
4 A neighbor of Ark.
5 A neighbor of Tex.
6 A panhandle st.
7 Ark. adjoiner
8 Ark. neighbor
9 Arkansas neighbor (abbr.)
10 Ada's st.
11 Dust Bowl st.
12 Dust Bowl state: Abbr.
13 Great Plains st.
14 Home of Broken Arrow and Broken Bow: Abbr.
15 Home of Cherokee Landing State Pk.
16 Home of the Wichita Mtns.
17 Home of the Wichita Mts.
18 Home to Altus and Tinker AFBs
19 Cherokee Landing State Pk. location
20 Chickasaw Natl. Recreation Area location
21 Chickasaw Natl. Recreation Area setting
22 It's above Tex.
23 It's between Kan. and Tex.
24 Its Cimarron Co. borders four other states
25 First st. admitted to the union in the 20th century
26 Its former state song is The Flaming Lips's "Do You Realize??": Abbr.
27 B'way musical: 1943
28 It's n. of Tex.
29 It's n. of Texas
30 Its panhandle touches Colo.
31 Cowboy Hall of Fame st.
32 It's w. of Arkansas
33 It's west of Ark.
34 Joad family's home state: Abbr.
35 Colo. neighbor
36 Former US territory
37 Fort Sill's home: Abbr.
38 Gov. Nigh's state
39 Kan. borderer
40 Kan. neighbor
41 Kans. neighbor
42 Stillwater's home: Abbr.
43 Stillwater's state: Abbr.
44 Where Ron Howard was born: Abbr.
45 Osage Hills State Pk. location
46 Where Tulsa is: Abbr.
47 Ozark Mountains st.
48 Mus. comedy locale
49 Muskogee's st.
50 Muskogee's state (Abbr.)
51 Sooner St.
52 Sooner State (abbr.)
53 Sooner State: Abbr.
54 Sooner terr.
55 Sooners' st.
56 The redbud is one of its symbols: Abbr.
57 Rte. 66 goes through it
58 The Sooner State: Abbr.
59 The Sooner State (abbr.)
60 "Labor omnia vincit" is its motto: Abbr.
61 The Thunder's state: Abbr.
62 Locale of Ada and Enid: Abbr.
63 Neighbor of Ark. and Tex.
64 Neighbor of Ark.
65 Neighbor of Colo.
66 Neighbor of Kan.
67 Neighbor of Mo.
68 Neighbor of Tex.
69 Mo. neighbor
70 Norman and Enid's state: Abbr.
71 Norman loc.
72 Norman's home: Abbr.
73 Norman's home (abbr.)
74 Norman's place: abbr.
75 Norman's setting: Abbr.
76 Norman's state (Abbr.)
77 Northern neighbor of Tex.
78 Oral Roberts U. locale
79 Oral Roberts Univ. locale
80 Tulsa, ___
81 Tulsa locale (Abbr.)
82 Tulsa locale, briefly
83 Tulsa's home: Abbr.
84 Tulsa's loc.
85 Tulsa's locale: Abbr.
86 Tulsa's st.
87 Tulsa's state (Abbr.)
88 Tulsa's state: Abbr.
89 Tulsa's state, briefly
90 TX neighbor
91 Site of the Arbuckle Mtns.
92 St. of the Union
93 St. since 1907
94 St. that is a big natural gas producer
95 St. with a panhandle
96 St. with counties named Comanche and Choctaw
97 State: Abbr.
98 State north of Tex.
99 State north of Texas: Abbr.
100 State south of Kansas: Abbr.
101 State the Joads left: abbr.
102 State with a panhandle: Abbr.
103 U.S. state
104 Where I-35 and I-40 meet: Abbr.
105 Tex. neighbor

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