'40s White House resident crossword clue answers

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Based on the most relevant answer above (FALA), we also found 92 clues that are similar or possibly related to '40s White House resident.

Count Answer
1 1940s White House dog
2 1940s White House pet
3 '40s First Dog
4 '40s White House dog
5 40's White House name
6 "___ Speech" (9/23/44 F.D.R. address)
7 A predecessor of Checkers
8 Beginning of a seasonal refrain
9 Bo : Obama :: ___ : Roosevelt
10 Famed dog of the 30's
11 Famous dog
12 Famous pooch
13 Famous White House pooch
14 "Deck the Halls" refrain starter
15 "Deck the Halls" segment
16 "Deck the Halls" syllables
17 F.D.R. dog
18 FDR dog
19 FDR Memorial statue subject
20 F.D.R. pet
21 FDR pooch
22 F.D.R.'s Scottie
23 FDR's barker
24 F.D.R.'s barker
25 FDR's canine
26 FDR's dog
27 F.D.R.'s dog
28 F.D.R.'s pet
29 FDR's pet Scottie
30 F.D.R.'s pet Scottie
31 FDR's pet
32 F.D.R.'s pooch
33 FDR's pooch
34 FDR's Scottie
35 F.D.R.'s Scottie
36 FDR's terrier
37 Checkers of 1944
38 First Dog of the 1940s
39 Erstwhile White House pet
40 Dog buried in Hyde Park
41 Dog first called Big Boy
42 Dog in the FDR Memorial
43 Canine appearing in "The Winds of War"
44 Carol syllables
45 Former First Dog
46 Former White House barker
47 Former White House denizen
48 White House barker
49 White House dog in the 30's
50 White House dog, once
51 White House dog
52 White House pet
53 White House resident of the 1940s
54 White House Scottie
55 White House woofer
56 The Checkers of 1944
57 Obama : Bo :: FDR : __
58 Roosevelt pet
59 Roosevelt's Scottie
60 Song refrain
61 Old part-song
62 Old presidential dog whose name starts a Christmas carol refrain
63 Pooch of the 30's
64 Part-song
65 Part song
66 New Deal dog
67 New Deal doggie
68 Predecessor of Him and Her
69 Refrain in old songs
70 Refrain syllables
71 One-time White House occupant.
72 Presidential dog of the 1940s
73 Presidential dog
74 Presidential pet
75 Presidential pooch
76 Pet of F.D.R.
77 Onetime White House pooch
78 Singer's syllables
79 Well-known pet.
80 Scale syllables
81 Scottie in the 1940s White House
82 Scottie in the White House
83 Scottie's song?
84 WWII White House dog
85 Start of a carol's refrain
86 Start of a Christmas chorus
87 Start of a Christmas refrain
88 "...season to be jolly, ---..."
89 Small sculpture at the FDR Memorial
90 Small statue at the FDR Memorial
91 "'Tis the Season" refrain starter
92 Statue at the FDR Memorial

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